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There’s always been some sort of controversy surrounding the topic of money, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Everyone always wants to know how much you’re making and how you made it so they can try to replicate the same results. And lately, there’s been a push in marketing tactics to share your real and raw “money story” in order to increase followers, get clients, and attract abundance in your life. However, I think there’s a way to share your story without the need to talk about money. 


Like so many others, I was brought up not to discuss money with anyone. I was told to just “keep that kind of thing to myself.” However, money is everywhere and it’s hard to ignore. We all need money to live and whatever we show people online is usually a reflection of that. Many posts show what we have, what we want, and what we’re doing. This is why we have social media in the first place — to share — and that’s totally okay. But discussing your finances is not necessary, unless you make it a prime selling point for your business.

When I started my business, I was fascinated by people who were making 6 figures or more. They were sharing how they hit rock bottom, how they had next to nothing in their bank account, and that they even felt like a Phoenix that rose from the ashes. It was even posted in a million groups all over Facebook. Many of these people even encouraged their followers to be super vulnerable to attract the right clients. While I get it, it just didn’t vibe with me. And hell, it still doesn’t – hence this post. 

Despite not feeling super connected to their “tried and true” theories and strategies, I kept following these people because I was attracted to the lifestyle they had and thought I wanted to be in their shoes. It was definitely screwing with my head. [Enter mindset work here] I even tried to create a “luxury brand” for my business, but that didn’t work either, because I’m the type of girl to wear sneakers and sweatpants instead of Louboutins and Chanel. #realtalk

Sharing my money story with the general public is definitely something that I’m not too keen about and honestly, I feel like it’s none of anyone else’s business. On the flip side, I have been a part of groups and programs that promote abundance, receiving, and the need to increase money flow, but I find myself working through things on my own, practicing self care, and simply minding my own business. If anything, I feel comfortable discussing my triggers and issues pertaining to the material being taught in these programs with a small accountability group and that’s it.

Throughout this process, I learned that going with the flow and doing the things I want to do [hello, boundaries] instead of following other people strategies, blueprints, or advice, has helped me see things from a different perspective. It also allows me to run my business on the right energetic level that aligns with my needs. #believeandbalance

Listen, I know that there’s a ton of material and blog posts about “How I made $$$ in my 3rd month blogging” because I re-pin it on Pinterest in group boards, but it’s not content that I will ever write myself. Again, just being honest.

Being honest with yourself about your own money story helps you relay a real and more authentic message to the world. And, behind the scenes, you will know that you have worked on your money mindset within your own time and space. You will feel comfortable or uncomfortable with it and it’s totally okay. Just own exactly who you are and work on the things you need to work on – at your own pace. 

Ultimately, your followers want you to be honest with them. They want you to share your point of view in the right way and they don’t want you to fake a lifestyle that you really don’t have. Just be real and authentic. And, you don’t need to share your money story to do exactly that.


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