Why I Wanted To Be A Lifestyle Blogger

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I really thought I hated blogging because I felt as if I didn’t have anything to say. Here’s my journey and why I became a lifestyle blogger.

Turns out, I wasn’t aligned with what I was trying to talk about up until now. I feel like I’m finally free from all of the crap that’s held me back from sharing my thoughts and using voice! 

When I started out as a VA in 2015, I was strictly focused on offering my products and services, while trying to find clients to help me leave my job and work online full time. Well, that was my goal at least… That lasted about 9 months until I felt called to coach and I decided to throw VA work aside (for a short amount of time). Still… I didn’t feel like blogging or even writing about anything. 

All of 2016 was basically spent working on my own mindset and digging deeper to find out what my true passion is. I worked with a coach, took a ton of courses, and offered so many free “discovery” calls, but nothing felt right. I still didn’t feel like I was aligned with what I was doing. I was honestly trying to help people, but wanted the money more. And, I’ll be completely transparent and real with you about that.

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It wasn’t until this year (while working with an amazing coach) that I realized that I’m done trying to do something that I’m not fully invested in. If I’m not really into something 100%, it’s going to crash and burn.

It was a harsh reality but I figured out that all I have been trying to do was follow everyone else’s strategy, workflow, and blueprint up until this point and completely lost myself in the process. And, I honestly didn’t feel like I could share my words freely and effortlessly. Essentially, I felt trapped in a world I really didn’t belong in.

It wasn’t until my last call with my coach in August 2017 where I realized that I wanted and needed to be a lifestyle blogger. I had a TON of content already up on this website, but it was hidden by a cover page. I was too scared to share it until now.

By going all in with my blog, it gave me the feeling of freedom and the ability to start sharing my passions, my favorite things, and the confidence to just be myself while doing things with flow and ease. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

Strategies don’t work for me unless I create them myself (psst… this way you don’t go stressing yourself out because you’re not hitting someone else’s benchmarks). I work on my blog when I feel the need, I write when I feel called to, and I collaborate daily with other bloggers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

In the month of September (2017), I grew my Pinterest page monthly views from 0-20.8k [Check out how I did it right here]. It’s been so rewarding to watch the analytics change and see my blog following grow so quickly! Now, I know that’s not a lot of monthly page views, but it was a lot for me at the time and I was so excited and happy!

Being a lifestyle blogger has honestly given me such a positive outlook on the future and I’m super excited to share it all with you right here. I’ve completely immersed myself into something that I absolutely love and I’m excited to see where things go from here. 

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to check out my new posts every week!


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