13 Simple Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

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These storage ideas for small apartments can keep you organized and tidy. These ideas range from closets to bathrooms and everything in between.

Living in a small space can definitely give you some challenges when it comes to organization. Trust me; I know first hand! Getting creative (and maybe a little non-traditional) is the best way to go when you do not have much room to work with.

Storage ideas for small spaces. How to keep a small space organized and tidy.

These storage ideas for small spaces will not only help you stay organized but will help keep your home clutter-free. Happy organizing!

Storage Ideas for Small Apartments:

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

This post on small bedroom organization ideas is a great resource with tons of creative ways to organize your bedroom if space is an issue.

Book Organization

Organizing your books or other writing supplies can be hard. Luckily, this homeschool organization idea can help you even if you don’t homeschool your kids.

Small Closet Shelves

When you have a small closet to work with, these closet shelves are a great way to give you more space.

DIY Floating Wood Shelves

Floating wood shelves are popular for small apartments, and these DIY floating wood shelves are so cute and easy to make.

DIY Wall Organizer

With small spaces, every inch counts. Using your walls for storage is a great way to help you stay organized. This DIY wall organizer is a life-saver!

Wooden Drawer Dividers

Living in a small space means having to work with a small kitchen. Here is a great tutorial on making your own DIY wooden drawer dividers that can be used in your kitchen.

Organizing Baby Closets

Living in a small apartment and making room for a baby can be challenging. These ideas on how to organize a baby closet will come in handy.

Custom Closets

When you find yourself needing more closet room but nothing to help keep it organized, making your very own custom closet can be helpful. It’s also a great chance to let your creative juices flow!

Using Store-Bought Shelves

Some store-bought shelves can be hard to find. Luckily, this post will give you some ideas on ways to do those work for you.

Budget Pantry Organization

No need to spend a lot of money on organizing your pantry. Here are some helpful tips on how to organize your pantry on a budget.

Bedroom Organization Ideas

While this may be meant for a kid’s room, you can actually use these bedroom organization ideas for any bedroom!

Closet Organization Ideas

Saving as much space as you can in your closet can be a helpful way to keep your small space organized. These closet ideas are great for beginners.

Organizing Your Closet with Curtain Rods

If you need to organize a small closet, I found some great ways to use curtain rods to keep things handy and tidy.

Functional and Easy DIY Closet Organizer

DIY cubbies can be used to hold a variety of different items and work great. Cubbies are one of my favorite organizing options!

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, but you can always get creative with keeping everything in its place. These bathroom organization ideas are perfect!

DIY Shoe Shelves

If you have a decent collection of shoes like I do, DIY shoe shelves are great to use in the closet or a small storage area for easy organization.

What are some other storage hacks for small apartments you swear by?


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