Sparkling Watermelon Champagne Punch

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It’s summer and you should make this Sparkling Watermelon Punch for your guests at the next cookout you’re hosting. It’s refreshing and so yummy!

But, honestly… the champagne is the best part! I absolutely love champagne cocktails and adding watermelon to this punch recipe was genius! I’m pretty impressed.

This is a quick and easy to follow recipe that anyone (over 21) can make!


Ingredients You Need To Make Sparkling Watermelon Champagne Cocktail:

• Champagne

• Watermelon Juice (Tropicana Tastes like candy. Pressed Watermelon Juice tastes like real watermelon!)

• Watermelon Slices


1. Take your bottle of champagne and fill your glass three quarters of the way full.

2. Next, you will want to top of your Champagne glass with watermelon juice. I always recommend Tropicana Watermelon Juice since it’s the most fruity. If you aren’t into sweet juices, you can always opt for a pressed watermelon juice. The pressed watermelon juice will be more natural tasting where as the Tropicana reminds me of a Jolly Rancher. 

3. Slice up that watermelon for your Champagne glass garnish.

4. Serve & Enjoy your delicious Sparkling Watermelon Champagne Cocktail!

Sparkling Watermelon Punch.jpg

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