How To Beat The Winter Blues This Year

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It’s time to beat the winter blues! It might just be me, but the winter blues usually hit me hardest during the holidays and continue through the following 2-3 months. I tend to retreat during the colder, darker days, but I know I have a supportive group of family and friends behind me when I experience this.

Because I struggle with this every year, I wanted to share what I’ve learned and share some tips that help me get through the winter blues (or winter funk). Keep reading!

How To Beat The Winter Blues

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What are the winter blues, anyway?

The winter blues have a lot of different names: Seasonal depression, winter funk, seasonal affective disorder, and many more. It’s the time of the year that falls after the holidays when you might feel slightly down due to the winter.

The winter blues are authentic, and they can affect just about anyone. Some might feel a little sad and cranky. In contrast, others do get full-blown depression, and that sucks! Light therapy is known to help, especially if you live in a part of the world that doesn’t see much sunlight during the winter. Still, seeking emotional support is one of my biggest go-to’s when I feel like my mental health is spiraling down.

Emotional Support To Beat The Winter Blues

If you’re currently suffering from seasonal depression, you’re not alone! Whatever way you label it, feeling down during the winter happens to many people worldwide.

One tactic that has helped me beat the winter blues is checking in on my friends to see how they’re doing. Spending time with those I love during the winter (even when sometimes it’s hard even to get dressed!) has been a game-changer. By doing so, I get emotional support to help me through the winter, and I can also give it to those I love!

P.S. Try to also keep an eye out for your friends with underlying mental health conditions. They might need you the most!

Try something new

Get together with a friend, grab a pen, and write down ideas for activities you’ve always wanted to do together. Make a list of things to do before the winter ends and work on it.

Consider going ice skating, hitting up a concert, or joining a class together. Whatever it is, get out of your comfort zone and step out of the house. Not only will this make winter a little easier, but it will also strengthen your relationship!

Get your body moving

It’s so hard to work out during the cold months, but it’s also one of the most important things to do to keep your physical and mental health in check.

If you struggle to get exercise, get together with a friend, and do it together! Whether it’s becoming gym buddies or joining a Zumba class together, exercising will get your body to release happy hormones and power you up to beat the winter blues.

Just hang out

Sometimes, the best thing to do with friends is to hang out with nothing special planned. Call up a friend and let them know you’re coming over, and don’t take no for an answer. Bring some popcorn, a bottle of wine, and a movie, and spend quality time with them. Seriously, you never know if your friend might require emotional support but cannot ask for it, so make it a mission to give it to them!

Having a circle of friends is one of the most valuable assets, even more so during winter. So go on, call a friend, and beat the winter blues together!

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  1. Conrad

    Thank you for the advice, it’s useful since I suffer from this!


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