How To Use Personalized Greeting Cards For Customers

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When you run your own business, you have clients or customers you need to manage and maintain relationships with. To make them feel special and appreciated, personalized greeting cards will help you and your brand stand out by providing a one-on-one experience, unlike many businesses in today’s world. 

There are so many different ways to utilize a workflow to send personalized cards to your customers. Greeting cards for customers are also a great way to show you care. Therefore, I want to share four simple ways to incorporate them into your business management and operation workflows.

Greeting Cards For Clients

5 Ways To Send Personalized Greeting Cards To Your Clients

Sending Birthday Cards

Want to send a little something special to your client or customers? Sending a personalized handwritten greeting card to celebrate a birthday is a great way to make your client feel seen, appreciated, and loved on their birthday.

While many people forego handwritten cards or greeting cards these days due to the presence of social media, this will help you stand out from the crowd and make them feel special.

Sending Thank You Cards

Do you send thank you cards to clients, customers, or other businesses? If not, you should consider using custom handwritten greeting cards that will be customized to your brand and your voice.

Sending greeting cards to your customers will also help your clients trust you. It may also make them refer you to their friends and family because of the personalized service they received!

Sending Holiday Greeting Cards

When I think about sending holiday greeting cards, I often opt for something I can make online. But, if I were to send them to my clients during the holidays, I’d want a personalized touch that only handwritten cards can bring. 

Adding a Personalized Touch to Your Onboarding Packet

Do you send your clients a physical onboarding packet? If so, you can add in a personalized, handwritten greeting card to say hello and personalize the experience even further. Let’s face it; a new client needs the most attention at the start of their contract with you.

You want to provide the best service possible and get to know them and their needs. Sending a hello via physical note or card in the packet is the best way for the client or customer to feel like they matter. In fact, it will also show that you took a little extra time and effort during the process.

Make Your Business Stand Out After Networking Events

After attending a networking event, I’m sure you’ll end up with many business cards of people you may or may not talk to again. To increase the chances of continuing the conversations at the event, you could always send them a greeting card in actual handwriting to ensure that you continue the positive impression you made in person.

If you’ve never thought about using handwritten personalized greeting cards for your customers and clients, I would genuinely encourage you to think about it in the future. In the age where everything is digital, only certain things stand out to clients who are used to just receiving email after email in their inboxes. 


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