The 5 Best Fall Fashion Essentials

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Fall has arrived, and with it comes a wardrobe change. I have five fall fashion essentials that I go for immediately when the temperature starts to drop!

Many people opt to go with light layers, sweaters, and other adorable outfits during this season. Some women love wearing flannels, while others prefer a stylish look complete with that cardigan to keep them warm.

Whatever your fall fashion preferences are, this list of the best cozy items for fall will help you choose the best options this season.

Fall Fashion Essentials

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My Fall Fashion Essentials For 2021:

Wool Scarf

A wool scarf is a must-have for this season. Not only is it stylish, but it will keep you incredibly warm as well. If shopping for a wool scarf, be sure to check the “Made in” label before purchasing one. This Wool and Cashmere Scarf from Nordstrom is excellent if you’re looking for an excellent, lightweight wool option. However, I’m partial to my Burberry Classic Check Cashmere Scarf and love wearing it all fall and winter long.

There are many trendy styles for wool scarves this season, with some being especially popular, but be careful when wearing one. Never wear a single looped scarf because it could get caught on something and cause you to choke. Also, avoid wearing very thick woolen scarves in windy conditions since they’re more likely to fly around and whip you in your face.

Leather Gloves

When it comes to keeping warm, leather gloves should be considered this season. They’re not only for the cold weather but will also keep your hands free of cuts and scrapes while having adventure outdoors. These Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves are perfect and versatile when you want to use your phone in the cold weather.

Be sure to purchase a pair that is made from genuine leather and one that fits well. There are different types of styles for gloves. Some people prefer the basic black look, while others prefer a more stylish look in various colors and designs.

Leather Boots

Like gloves, boots should always be made from genuine leather and fit comfortably. They make sure your feet are protected from any sticks or stones found on the ground this time of year.

Before purchasing some leather boots, it’s essential to consider their height and weight because these factors determine how well they’ll protect your feet. If you’re more prone to spraining an ankle, for example, it would be best not to purchase high boots. In addition, you don’t want to buy a pair that weighs too much because it will be difficult to walk in them.

Winter Boots

Like the previous items on this list, winter boots should always be made from genuine leather and fit well so they can protect you from any elements this season may bring. They come in many sizes and have a large selection of styles. I’m partial to my Sorel Winter Boots and have a short pair and these Joan of Arctic Boots.

Before buying some winter boots, be sure to check the “Made in” label to find ones made from 100% leather and were made in America. Also, look for shoes that aren’t too heavy since they’re more challenging to walk in when the snow or ice weighs them down.

Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater is another warm and stylish option for the fall. Like the other items on this list, they should be made from 100% cotton and fit comfortably to keep you warm without making you feel overwhelmed by the heat when indoors.

They come in many colors, and when it comes to style, some prefer a more basic look while others enjoy a more fashionable look. Regardless of your preferences, a cardigan will keep you stylish while being incredibly warm at the same time.

As you can see, there are many fall fashion essentials to choose from that will keep you warm and stylish. Be sure to use this list to start shopping for the best comfortable items this fall season.

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation for any purchases made through my link at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer here.


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