5 Intentional Habits For A Happier Life

5 Intentional Habits For A Happier Life

Building a life that you love is as simple as living life intentionally. Start implementing these habits into your daily life today!

Not only will adding some intentional habits to your life help you build a life that you love, but it will also encourage you to spend time wisely. I’m not going to lie to you and say that adding intentional habits to your life is going to be easy. This process will take time and you’ll need to be forgiving of yourself during the process.

Once you start to implement some of the intentional habits I’m featuring below, you’ll see that each habit can become a natural part of your daily life. If you want to start by identifying certain intentions prior to setting those habits, click here.

The commitment to build a life you love by practicing self-awareness and implementing intentional habits will make you feel more fulfilled, happier, and stable during the most chaotic moments of life.

Intentional Habits.png

Here are a few of my favorite intentional habits:

Stay Away from Screens

Commit to shut off all screens such as your smartphone and television at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Consider reading a book or taking a warm bath to detox from the constant bombardment of news, social updates, and other screen-time activities. This will help slow your mind down, reduce overthinking, and allow you to drift into a deep state of sleep easier.

Cook from Scratch

Start practicing meal planning by following meal prep professionals online. Find blogs that showcase the ins and outs of meal planning so that you start cooking from scratch. This intentional habit will help you live healthier, and improve your overall happiness in life. What you put into your body can help or harm your overall mental well-being.

Take a Daily Walk

Getting outside for a daily walk will significantly improve your state of mind by helping you relax and reduce the stress associated with the demands of your current lifestyle. Just one thirty-minute walk outside can help lower blood pressure, relax your mind, and encourage good joint health. This intentional habit should be implemented daily as a means to be happier in life.

Meditate or Deep-Breathing

Another intentional habit to implement to live a happier life is adding meditation or deep-breathing techniques into your daily life. Committing to practicing new habits that calm your mind, body, and soul will provide you with a moment of relaxation when you’re unable to walk away from the task that’s stressing you out.

Practice Self-Care

One of the simplest ways to place a priority on self-care is to be more aware of how you’re feeling and what commitments you can make to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Self-care practices will be something you do every day as part of your daily routine. True self-care isn’t something you do once a week to detox, rather a daily activity or practice that helps soothe your mind, body, and soul before you’re overwhelmed with the challenges of your day.

The key to successfully implementing each of these intentional habits to be happier is being more self-aware. You’ll need to pay close attention to what your body is telling you. This could be noticing that you’re clenching your draw, tensing your body, or talking fast. Whenever you notice your body tensing up from anxiety or stress, pause and practice some intentional habits to help ease the burden of stress and anxiety on your mind, body, and soul. 

These habits are easy enough to implement as a means to be more aware, present, and committed to living a happier life.

10 Self Care Items You Need In Your Life

10 Self Care Items You Need In Your Life

Self care is so important yet most women today don’t take any time to focus on themselves. We feel guilty for taking any time and energy just for us but the truth is you can’t care for others from an empty cup.

Personally, I have found that splurging on things that make me feel good makes me happy. Granted, I know that not everyone can spend money like that all the time, but once in a while, you should treat yourself to the things you want!

I believe that when we start focusing on how we feel and do the things that make us take better care of ourselves, we start to become better for those people around us too! No matter what we do, no matter who we are, we should consider self care a sacred activity that we need to practice on a daily basis.

This blog post was originally posted on July 16, 2018 and was updated with new products in December 2020!

Self Care Gift Guide 2021

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When looking for new items to include in this gift guide round up, I wanted to splurge a little bit. Remember, this are items I chose. Please find items that fit your needs and your lifestyle!

10 Self Care Items You Need In Your Life:

  1. Gilded, Guided Journals: Self Care Journal with 366 Prompts
  2. Home Spa Gift Basket – White Rose & Jasmine
  3. Voluspa Home Ambience Reed Diffuser – Santal Vanille
  4. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe
  5. 50″x60″ Maddie Shaggy Faux Fur Throw Blanket
  6. SEPHORA Collection Rose Quartz Eye Mask
  7. UGG Fluff Yeah Women’s Slippers
  8. SLIP For Beauty Sleep Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set
  9. Women’s Nordstrom Silk Pajamas
  10. PITERA™ First Experience Kit | Complete Skincare Routine | SK-II US

So, what do you think? Do you love the items in this list? If so, you can shop directly from the blog post or on LiketoKNOW.it!

