How To Create A Vision Board

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Remember when you were a teenager and you bought all of those magazines and plastered pictures all over your wall? Okay, maybe that was just me… I did grow up in the 90’s, so I’m going old school.

This exercise is pretty much the same, except it’s focused on your life, your goals, and your vision for the next year and beyond.  

Creating a Vision Board will become a source of inspiration for you to set and accomplish goals to get exactly what it is that you want to manifest in your life. It helps you envision everything that you’re looking to achieve and have in your life right now or in the near future. 


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Here’s how you create your own vision board:

Step 1: Figure out what you want. 

This is the perfect time to get clear on your goals, what you want, and how do you want your life to look. In order for a vision board to work, you need to find the purpose behind your vision and understand each step that’s going to take you there. 

Do a brain dump and create a list of wants vs. don’t wants. This is VERY important. Do not skip this step.

Write down all of your life goals. Use these as a reference point throughout the project.

Start by looking at and throughly researching the following areas of your life:

  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Relationships with Family, Friends, & Significant Other
  • Career/Business/Money
  • Health/Fitness/Wellness
  • Spiritual/Religion
  • Overall Happiness
  • Success

Identify things in each area that trigger your purpose, your passion, and your desire to achieve your overall vision for your life. Read books on each topic. It will help you gain so much clarity. 

Now, look for a common theme within all of those areas. This is where your overall purpose and vision will appear. Write a separate list and keep this handy throughout this project.

Step 2: What does your vision actually look like?

You can always do this electronically on Pinterest, but I find that actually doing the work is more beneficial than just scrolling and tapping “pin it.” Don’t you think?

Find magazines that fit with your description of your “ideal” vision. 

Start cutting out images, pictures, words, fonts, business graphics, and other things that resonate with your vision and goals.

Stay true to your “common theme” list and try not to be distracted by other shiny objects that have nothing to do with what you want your life to ultimately look like.

These images should give you an overall idea of your “ideal life” and should mimic some things that you have right now.

Step 3: Put the vision board together!

It’s time to arrange all of your cut out images in a way that feels right to you. 

I encourage you to use your intuition with this step. 

Now that you have your list of common themes and images to go along with them, start by grabbing your poster board, tape or glue (whatever you prefer), and place them intuitively on the poster board until you feel like you have your vision intact. BONUS: Write mantras or affirmations as extra motivation! 

You can organize this however you want, but know that I am going to ask you to display this in an area of your home where you spend most of your time so you are able to look at it every day!

Step 4: Start creating your VISION!

By looking at the vision board every day, you are providing yourself with personal inspiration to take the steps needed to reach each one of your life goals. 

Make sure that you take time each month to reflect on your vision board and check in with yourself to see if you’re truly living your vision and what’s changed, what’s the same, and how you truly feel at that very moment. Also, notice any resistance about any of the items on your vision board. It’s important to know why this resistance is coming up and how to fix it. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This board is a motivational tool and will only work if you do the work behind the scenes to create the life you want. It’s important to do the mindset work associated with achieving your goals daily. 

This post includes affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.


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