Easy Tips To Declutter Your Home

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This spring, it’s time to declutter your home like a pro. Decluttering your space is such a powerful process. Tidying up will make your space more manageable and clear your mind while you’re at it!

You might not realize it, but the physical clutter in your home can greatly impact your lifestyle. If you’re thinking of cleaning up your home and maybe even adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place! I’m currently trying to do this at home (especially in my bedroom) because I’ve realized that since 2020, I’ve accumulated so many pairs of sweatshirts and sweatpants. IYKYK.

Here are some tips I’m following, which have helped me get through the process easily!

Easy Tips To Declutter Your Home

How To Declutter Your Home?

Before you even start, you must learn how to go about decluttering. Chances are, organizing everything you own makes you feel overwhelmed, so creating a process is key here. Create a plan that works for you, your energy, and the people who live in your home.

Create two piles

Choose a room to get started with and create two piles. One pile will be a “yes to keep,” and the other will be a not to keep pile. As you go through your stuff, toss each item into these piles. Remember to be ruthless here – if you’re not sure it goes into the yes pile, you probably shouldn’t keep it. Once you’re done, you can donate everything in the “no pile” or host a garage sale!

Make sure you’re in the right mental place.

Decluttering can become a sentimental affair quickly, so be prepared for it and ensure you’re in a good mental place before getting started.  Get prepared to let go of things that are no longer serving you, and yes – that might include things that bring back memories. If the item is no longer being used and doesn’t “spark joy,” toss it into the “no pile” immediately.

Yes or No

Commit yourself fully by only accepting “yes” or “no” as answers: do I keep this? does it fit me? do I use this? No “maybes” allowed here! Remember: If it’s not a yes without hesitation, it’s probably a no.

Keep going

Once you’re done with the first room, keep going! Do it for every room, closet, and storage space in your house. These quick tips can be adapted for every room in your home. It literally has no boundaries.

How can I declutter quickly?

The steps above will help you get rid of clutter in no time. Usually, the first room is the hardest, but once that’s done, the rest becomes easier as I go. I recommend making it a goal to declutter your entire home in one go instead of picking one room every few months.

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Does clutter create negative energy? 

In some cultures, clutter is the representation of trapped energy. Moreover, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, you’re probably aware that every material thing can represent energy.  Items can hold negative energy, so decluttering is key to ensuring your home is a positive space.

Clutter clouds your focus and energy.

Have you ever noticed how getting work done is harder when your desk is messy? Clutter has a way of stealing focus and energy from you. This results in sloppiness, procrastination, and lack of creativity, all things you don’t want in your life, right?

Clutter is a source of stress.

I’m not a neat freak, but clutter increases my stress levels. Messy surroundings have a way of overwhelming your senses (much like multi-tasking or having too many tabs open can overload your brain). Does this happen to you? Notice the signs and start making small changes to your daily routine to avoid it in the future.

Clutter turns into procrastination.

Clutter is the fuel of procrastination. When you have too many things lying around your space, it can mean you’re delaying the decision of where to put things or what to do with them. It might not seem like a big deal, but this thought process can quickly plague other areas.

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you’ll instantly notice a better balance of energy and freedom. It will help you become more present and more positive, and focused.

What happens when I get overwhelmed? 

When you declutter, it can become overwhelming, so many people stop before they’re done. It’s important to remind yourself to keep going even when you’re about to throw in the towel. It’ll all be worth it when you’re done, I promise!

If you start to feel like giving up during the process, here are some tips:

  • Just do it! You’ll be done soon.
  • Don’t overthink it. If it’s not a surefire, “yes,” throw it away.
  • Reward yourself. Set milestones (rooms or sections), and give yourself a little treat when you finish.
  • Come back and re-read this post for inspiration.

The clutter in your house is holding you back from becoming your best self and leading a more peaceful, focused life. Don’t overthink it, and just get started – it’ll be so worth it in the end. Set a date (or, even better, start tonight!) and get with it!


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