Healthy DIY Bath and Skincare Products

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Let’s face it… healthy skincare products can be expensive. Instead of spending all of that money on commercial skincare, why not try to create some healthy DIY bath and skincare products at home?

DIY bath and skincare products are great because you can control what goes into the recipes, you can choose your favorite fragrances if you use them, and it can, of course, save you money.

This list of healthy DIY bath and skincare products to make at home includes everything from facial toner to sugar scrubs and bath bombs, all of which are perfect for a spa day at home.

DIY Bath and Skincare Products

Healthy DIY Bath and Skincare Products To Make At Home

Halos Honey Sugar Scrub

An easy citrus sugar scrub that only contains a few ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. The soap is made from honey, Halos, sugar, and coconut oil combined to create a healthy DIY sugar scrub.

Natural Facial Toner

With just a few natural ingredients and some essential oils, this facial toner is easy to make and less expensive than purchasing those fancy store-bought toners.

Lotion Bars with Essential Oils

This is a versatile recipe for lotion bars that you can take with you anywhere or store easily at home. Essential oils are used to create your favorite fragrance.

Homemade Sugar Scrub Soap

With all of the items found at your local craft store, this easy homemade sugar scrub soap makes the perfect DIY soap recipe.

Gingerbread Bath Salt

Perfect for giving as a holiday gift or using yourself, this affordable gingerbread bath salt recipe can be customized to include your favorite fragrance if you’re not hip on the scent of gingerbread.

Lime and Mint Sugar Scrub

A lime and mint fragranced sugar scrub that will help you achieve softer skin. It’s also an easy-to-make recipe that only takes a few ingredients.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

An easy and more affordable way to enjoy your favorite peppermint fragranced sugar scrub! This scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth!

DIY Bath Bombs with Shea Butter

Soothing, relaxing, and fun! This shea butter bath bomb recipe makes a fun and fizzy bath bomb that’s both luxurious and good for your skin.

Ultimate Skin Scrub

This DIY skin scrub is made with Frankincense essential oil to help nourish your skin and calm any soothing tension and worries.

Coffee Body Scrub

The caffeine found in coffee typically helps increase your blood flow and helps with skin toning, which is why this coffee body scrub is a must-try.

DIY Watermelon Scrub

Perfect for summer, this DIY watermelon scrub helps fight age spots and wrinkles. Plus, watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A and can help minimize the oil in your skin.

DIY Bath Bombs

These DIY bath bombs are made with just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand. It’s an easy recipe with no special ingredients that you are sure to love!

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Perfect for spring, these Easter egg bath bombs are shaped like cute and colorful eggs. This is another recipe that uses ingredients found in your pantry!

Homemade Foaming Soap

A kid-friendly, safe germ destroyer! This homemade foaming soap contains essential oils and other healthy ingredients to help you stay clean.

All-Natural Bath Bombs

Super simple to put together, these all-natural bath bombs are great for throwing in the tub while it fizzes and helps your skin.

Rosebud Salve

A copycat recipe of Dr. Smith’s Rosebud Salve creates a more natural salve that is safe and highly effective.

Rose Cleansing Bomb

Smooth and silky, this rose cleansing bomb will make your skin feel clean while calming your emotions.

DIY Rose Bath Salt

A DIY rose bath salt that’s made with essential oils. It’s easy to whip up, and you can store it in an airtight glass jar for safekeeping.

Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub

This scrub contains the relaxing scent of lavender and the sweet aroma of vanilla to create a wonderfully scented vanilla lip scrub that is perfect for pampering yourself!

Mickey Mouse Bath Bombs

Disney fans will love these cute little Mickey Mouse bath bombs! They are perfect for tossing in the tub and enjoying a nice warm relaxing bath.

Orange Bath Salts

These orange bath salts will give you a nice relaxing, citrus fragranced bath to help relax and carry the stress from the day away.

Hemp Body Butter Recipe

This hemp body butter recipe combines oil and butter to help soothe the skin and leave your skin soft and smooth.

Pumpkin Spice & Apple Pie Bath Salts

Simple and cute, these fall fragranced DIY pumpkin spice and apple pie bath salts are perfect for the fall season! Please put them in some cute packaging, and you have a great holiday gift!

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

This cinnamon sugar scrub is put together with a few simple pantry items and creates a deliciously scented scrub you’ll love!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

A DIY peppermint sugar scrub that also makes the perfect pampering gift to give friends and family.

DIY Dead Sea Minerals & Lavender Shower Gel

This healthy Dead Sea minerals and lavender shower gel will leave your skin feeling soft and help moisturize due to its rich and natural ingredients.

3 Ingredient Lotion Bars

A super easy recipe for DIY lotion bars, this recipe only contains 3 all-natural ingredients! These simple lotion bars will leave your skin feeling healthy and soft.

DIY Perfume

Blended with essential oils, this DIY perfume is made with non-toxic ingredients and is created to help with stress relief.

Stress Reducing Bath Bombs

We can all use a little stress relief at times, and that is exactly what these stress-reducing bath bombs will help you do! Created to help reduce stress and anxiety, these bath bombs will help you feel recharged and ready to take on the day.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

This lemon sugar scrub helps rejuvenate and renew your skin. Fresh lemons and natural ingredients are used to help create this sugar scrub recipe.

Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer

There are many benefits to aloe vera, and this aloe vera face moisturizer will help save you money and moisturize your skin naturally while giving your skin an extra boost.

Aloe Vera Body Wash

Just like the face moisturizer above, this body wash is created with aloe vera to help moisturize. This recipe is for a DIY aloe vera body wash that will help leave you refreshed and healthy.

Homemade Body Butter

A luxurious homemade body butter that helps hydrate dry skin. Made with only 3 ingredients, this DIY body butter recipe is the ultimate treatment.

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

A simple and easy lemon fragranced sugar scrub that will help leave your skin fresh and glowing!

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

The ultimate recipe for soft, smooth skin, this vanilla and brown sugar scrub is the perfect way to nourish your body and give it a boost.

Whipped Lavender Body Butter

This whipped body butter recipe contains the relaxing scent of lavender to help wash away the day’s stress.

DIY Lavender Milk Bath

This easy DIY lavender milk bath is made from just a few ingredients and is perfect for a long hot bath to help relax and keep your skin healthy.

Activated Charcoal Scrub

The great thing about activated charcoal is that it is oxidized to make the charcoal pure and beneficial to the skin, making this activated charcoal scrub perfect for deep cleaning.

Skin Brightening Sugar Scrub

This skin-brightening sugar scrub is fine textured and great for both the body and the face. The lemon in the scrub will help make your skin bright and fresh.

Homemade Tallow Moisturizer

This homemade tallow moisturizer is made with tallow, which contains many healthy vitamins for your skin and helps promote skin health.

Pine Bath Salts

Just like tallow, there are a lot of benefits to pine. These pine bath salts are good for lifting your mood, relieving pain, and soothing nerves.

Lavender Soap Balls

This homemade lavender soap balls recipe is more of an advanced recipe, but this soap will soothe you after a long stressful day.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

This lemon sugar scrub is perfect for yourself or gift-giving. Because of the lemon, it’s a fresh-smelling scrub that will help refresh your skin.

DIY Coffee Bath Scrub

A rejuvenating scrub that is sure to give you a boost, this homemade coffee scrub includes coconut oil to moisturize your skin.

Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk

This pumpkin spice goat milk will give you the seasonal autumn scent and give your skin a healthy, nourishing boost.

DIY Whipped Sugar Scrub

With this whipped sugar scrub, you can have all the benefits of a luxurious bath without the costly price tag!

DIY Tropical Pina Colada Bath Salts

Let the paradise of the tropics come to you and melt away all of your stress and tension with this tropical pina colada bath salt recipe.

Whipped Lavender Lotion

Using shea butter, this whipped lavender lotion will help relax and moisturize you. The coconut oil added to the lotion will also naturally protect your skin from the sun.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

A straightforward peppermint sugar scrub that can be made in less than 10 minutes and with only three ingredients.

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub

This sweet-smelling brown sugar scrub will make your skin smooth and moisturized, another easy-to-make scrub that only takes three ingredients.

DIY Whipped Body Butter

With this whipped body butter, a little goes a long way as it moisturizes your skin much better than lotion would!

Headache Bath Bombs

These bath bombs naturally offer headache relief. Made with soothing lavender and essential oils; it’s an easy headache bath bomb recipe that can be made.

Peppermint Bath Salts

An easy homemade peppermint bath salt recipe that you can use for yourself or as a gift for friends and family.

Matcha Honey Facial Scrub

This matcha honey facial scrub is a gentle facial scrub made with three all-natural ingredients and has a ton of benefits for your skin.

Tattoo Balm

An all-natural tattoo balm recipe that is infused with soothing calendula to help soothe a partially healed tattoo.

Pressed Flower Bath Melts

Another great all-natural DIY recipe, these pressed flower bath melts are flower-scented and are made for moisturizing.

Simple Bar Soap

A simple recipe for a soap bar, this DIY is perfect for those just getting started with soap making.

Coconut Body Butter

Shea butter and coconut are combined to create a super moisturizing body butter that you are sure to love.

Honey Cinnamon Lip Balm

An easy recipe for a healthy alternative to the store-bought lip balms, this honey cinnamon balm is easy to whip up.

Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

This moisturizing whipped coconut oil scrub is easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time to put together. It will also leave your skin smelling and feeling wonderful!

Make It Yourself Soap

An easy step-by-step guide to creating your own soap, incorporating essentials oils and exfoliants.

DIY Rose Water

Rosewater not only has a pleasant scent, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can be incorporated into your regular skincare and help soothe your body. Learn how to make your own with this DIY rose water recipe.

Lavender Bath Bombs

These lavender bath bombs can be easily made and then placed into your bath water to help give you a relaxing and soothing bath.

DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

A great way to keep your lips soft, this peppermint vanilla lip scrub not only works amazing but smells delicious.

Homemade Mocha Lip Scrub

This mocha lip scrub can help keep your lips hydrated and moisturized to avoid chapped lips.

What are some other DIY bath and skincare products you love to make?


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