10 Skin Care Tips To Use Every Day

10 Skin Care Tips To Use Every Day

As you get older, skin care is so important. With just a few simple steps, you can take care of your skin at home every day! Skin care is so important for everyone as they age. I’ve learned that the hard way. Here are 10 skin care tips you can use every day!

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Here are 10 expert skin care tips:

Get plenty of rest.

If you’ve ever heard that rest can replenish your skin, it’s true! When you are overly tired, those wrinkles and lack of sleep lines will make their appearance. Losing sleep consistently can result in those wrinkles’ lines never going away! 

Eat healthy food.

Putting junk in your body will cause those funky toxins to come out of your pores—the cleaner foods you eat, the cleaner and clear your skin will be.

Girl, wash your face.

Washing your face is a huge part of taking care of your skin. Make sure that you develop a healthy skincare routine, so you can rest assured knowing that you are cleaning your skin without putting any harsh chemicals on it. I love washing my face with Tula Skin Care products!

Apply sunscreen when outdoors.

The feeling of the sun on our skin is simply amazing, but just like anything in life, too much of a good thing can turn into something not so good. If you plan on being outdoors quite a bit, make sure that you apply natural and safe sunscreen to keep your skin safe and unburnt. Not only does this sunscreen help protect from those rays, but it’s also gentle for your skin as well.

Drink a ton of water.

Staying hydrated is critical in keeping your skin healthy and happy. If you’ve ever been told that you’ve got a good “glow” about you, you can thank your water intake for that! Lay off the excess caffeine and say hello to the H2O.

Exfoliate your skin to give it a fresh look.

So many of us are guilty of not correctly exfoliating our skin that it’s not something that is commonly done. Scrub away that dry and old skin to let the new skin shine through. After a couple of exfoliations, you’ll be amazed at just how “fresh” your skin will look!

Don’t let stress bog you down.

Stress causes so many adverse reactions to your body, and affecting your skin is one of them! Processing stress can be a challenge, but try to find a way to alleviate your stress, so it doesn’t affect you or your skin. 

Say goodbye to alcohol, sweets, and smoking.

While you maybe don’t do all three of those items, all three do affect the look and feel of your skin. Alcohol can give your skin a unique color and bloat, and sweets and smoking can also cause physical changes. Think twice about putting those chemicals into your body!

Create an overnight skin care regimen.

Did you know it’s possible to take care of your skin, even while sleeping? This restorative cream can help tighten and take away wrinkles, which is why you are getting your beauty rest. 

Remember always to use products that are natural and good for your skin. Too many harsh chemicals on your skin can result in an adverse effect that won’t be a pleasant experience. Invest your time and money into companies that produce great products that are natural and easy on your body.

Skin care is an important job!

Don’t allow the outside influences of the world to cause an adverse reaction to your skin looks. Instead, try these suggested tips above and see if they help you and your skin.

After a few minor changes, you may find that you and your skin look several years younger and healthier! 

Here are some of my skin care favorites:

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

Airbnb vs Hotels: Which is better?

Airbnb vs Hotels: Which is better?

If you like to travel, you’ve probably asked yourself a time or two if staying at an Airbnb is better than staying at a hotel. When it comes to finding the best deals and the most comfort, weighing out the pros and cons is important!

It’s so secret that hotels have been around forever. And while they offer a lot of comfort and security, Airbnb is making quite the splash in the travel industry comparatively. Traveling has become more about having a lot of the comforts of home than convenience and the movement of staying in hotels has shifted considerably over the past 5 years or so. 

This blog post is not sponsored in any way by Airbnb. All thoughts and views are my own.

How is Airbnb different than a hotel?

If you’ve never used Airbnb before, you might not know just how. different they are. Literally, almost everything about them is different or unique from a hotel.

Airbnbs are typically entire houses or apartments that you get to rent out for the night, weekend, week or month. They’re always furnished with everything that you need to show up and relax. 

In addition to that, they have cable and wi-fi included, and oftentimes, you might just find that your Airbnb has a private pool as well. When staying at an Airbnb, it really is like staying in a home….because more times than not, that’s exactly what you’re doing. 

Is Airbnb more expensive?

That’s the kicker. Not always. Sometimes you can get a stellar deal on Airbnb and save some serious cash. Other times, you might pay more. If you have a large group of people traveling together for a trip or vacation, finding a home big enough that is rentable as an Airbnb is a perfect solution.

That way, everyone can stay together in the same house, eat meals together, cook in the kitchen together, swim in the pool together, and stay up late bonding and hanging out in the living room together as well.

When you compare that same scenario to staying in a hotel, it’s just different. Everyone would be split up into various rooms, some hotels don’t offer kitchens to cook or eat in, and the pool closes at whatever time they want. it’s just quite different from Airbnb.