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Creative Journaling – Write Some Wellness Into Your Day

Creative Journaling – Write Some Wellness Into Your Day

Hi! I’m Caroline, and I’m the owner of Owner of Awaken Arts and Wellness. I love journals. The empty pages, pristine covers, and library scented spines offer such promise as I slip them into my cart despite them never being on my shopping list. There is something about those pages that whispers: if you just buy me, all your problems will be solved…


It doesn’t seem to matter that I know I have at least a dozen half filled journals that I have given up on because I forgot to index them, or I don’t like how the paper buckled after I painted on one page, or I simply forgot that I already had it. Those journals weren’t perfect, they had to go. This will be the one that sticks, I know it!

I take it home, and as I walk through the garage with dried leaves and spider webs clinging to the corners, step over a clean sock that didn’t quite make it into the folding pile that is really more of a mountain, and flop on to the spot on my couch that has really become more of a nest, I already feel the sense of letdown. I bought the journal, why am I not organized yet? Why is my life still overwhelming, and chaotic, and out of control?!

Because life is unsolvable. That’s why.

Join me in bringing more Art and Wellness into your journaling practice.

There is no list of tasks that, once complete, will result in a perfect, tidy, and predictable life. It’s not you, it’s life.

So, I take a breath, leaning comfortably into my blanket covered corner of the sofa, and I slow down. The understanding that a journal won’t solve my problems brings a sense of relief from a pressure that I alone am responsible for bringing into my heart.

I let go of the expectations, and I allow myself to do what comes naturally – I journal, grab some colorful pens, a pile of washi tape, and a handful of stickers, and my old half full journal and I get to work.

Using my journal to guide my thoughts, to process my feelings, to organize my mind, and to express my experience helps me find clarity. I include to do lists, stream of consciousness ramblings, and sketches of projects that may or may not ever leave the page. It is messy, and beautiful, and real.

Assess what you find most useful about journaling


You are the expert on what you need. Review your previous journals, diaries, blogs, and sketchbooks. What patterns do they have in common (pages numbers, use of art, color or black and white, headers)? Which types of journaling do you find yourself going back to over and over (list making, goal setting, habit tracking, stream of consciousness writing)? Find what has been working for you and start there.

Identify what you find more difficult about journaling


Nobody knows your regrets better than you. Where in your journal do you tend to move on to the next (after the first mistake, when life is stressful, when you’re close to the last page but not quite there)?

What amazing ideas never end up being used (month long habit trackers, color coded reading lists, poetry corner)? Identify these difficulties and allow yourself to let go of whatever is calling you to keep going down that road. Choose to go a different direction with your next journal, and see how far you’ll go.

Make room for mistakes, errors, and messes


Every page should not be color coordinated, perfectly spaced, tidy, and thorough. Accept and make room for the mistakes that come with being genuine, human, and real. When you write “Teusday,” feel free to leave it that way. Nobody is grading this. Better yet, put a huge red circle around it and add a smiley face note to yourself next to it! Messes happen, and when you expect perfection you are setting yourself up for disappointment. What would it be like if you were to release yourself from the expectation of perfection in your journal? In your life?

Celebrate what you create


Journaling is art! If it feels creative, it is art! Your lists are art, your calendar is art, your trackers are art, your doodles are art, and your notes about the day are art. Celebrate the bravery and freedom you embody as you lean into your creativity. Consider sharing photos of your favorite pages to your friends, family, or social media. Discuss what you learn about yourself and your life as you flip through the pages of past journals. Allow your journal to be a snapshot of your mind, and celebrate the wild and wonderful thoughts that flow through you.

