3 West Coast Cities with Thriving Art & Music Scenes

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Many people visit the West Coast to explore the culture and enjoy the flourishing art scene.

The art scene in these three particular cities is a massive draw for tourists worldwide. The beauty of these cities is found in their architecture and the museums, galleries, and outdoor sculptures that can be found around every corner.

Each city has its own unique culture, but they all share similar opportunities for artists to produce great work. Here’s why these cities thrive above the rest. 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a vibrant art and music scene, so it is the perfect place to live for creative people who want to pursue their passion.

LA is not only home to the world-renowned entertainment industry but also an international art and music hub. This city has been a popular destination for artists since the late 1800s.

This city’s culture of creativity has made it one of the top places in the world for artists and musicians due to the high number of galleries, museums, performance venues, recording studios, and other places where artists can exhibit their work. The arts also attract tourists from all over the world.


Seattle is a city that has been attracting artists and musicians for decades. The city has a diverse and creative culture that allows artists to flourish.

Seattle’s music scene is so strong because of its independent spirit, reflected in the local music industry. There are many venues for live shows, and the city’s cultural institutions have helped create a thriving local art community.

Seattle also has a vibrant arts scene with museums like the Seattle Art Museum and the Frye Art Museum. These make Seattle an international destination for art lovers.

The vibrant cultural scene in Seattle attracts people from all over the world. Seattle apartments for rent are some of the most sought-after in America because of its reputation as one of the best cities to live in.

San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a hub of creativity and innovation. From the Gold Rush era to the present day, this city has always been at the forefront of art movements. Artists and musicians flock to San Francisco because it supports their work with various organizations like SF Arts Commission and SFMOMA.

San Francisco is an excellent place for artists and musicians because it has an abundance of art galleries, museums, theaters, festivals, clubs, and street performers. It also has a large population of people who are creative and open-minded.

The diversity in San Francisco makes it so appealing to artists and musicians. They can find inspiration from worldwide while living in this city.

Why the West Coast is the Best Coast for Artists

The West Coast has always been known as a place rich in culture and creativity where people have been able to thrive and create amazing things.

The West Coast is the best coast for artists, and the reason why is because of all the fantastic opportunities available to them. There are so many places to live, work, and study in this region that it’s hard to find a place that can compare.


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