4 Time Saving Tips For Productivity

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Productivity is something that everyone struggles with at one point or another. Here are some time saving tips to help you get more productive while promoting healthy boundaries and reducing distractions in your workspace. 

4 Time Saving Tips For Productivity

Declutter your office.

Is your desk a mess? Go clean it. Identify all of the most-needed items that you frequently use during your workday. These will be the only items that should be within reach on top of your desk or on a shelf beside your desk for quick access. Need more ideas? Here are 7 Tips To Declutter Your Workspace.

Block time off in your calendar.

This may seem simple, but blocking time off in your calendar for basics like lunch, focus time, or even a quick walk to get yourself re-centered will help you find a better flow in your workday. 

Extra tip: Create blocks of time at the same time every day during the week (if you can) so that you have something to look forward to, which can help break up the day!

Take the time to get organized. 

A significant part of being productive is being organized. This means you don’t have to search for files, papers, or books. Even though it might take a while to get organized, it’s definitely worth the effort. As soon as you have everything in its proper place, you’ll be able to focus more on everything you need to do. I love using Monday.com as an organizational tool for my life and business!

Identify your top priority tasks. 

Creating a list of your top priorities daily will help you stay focused on everything that needs to be done. Do it if you can push a task or two to another day! Focus on projects with important deadlines and allow yourself extra time to complete them. 

Everyone has different work styles, and what may work for you may not work for others. And, that’s okay. Learn what works best for you, and don’t bother with the stuff that doesn’t. Completing tasks you don’t like will stress you out and make you less productive.


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