Accept inspiration from others


Like all great artists, you will see the creations of others and have the opportunity to invite one of two feelings: inferiority and judgment because you feel less than, or connection and camaraderie because you are a member of the same tribe of art makers! Accept the feelings of connection and camaraderie, let the excitement you feel seeing how others journal inspire you to bring that energy back to your own pages! Creativity is the blending of what you have within you and what you experience without, so allow yourself to find inspiration from others.

I still love picking up a new journal, flipping through the pages, and feeling the promise of those clean and perfect blank slates. I can still hear the whisper: buy me, and all your problems will disappear… What a boring life it would be without some messes.

Meet Caroline - Caroline is the owner and operator of Awaken Arts and Wellness, a company dedicated to helping bring Arts and Wellness back into your Self Care routine. With 5 years experience providing mental health therapy as a Social Worker in schools, Caroline brings her love of art, journaling, and creativity to each wellness initiative. Monthly themes (gratitude, self love, magic) are curated to meet your social emotional needs throughout the year, and each Kit includes small batch Aromatherapy supplies (candles, soaps, bath bombs), art supplies, and guided journaling pages and stickers!

Caroline is the owner and operator of Awaken Arts and Wellness, a company dedicated to helping bring Arts and Wellness back into your Self Care routine. With 5 years experience providing mental health therapy as a Social Worker in schools, Caroline brings her love of art, journaling, and creativity to each wellness initiative. Monthly themes (gratitude, self love, magic) are curated to meet your social emotional needs throughout the year, and each Kit includes small batch Aromatherapy supplies (candles, soaps, bath bombs), art supplies, and guided journaling pages and stickers!

Follow along on Instagram and on Facebook to find sticker, journal, and self care inspiration!

Want to get started with some Creative Journaling now? Check out the Creative Journaling Booster Kit, featuring a journal, guided pages, and stickers to get you started!



Today, I am here to tell you all about Pachamama CBD products and the important work they are doing.

This post is in collaboration with Pachamama and I received free samples and full size products to try in exchange for a review. This post also includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation if you click through a link and buy a product!

So, what and who is Pachamama? 

Pachamama is a multi-award-winning and Clean Label Project™ Certified CBD brand and they’re leading the CBD industry in education and safety (they’re also USDA organic + vegan). Instead of artificially flavoring our tinctures, they pair them with ethically sourced superfoods like turmeric and black pepper.


Out of the top 250 selling brands on the market today, Pachamama is actually one of only three CBD brands to be Clean Label Certified and Purity Awarded by The Clean Label Project™. This means Pachamama was one of only three to test to not test positive for leads, metals, pesticides and plastics.

And, this study was in conjunction with the FDA. You can check it out here: Lead, heavy metals, pesticides, plastics and THC


Pachamama states, “Our hemp is cultivated from Mother Earth in the colorful state of Colorado. Nurtured with pure Rocky Mountain water and an abundance of sunshine, we go far beyond the standard to source only from single-origin hemp.

This means, from seed to bottle, we use the same strain and family of hemp plants in order to create consistent and reliable products – every batch, every time.”

If you wanted to learn more about their story, watch the founder’s video here

“We entered the health and wellness industry to change lives by helping people incorporate healthy alternatives and creative methods into their day-to-day. Now, we expand on that approach to balance by crafting unparalleled CBD products that you can use daily to form noticeable changes into your own life.”

– Brandon Stump, CEO

What drew me in initially was their story, how grounded they are in wellness, how focused they were on balancing your lifestyle, and the quality standards they hold themselves to. You really don’t find that in the market today. Now, I’m not a complete newbie and I’m not trying to be biased whatsoever!

But, I have used several CBD products in the past and these products are now my favorite because of the transparency of the company, the quality of the CBD oil, how the products work, and the way they want to educate their customers. It’s refreshing to see how much they care and want to help people! 

Clean Label Project Announcement_InstaPost.jpg

This is a sponsored post and includes items that I received for free in exchange for promotion and a review. This post also includes affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here.

Onto the Pachamama Products…


They weren’t kidding around when they sent me my package. I thought I was going to get 1 or 2 products to try, but nope!

