How to Practice Self Reiki At Home

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If you have ever stumbled across a spiritual community, you may have heard about Reiki and self Reiki. This energy healing therapy is used to provide improved physical and mental wellbeing and it’s been so helpful in my everyday life.

While on my growth journey, I wanted to become certified in the practice of Reiki and went through two certification programs in October 2016 and April 2017 respectively. These certifications helped me find ways to cope with my anxiety and teach me how to calm myself down with just a few hand positions.

The process of Reiki involves meditation, hands-on healing, mindfulness, and the use of mantras and symbols. While you can visit a Reiki master, there are some ways to practice self Reiki right at home!

I’m going to explain how to practice self Reiki at home so that you can enjoy its transformational process without leaving your house.

How to Practice Self Reiki At Home

Find your Posture

You’ll want to find your best posture. This should be a position that makes you feel centered, comfortable and balanced. Some people like to sit cross-legged on the floor with their hips above their knees when practicing Reiki at home. You’ll want a posture that is restful but allows you to engage.

Show up With Compassion

Honor your intentions in your everyday life. Many situations occur in your daily life that could cause intense emotions. Always show up with compassion and stay true to your intentions to be mindful and peaceful whenever an emotionally weighted situation happens.

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Practice Meditation

Meditation looks different for every person, but it’s a vital component of practicing Reiki. Pay attention to what’s happening inside your body, especially any tension and aches within your muscles. Continue breathing and slowly unclench the shoulders, relax your jaw, and be one with your inner being until you feel completely relaxed.

Know the Hand Positions

The Cleveland Clinic has a great article on Reiki Self Treatment and gives you ample instructions on what each hand position is and how to do it. The hand positions are very important as they are targeted areas on which you should be focusing throughout your self-reiki session.

Repeat Reiki Mantras

As I stated earlier, mantras and symbols are a significant part of Reiki, and these principles can help you approach life better (even when you’re not practicing Reiki).

You’ll want to repeat the mantras that resonate the best with your inner being during mediation or any time life gets a little overwhelming.

Here are the five Reiki mantras:

  • Today only
  • Do not anger
  • Do not worry
  • Be grateful
  • Show compassion to yourself and others

Call Upon Your Guides

This is an optional step during the self Reiki process, but if you have spiritual guides, then put your hands together and call upon them to help you during this time. Welcome their guidance and their energetic blessings. You can thank them for showing you love and light.

Again, this is an optional part of self Reiki at home for those with a spiritual guide.

Self reiki

Give Thanks

Lastly, be sure to give thanks to yourself and your guides for practicing self Reiki at home. Be thankful to yourself for having put forth the time to practice Reiki so that you can bring forth your best self with anything you attempt in life. Reiki will help you become more aware of your inner needs and desires to live a fulfilling life.  

These are just some of the steps for maximum peace, mindfulness, and relaxation in life. Reiki will help transform your mind and body so that you’re better able to take on anything with a compassionate and calm state of mind.

If you want to learn more about Reiki, Parita Shah has a great article on how she practices Self-Healing regularly.


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