5 Tips for Updating Your Spring Wardrobe

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It’s time to update your spring wardrobe! We all know that feeling stuck in a style rut when it seems like nothing you put on looks good. Updating your closet when you start spring cleaning will help you feel better in every area of your home!

As the warmer weather approaches, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and try out new trends. Spring is all about light pastels, floral prints, and comfortable fabrics that keep you looking stylish while staying cool in the heat.

Here are some tips to look fashionable and confident this season. I’ve also added some spring favorites to my Amazon Storefront!

Spring Wardrobe - How to update your style for spring. Spring Closet Staples.

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How To Revamp Your Spring Wardrobe:

Update Your Color Palette

Soft pinks, blues, and greens bring tranquility and freshness during the warmer months. Choose pieces that feature these soft tones to add life and color to your closet while remaining fashionable. You should also consider the colors you typically wear and feel comfortable in. This can help you create a palette that feels authentic to your style which will fit into your new spring wardrobe

Once you’ve chosen your colors, test them out by putting together outfits or creating a mood board. This can help you see how the colors work together and make any necessary adjustments.

Bring in Some Floral Prints 

Floral prints aren’t just a great addition to one’s spring wardrobe but can also bring a sense of joy and life to an otherwise dull outfit. Not only are floral prints beautiful and feminine, but they also symbolize growth and renewal – perfect for the start of spring! Floral prints come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find something to suit any style or mood. Try pairing a light floral dress with neutral accessories like sandals or a floppy hat for a classic look. Wear a bright-colored tropical flower print top with jeans or shorts if you feel bold. 

Look for Lighter Fabrics 

When finding the right fabrics for spring, look for light and airy materials that will keep you cool in the heat. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are a great options as they are breathable and lightweight. Similarly, chiffon and silk-blend materials are also perfect for the season as they have a more substantial feel without being too stifling. For something more formal, opt for mesh or lace fabrics which will still provide enough ventilation while looking chic at the same time. 

Another great way to incorporate lighter fabrics into your spring wardrobe is through layering pieces. Look for items made from sheer chiffon or delicate tulle, which can be layered over other garments to create an interesting texture and depth. Not only does this add an elegant touch to any look, but it also allows you to dress appropriately for cooler evenings during the hotter months. With these pieces, you’ll still be able to stay on trend and look fashionable without overheating! 


To add a bit of extra color to your outfit, opt for bright and eye-catching accessories. Printed bags, colorful scarves, and statement jewelry are all great options for creating an interesting look that will draw attention without being too loud. A fun patterned shoe or brightly toned hat can also break up the monotony of an otherwise muted outfit. With these pieces, you’ll be able to stand out while still looking stylish! 

Play with Proportions 

Clothes with new shapes and silhouettes are perfect for springtime; they can instantly update an outfit while adding something unique. Whether you like oversized or slouchy, playing with proportions is always a winning look! 

Following these tips will help you take your style up a notch this season, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make the most of your spring wardrobe! Have fun with it, and enjoy creating new looks by mixing and matching items together that you wouldn’t normally wear. Enjoy the season, and stay stylish!


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