6 Rules Confident Women Live By

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Lifestyle | 2 comments

We’re all born with a high level of confidence. However, many women lose a bit of their confidence over time. Experiences and challenges can deter the inner voice that tells us we’re unique, and that’s why I wanted to share six rules confident women live by!

Since so many women experience this decline in confidence over the years, I wanted to feature some rules confident women live by. These rules will help shed light on what you can do to maintain a healthy confidence level during the most challenging situations.

Confident women seem resilient in whatever they face. One may think that confident women have a more adaptable personality or haven’t faced extreme difficulties. This is not true. Many confident women have faced similar challenges that the rest of us face, but they decide to follow these rules to make it through without a scratch to their confidence.

6 Things Confident Women Do:

Below are a few daily practices that confident women abide by the rules they live by. Each of these examples helps you stay on course as you continue your mission to be more self-aware and confident in a world that tries to pull you down.

Play in the Grey

In a world where we’re taught to see things as good or bad, confident women opt to play in the grey. This is the area where nothing is defined as good or bad. Instead, it’s defined as something that happened or a decision made. This helps boost confidence because you’re never looking at a situation or choice as a bad or good outcome, rather an outcome just the same.

Don’t Take Things Personally

This is such a freeing rule to live by! When you stop taking what other people say or do personally, it helps reduce expectations and removes you from the feelings of the situation. Confident women know that separating their feelings from others keeps their confidence protected and allows them to come at the situation differently.

Things Happen For You

Lastly, my set of rules to live by is to always look at things differently. This viewpoint is that things happen for you as opposed to against you. Knowing and trusting those bad outcomes can lead to better outcomes. This helps protect your confidence while learning more about yourself during the process.

Embrace Their Purpose

Confident women know what their purpose is and continuously embrace this purpose. This means they emphasize placing themselves in professional and personal positions that help them use their strengths.

Enjoy Time Alone

Confident women don’t spend too much time getting outside influence. While they believe they can learn from others, they don’t consume their thoughts with the latest trending topic. They will spend ample time alone to rejuvenate their mind and body.

Practice Pep Talks

They will do their best to pep talk whenever their confidence is tested. They may place positive affirmations around the home and recite these to themselves. This helps whenever they’re going through a difficult situation with a close friend or loved one.

In conclusion, confident women aren’t born; they are made. We all face difficulties in our life that can impact our confidence and direction. Use the above rules and tips to help you develop new habits to remain focused on rebuilding your confidence this year.


  1. Izzy Matias

    I love this post!! I like that you said confident women play in the grey. What a refreshing perspective that I will try to inject in my life! I’ve been trying to not take things personally which helps! But I do need some reminding every now and then to not take things personally. What’s also helped, even if this might sound a bit cheesy, is to say to myself (aloud) and in front of a mirror that I love myself. I remember reading that in a book somewhere and tried it out!

    • Nikki

      Thank you so much for your comment, Izzy! Confident women do need to write their own stories and walk their path, which is why I said that it’s best to “play in the grey.” I’m so glad you took something from this post!


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