How To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

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When you’re balancing family, work, friendships, and more, it can be hard to find time for fitness. However, it’s important to find ways to incorporate fitness into your day. Staying physically fit is key to your health, and it provides lots of benefits you’ll feel right away, including increased energy.

Fitness Busy Schedule

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Here are tips to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule:

Wake up 30 minutes earlier.

This is definitely more of a challenge for some than for others. If you’re firmly NOT a morning person and already struggle to start your day, a morning workout might be out of reach. However, if you aren’t too scared by the idea of setting your alarm a little earlier, try rising a half hour before your normal time to fit in some exercise.

You don’t have to start with anything intense.

Do some bodyweight exercises in your bedroom or find your favorite yoga video on YouTube to guide your morning practice. Put on your shoes and head out for a light jog. You might be surprised to see how quickly you embrace this half hour of movement at the start of your day, and you won’t feel like you’ve burdened yourself or added to your busy schedule.

Opt for the most fitness-friendly option.

Pay attention throughout your day. You might be surprised to see how many tiny opportunities you have to add a little more exercise into your day – and how often you take the easy way out. You can use a smart watch like the FITBIT Versa Special edition to keep track of your progress!

Try to be more considerate of these choices when they arise and challenge yourself

If you can choose between taking the stairs and hopping into the elevator, stick with the former. Park at the back of the parking lot instead of cruising the aisles for a spot next to the entrance. At work, take the long way to the copy machine to squeeze in a handful of extra steps. Every little bit helps!

Take advantage of your lunch hour.

Exercising over lunch isn’t for everyone, but if you have the option, fitting in a workout over lunch can work really well. You’ll cross your workout off your to-do list, and you’ll feel refreshed and energized for the remainder of your day. During the summer, my co-workers and I always walk around Boston and it’s a great workout! 

See if your office has any facilities to offer.

Some have whole gyms, while others offer locker rooms and showers. If you can use the office showers, a quick jog around the office park may be the perfect choice for a quick workout. You can also consider a local gym, or see if you can find a fitness class scheduled over your lunch hour that you can consistently attend.

Choose high-powered workouts.

If you don’t have a ton of time to waste at the gym, signing up for hour-long fitness classes may not be the best route to take. Consider options that burn lots of calories or help you hit your goals without too much of a time commitment. Consider tabata, high intensity interval training, or strength training to get the most out of your time.

How do you build a fitness routine into your current schedule? I’d love to know. Comment below!

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.


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