How To Say Yes To Yourself Every Day

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Feeling comfortable enough to make yourself a priority isn’t easy. This change in attitude from focusing on others to concentrating on yourself is a difficult transition, but it’s entirely possible if you put in the work. Today I’m going to show you some ways you can start saying yes to yourself every day.

These ideas will help you feel more confident, fulfilled and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. Well, that’s how I hope you’ll feel after you read this! Also, here are some tips to intentionally start living a happier life.

Why Are You Afraid Of Saying Yes?

You’ll want to determine the root cause of your inability to say yes. It could stem from a people-pleasing attitude or just that you think saying no is a negative thing. Let me tell you what, my friends, saying yes to yourself is a positive choice!

Make some journal entries that help you get to the bottom of the reasons why you’re afraid to say yes to yourself. Once you explain this, you can start working towards putting yourself first regardless of what life throws at you!

Ways to Say Yes to Yourself Every Day

Practice Saying No

Make a list of things or people you will start saying no to. This is going to be a firm, unapologetic NO to that person or task that you’d typically say YES to. You want to practice saying no so that you’re better able to say YES to yourself.

The list you make will help you stay focused on saying no to things or people that you’ve included on this list. Keep the list near you at all times until you’re completely confident with setting healthy boundaries with others.

say yes to yourself

Schedule Self Care Time

I don’t mean scheduling a nightly bath or curling up to read a book each night. I am talking about scheduling time for yourself every single day. This must be a part of your daily routine to start saying yes to yourself every day.

Make it a priority that you have thirty minutes every day to partake in an activity that makes you happy or some other downtime activity like meditation so that you always keep your energy full. The best way to say yes to yourself every day is to schedule time for those yes moments!

say yes to yourself

Be Clear With Priorities

Much like scheduling self-care time and practicing saying no, you’re going to have to be clear with your priorities. This means taking some time to determine what your daily, weekly, and monthly goals are. Where do you see yourself fin a few weeks, months, or years?

You’ll want to know your priorities and be very confident about them before you can start consistently saying yes to yourself every day. Make sure your closest friends and family know where you stand, so they don’t feel offended, somewhat impressed by your mission to make yourself a priority!

These are just some of my best tips to help you say yes to yourself every day! I hope that this article has inspired you to start setting clear priorities in your life and get you feeling confident about prioritizing yourself!


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