Tips For Being Consistent On Instagram

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Learn how to be consistent on Instagram with some expert tips! Instagram is one of the essential platforms for content creators and influencers. While Facebook owns this platform, it seems Instagram is becoming more popular than regular Facebook.

With more and more people sharing their content with reels, stories, and feed posts that feature a small caption with gorgeous photos and videos, I thought I’d share some tips for being consistent on this platform to achieve success.

What is Your Mission With Using Instagram?

The number one thing to consider before posting on Instagram is to know what your mission is. Think about what you hope to gain from consistently sharing on Instagram. Maybe you want more followers or clicks to your profile link to grow your business by finding more customers, or you want enough followers to include clickable links in IG stories to increase your blog traffic.

Know what your mission is and write it down. Be clear and concise, as this will ensure you’re able to remain consistent on Instagram.

Tips for Being Consistent on Instagram

Below are some of my best tips to help you be more consistent on Instagram. Remember that the algorithm is different on all social media platforms, but when you have a plan in place and stay consistent, you’ll have a higher chance of being seen by more people.

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Write Down a Schedule

The best way to be consistent with Instagram is to have a schedule. Write down what you’ll post on which days. Do some research to know what hashtags will work for your brand beforehand. Have the text and images ready to post or schedule them using an approved Instagram scheduling app.

Schedule your Posts

As stated above, it’s best to use an approved Instagram scheduler so that you remain consistent on Instagram. Schedule as far out as you possibly can, and make a note that you’ll need to schedule more Instagram content before the current schedule runs out.

Make it Fun

I’ve learned about running a business that something must be fun so that I feel inspired to take part. Making your Instagram brand messaging fun will entice you to be consistent on Instagram because you’ll enjoy what you’re sharing on the platform.

how to be consistent on Instagram

Use a Grid Layout

Another way to be more consistent on Instagram is to use a grid layout. There are multiple grid layout options available, but typically, they allow you to have fewer photos and more quotes in between. This means less need for fresh new images and more colorful quote boxes between the pictures you may have ready. Want to check out some awesome Instagram Puzzle Templates? Click here.

Hire an Assistant

Last but not least, you could hire a virtual assistant to handle all of your Instagram interactions, postings, and engagements. This will take the stress of having to be consistent on Instagram off your plate.

I prefer using a scheduler to remain consistent on Instagram without adding too many more hours into my daily work routine. I hope that my tips for being consistent on Instagram will help you focus more on the fun behind Instagram instead of the stress of trying to post regularly on the platform.  


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