They sent me two mini satchels (for free) with 5 mini sample size tincture bottles, pain cream, athletic rub, and body lotion, a full size Black Pepper Tumeric 750 mg bottle and a full size Icy Muscle Gel Roll On. 


I had just started getting regular massages (because hello, self care) and my body was SORE. I mean, VERY SORE, because it’s been years since I last had a massage and my body decided to hate me.

The products actually arrived the day after and I immediately put the Icy Muscle Gel roller onto the problem areas and it actually worked and eased the pain I was experiencing almost immediately.  


Next up, I wanted to try the tinctures. I’ll admit, I was scared to try them at first and didn’t know what they would taste like so I went with the Natural Tincture first. I also went to their blog and read their post about being a First Time Pachamama CBD Tincture User and it was very helpful. 

For someone who has only used a CBD vape in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect (taste wise) but it had a strong, hemp taste without flavoring. I could tolerate it though, so it wasn’t bad.

When I used this product a few times over the course of 2-3 weeks and it helped with anxiety that I was experiencing… I even finished the small sample bottle! It’s a must try if you’re looking for quality CBD without any flavor. I’m also currently using the Goji Cacao Tincture when I need to focus. It’s been working wonders.


Overall, I am so happy and excited that I was able to collaborate with Pachamama and receive free products in exchange for this review. I have been on the lookout for quality CBD and their products have to be the best CBD products I have tried. Hands down.

You know that they’re ethically sourcing their products and they truly care about the hemp that they are using each and every time they create a new batch. Brandon and his brother Ryan, have also made it a purpose to help people find their way back to a life worth living and have helped over 10,000+ people in the process through the Buckeye Recovery Network

It was their inspiring story that really drew me in and their products that will make me a long time customer! Thank you Pachamama for the opportunity.

I am definitely going to continue to use the samples they gave me and eventually purchase a full size Kava Kava Valerian Root Tincture for myself! 


This is a sponsored post and includes items that I received for free in exchange for promotion and a review. This post also includes affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here.

6 Ways To Customize Your Bedtime Self Care Routine

6 Ways To Customize Your Bedtime Self Care Routine

Over the years, I have perfected my own bedtime self care ritual. Here are 6 tips to customize your own self care routine.

Never before have we been so encouraged to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves and focus on our wellbeing (especially since we’re home most of the time now).

Seriously, why was this not a thing before? In a world where we’re constantly hustling and doing 800 things at once, it’s so important to take time out of every single day as “me” time.

Let’s face it, though: not all of us are made for hour-long Korean skincare rituals (I absolutely love those rituals though) or a workout session before going to bed. It feels like so much work!

Don’t worry though, because I’ve got a few ideas for a lazy girl’s night time routine!

self care routine

Create a relaxing ritual

When you think of a cozy chill day at home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind. Take a moment to write down what makes you feel your best and make a ritual out of it. For me, it varies depending on how I feel.

Some days it’s taking a long bath and spending time taking care of my skin. Other days, I want to sit in bed with my cozy blankets and keep the windows wide open (especially in the fall). It’s probably going to be completely different for you, but do something that calms you down. I also love setting a peaceful mood for my night time self-care ritual: Low lighting, relaxing music, and an essential oil diffuser.

Plan tomorrow

It might just be me, but I tend to procrastinate a lot, especially if I don’t have a clear to-do list or deadline in place. Having my tasks mapped out helps me know what the goal for the day is and inspires me to tick boxes off, which makes me super productive!

If you’re anything like me, I highly recommend planning the next day out as much as you can and make it a part of your nighttime routine. Organizing yourself and working towards your goals is self care even if you don’t think it is. Just think, tomorrow will be less stressful.


Journaling is one of the most amazing acts of self care. It helps us unwind, let it all out, and make better sense of the emotions and thoughts we experience throughout the day (which can sometimes get super confusing!). Set five to ten minutes every night to jot down your day on your journal.

I’m notorious for not journaling on paper. It may work for some of you, but I know it doesn’t work for me. I tend to type my thoughts out as it’s quicker for me to type rather than write. Plus if I’m on the go, I just pull out the trusty ol’ notepad on my phone.

