Why Bloggers Should Join Mavely

Why Bloggers Should Join Mavely

Mavely is a social commerce platform that allows bloggers and influencers to monetize their content by promoting products they love and recommending them to their followers. 

The everyday influencer platform with tools to monetize your audience and have access to brand campaign opportunities, no matter your audience size.


I recently connected with a wonderful individual who works at Mavely (Shout out to Abbie!), and deciding to sign up on their platform was a no-brainer. In a sea of companies that allow you to use affiliate links through their platforms, this was the first time I had a one-on-one connection with a real live person. The personal touch made me more excited to start my journey with Mavely and to see what the future brings.

I am excited to bring this information to you today because I was impressed with the onboarding process [This blog post was not sponsored in any way] and want to help other bloggers navigate their own journey for blog monetization! After reading this, I hope you join me on the Mavely platform. I hope this encourages bloggers (no matter their audience size) to start monetizing their content today!

Join Mavely - Authentic Influencer Marketing, no matter your audience size

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This post was not sponsored or a paid collaboration.

Here are some reasons why bloggers should consider joining Mavely:

Earn commission on product recommendations

Their commitment to high commissions and commission transparency is unmatched. Mavely offers commission on sales through your referral links, so bloggers can earn money by recommending products they love to their followers.

Monthly Bonus Program

You are eligible to earn additional monthly bonuses based on sales. Starting at $1,500 in sales, you can make an extra $35/month. It gives each influencer or creator more earning potential than the average affiliate platform.

No Barriers to Entry

There are no barriers to entry on the platform. You can sign up and start earning with any size audience. It’s one of the reasons that makes Mavely truly unique and worth checking out.

Access to exclusive products.

Mavely partners with various brands to offer bloggers exclusive access to new and unique products they can promote to their followers. I was so excited when I saw which brands Mavely works with, and I immediately started updating links on my blog posts to reflect that. The diversity between the brands means that there is something for every blogger niche.

Build your audience with authentic products.

By joining Mavely, bloggers can reach more people and attract new followers interested in the products they promote. Mavely encourages its creators to promote products they use and believe in. You’ll even get a dedicated Account Manager with Strategy Sessions included.

Sign Up For Campaigns

Mavely enables individuals to register and engage in brand campaigns. The ongoing opportunities and application process are under the campaign tab within their mobile app. It’s super easy and takes a few minutes.

Simplify the shopping experience.

Mavely’s platform allows followers to purchase products directly through the app, making the shopping experience more seamless and convenient. With MyShop, you can gather, sort, and share all your Mavely links in one customized spot. Create collections, posts, and features to showcase your Mavely shopping links. Unlike LTK, Mavely wants your audience to be able to purchase the item they’re looking for without having to jump through hoops to buy it. This can potentially increase your affiliate income tenfold. IYKYK.

Overall, Mavely is an excellent way for bloggers to monetize and create content to connect with their audience more meaningfully. Want to be successful on the platform? I’ve got some tips for you below. Keep reading.

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Want to be successful on Mavely? Here are some tips for bloggers:

Be authentic

Your followers trust you and value your opinions. Keep things real, and ensure that the products you promote align with your values and style, especially when recommending items. It’s important to write honest reviews and only promote what you would use yourself. Be genuine and honest!

Focus on your niche

Identify your niche and stay true to it. Keep your content within that niche, whether focused on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or something else. This will help attract followers interested in the same topics and increase engagement. If you have products out of your niche or focus, your readers may get confused about why you’re promoting them on your platform.

Create high-quality content

Your content should be visually appealing, informative, and engaging. Use high-quality images and videos, and write compelling captions that highlight the features and benefits of the products you’re promoting. When creating good quality content, make sure that you can repurpose it for other platforms or different needs. This will also help you batch your content.

Be consistent

Just like any platform, consistency is vital to building a loyal following. Post consistently, don’t be salesy, engage with your followers and discuss the why behind the promotion. If they comment, comment back. It also matters that you respond to their comments and messages in a timely manner.

Promote Mavely on your other social media channels

If you have a solid following on other social media platforms, promote your Mavely account to your followers. This will help you attract new followers and increase your earning potential through a dedicated affiliate link for the platform.

By following these tips, bloggers can increase their chances of success on Mavely and create a thriving community of followers who trust and value their opinions.