6 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom A Relaxing Space

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To get a great night sleep, you need to create a relaxing space that allows you to be comfortable and stress free. I have 6 easy ideas to help you turn your bedroom into a perfect, restful oasis.

Getting enough sleep is difficult enough these days since there’s so much out there to distract us. After a long, hard day, all you want to do is close your eyes and drift off the moment you hit the bed. And, out of all the spaces you have in your house, your bedroom is the most personal space.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where so many people are very disconnected with their bedrooms. Instead of a restful oasis, we’ve ended up with spaces that are catch-alls, your office, and multi-purpose rooms.

So, if you’re going to get a great night’s sleep, the first thing you need to do is create a peaceful sleeping environment and here are some ways you create the relaxing space you’ve always wanted!


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Here’s how to turn your room into the relaxing space you need:

Remove the Clutter

It’s easy to ignore the clutter in the bedroom. Guests never see your bedroom, right? Mine, neither. In fact, it’s the room where the half-full clothes baskets, unread books, and pants that need to be hemmed hang out, because that way the other rooms that guests do see remain uncluttered. But that means that every time I walk into my room, I’m reminded that I need to be folding that laundry or fixing the tear on my husband’s jacket. Find somewhere else to store that type of clutter. A small bookshelf may be a great addition to your bedroom because reading is a great before-bed activity, but don’t overload it with every book you bring into the house.

Decorate in Cool Tones and Simple Themes

Having a dramatic themed bedroom may look great on Pinterest, but it may not be really conducive to sleep. When you’re decorating your bedroom, consider choosing lighter colors, and save the darks for accent colors and your curtains. Remember that your bedroom is for sleeping. You don’t necessarily need cute lights lining the headboard or shadow boxes full of baby’s first outfits lining the walls in your bedroom. What you need are a minimum of decorations and distractions.

Relaxing and cool-toned colors such as grays and blues will create an environment that feel comfortable, not active. These color choices turn your bedroom into a comfortable retreat.  You could choose to have a fresh coat of paint on the walls or a change of your bedding. If you really love more dramatic shades like red or yellow, save those for other rooms of your home.

Ban the Screen

It’s tempting to climb into bed and grab a few more minutes of screen time before bed. But we know that the blue lights from electronics keep our brains from shutting down. If you use your phone as your alarm, set up your charging station on a table or dresser across the room from your bed, not on a bedside table. Avoid the temptation to bring in a television. While it’s a comfortable trend for many parents to watch television in the bedroom so that they can have some time away from the kids, the late-night screen time becomes a distraction that makes it harder to get good sleep.

Do the Homework About Your Mattress

When was the last time you replaced your mattress? According to Cnet, the average lifespan for a mattress is ten years. If yours is older than that, or you bought your mattress on sale at your grocery warehouse club, it may be time to go shopping for a new one. If you’re not comfortable at night, it can impact the quality of your sleep. While you may not realize you’re waking up much, you may not be getting restful sleep.

Create a Restful Noise Background

A restful noise background varies for everyone. Even if you sleep in a quiet room, that definition of quiet varies for everyone. Some people need white noise, like a fan. For some people, a restful playlist on Spotify does the deed. Whatever works for you, figure it out and make it work. I absolutely love these white noise sound machines. They definitely help when I need some sort of noise in the background.

Figure out the Lighting

Ever woken up in the middle of the night and realized that your bedroom is really bright? You may not realize it when you’re really tired early in the evening, but it may be pushing you out of deep sleep later on. The opposite may be true, too. The stark darkness may scare you if you’re one of those folks whose bladder wakes them up faithfully at 2:30 in the morning. Your lighting situation needs to be something that works for you. Once you figure it out, you can manage it with small lights or light-blocking curtains.

All of these tips should help you to get a better night’s sleep and help you create a relaxing space in your home. If you’ve tried all of these for a few weeks and still don’t feel well-rested in the morning, it may be time to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your sleep issues.

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.



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