Set intentions

Setting intentions is such a powerful thing to do regardless of what it’s for. Not only is it a great workout for our creativity, but it also helps us become more present and stop doing things on auto-pilot. If you set an intention during your night time self care routine, you might actually be able to accomplish your goals. Setting the intention that you’re going to achieve something is so motivating and will be a catalyst for change any day of the week! It’s honestly the most important part!

Read a book (or listen to an audiobook!)

Reading a book is one of my favorite things to do as soon as I get cozy in bed as it helps my mind settle down. Even if you just aim to finish a chapter, that’s more than enough to relax and help you fall asleep faster. If you’re not in the mood to read, though, audiobooks or podcasts can do the trick, too! To be real, I’m a big fan of reading all of the romance novels on Kindle Unlimited, but I usually end up reading an entire book in one sitting!

Honor your bedtime

If you’re not honoring your bedtime, you’re not getting much self care. Luckily for us lazy girls, sleeping is one of our favorite things, so this shouldn’t be hard to do! If you do have trouble falling asleep, though, I recommend drinking a cup of chamomile tea paired with reading a few pages of a book (avoid social media at all costs).

I hope this guide helped you see that a self care routine is easy to implement. If you do one or two of these things, you’ll be on your way. Let me know how you feel after you tried a few. Comment below!

5 Tips To Set Boundaries While Working From Home

5 Tips To Set Boundaries While Working From Home

Setting boundaries while working from home is a popular topic among all of my friends lately. Especially since we’re all pretty much working from home due to the pandemic. However, this has been a problem for many work at home professionals for years. 

This topic usually comes into play with parents and people who have other family members living in the home because they have to balance their job and taking care of others 24/7.

Now, I know that working from home does provide more flexibility and allows you to spend more time with your family but it’s SO important to set boundaries when you’re working from home so that you can actually be productive and get stuff done. 

Today, I’m sharing some tips to help you with the process actual process of setting boundaries while working from home since I had to go through them a few months ago myself.

These tried and true tips will help you set boundaries, clear the stagnant energy in your house, and become more confident balancing all of your work and family duties!

Boundaries Working From Home.png

Here are 5 Ways You Can Set Boundaries While Working From Home:

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Whether you’re using a home office, a corner in the living room, or you just put a small desk your bedroom (like I did) you’ll want to have a dedicated space where you work. Having a dedicated work space will provide a visual that signifies you’re working so that family is less likely to disturb you. Of course you can work from bed or the couch on those days when you want to be super comfortable, but make sure you give yourself space. 

Set Working at Home Hours

Flexibility is a fabulous bonus when working from home, but you’ll need to set a schedule for working hours. Think about your family activities, events, and what your daily life looks like. Obviously, you get the commuting time back if you had to commute to the office every day. My advice is to carve out a schedule for work hours and break time so you have some sort of routine. It will help you get in the right headspace, too! 

Talk to Your Family

Talking to your family about your new boundaries will help offset any unnecessary interruptions. Set up a family meeting if you have to and include any extended family and friends who may show up unexpectedly. Essentially, you just want to let them know what your new “working” hours. Bonus tip: Don’t answer phone or door when the family tries to interrupt you during your scheduled work hours unless it’s an emergency.

Learn to Say No

The biggest challenge for anyone who want to start setting boundaries is to say no more often. It’s okay to decline that invitation to go to the beach or let your longtime friend know you can’t go out. They will understand that you need to work. Learning to say NO was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s become the most powerful tool in my self care arsenal. 

Be Confident With Boundaries

I know that it can feel unsettling to set boundaries at first, but it will get easier. As soon as you have your dedicated work space, working from home hours, and a plan to discuss this with your family, it’s on you to remain committed in ensuring your family respects your boundaries.

It won’t be easy to transition from a normal home environment to a stricter work schedule, but it will help you be more efficient, productive, and stable with all that work that’s currently piled up on your kitchen table!

Looking for more ways to set boundaries in your life? Check out my Badass Guide To Setting Boundaries