Can you negotiate with Airbnb?

This depends. But there are many people out there who claim that they negotiated the price of their stay at their Airbnb. Just like everything else in life, consider the factors of why you’re wanting to negotiate. If you’re looking at staying long-term, you might consider asking if there is a better price than what is offered.

Many Airbnb owners might be happy to discount the nightly rental price if they know that they’ve got someone who wants to stay for several weeks. It’s less work and cleaning on their part and makes it an easier transition.

Compared to hotels, however, you might not be able to negotiate as much. Hotels are known for offering deep discounts when it’s slow season and discounts for the military as well. 

While it isn’t a given to get a discount with your Airbnb, all you really need to do is ask and see if it’s an option. The worst that can happen is that you’ll hear the word, “no”.

Is Airbnb ruining hotels?

They aren’t. With all the traveling that happens on a daily basis, there is honestly enough room for both hotels and Airbnbs in this world. People who are looking for space and that “home” feeling like Airbnbs’s while those who like location and breakfast made in the morning for them prefer hotels.

Even though they are both extremely different from one another, both offer great perks for a wide variety of travelers. 

Are Airbnbs better than hotels?

This question depends on your personal preference. To get your answer, ask yourself what you and your family look for when traveling. If you’re looking for a great location, food and restaurant options on-site, and stress-free living where almost everything is taken care of, a hotel is going to be your best bet.

However, if you’re wanting an entire house to relax and cook in, the possibility of a private pool, and the experience of “living” in a town as one of the locals, renting out an Airbnb just might need to be on your radar.

And if you don’t know the answer, that just means that you need to try out both. Rent a room in a hotel for a trip and rent out an Airbnb for the next. That way, both will be fresh in your mind and you can compare and find out what you truly like better.

The great news is that there are stellar options to consider now when traveling from place to place. No longer do you have to settle for a hotel or rental that just isn’t up to par. The traveling industry is booming and creating great options that afford travelers luxury and comfort.

So, Do you think that Airbnbs are better than hotels?

This blog post is not sponsored in any way by Airbnb. All thoughts and views are my own.

The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

Are you dreaming of traveling alone at least once in your life? Solo travel is one of the most magical experiences you can have. Traveling alone means being in charge of your schedule, doing activities YOU want to do, and not waiting on others to decide whether to book the ticket!

With that said, traveling alone can come with unique challenges. If you’re thinking of making a solo trip and wondering whether to go ahead and book the flight or not, keep reading!

Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

Pros of Traveling Alone

You’re in charge

One of the biggest pros of traveling solo is that you can do whatever you want. If you feel like sleeping in, go ahead! You can do that if you feel like soaking in the local scenery rather than hitting the clubs. When you travel with other people, everyone has to compromise and do things other people want to do. This means you’ll have to spend time doing things you’re not super excited about, but it can also lead to arguments that can ruin the trip for everyone (and even hurt relationships).

You can go for as long as you’d like

Another huge pro of traveling alone is that you can leave when you want and return home when you feel like it (and your schedule allows). You know your vacation time, and you can use it. You set the time clock, and you don’t have to arrange your travels around other people’s vacation time.

Traveling alone - woman

Cons of Traveling Alone

Loneliness can be an issue.

This might not be the case for everyone, especially if you’re an introvert like me. It can get tricky for extroverts who thrive on social interactions to travel solo. Moreover, some destinations are best to travel to with friends (i.e., Las Vegas!).

If you think loneliness might be an issue, you can opt to stay at a social hostel where you can make new friends and go out. If you’re not keen on sharing a dorm with other people, many hostels offer private rooms to have your own space to sleep while still socializing and meeting people in the common areas.

Another option is to join Facebook groups to see if another solo traveler is hitting up the same destination or download apps like Bumble BFF, where you can meet locals and travelers alike to share your travels with!

You have to be careful.

One of the most significant downsides of traveling solo, especially as a woman, is to be extra careful. With that said, though, as long as you keep your wits about (just like you would at home – i.e., don’t walk in a dark alley at midnight and don’t accept drinks from strangers), you’ll be totally fine!

So there you have it! Despite the apparent cons, traveling alone is an incredible experience that you should not miss out on. If you’re unsure whether or not solo travel is for you, why not try a short trip close to home to test the waters before going on a more significant trip yourself?

Are you thinking of traveling solo? Let me know all about it in the comment section below!

3 West Coast Cities with Thriving Art & Music Scenes

3 West Coast Cities with Thriving Art & Music Scenes

Many people visit the West Coast to explore the culture and enjoy the flourishing art scene.

The art scene in these three particular cities is a massive draw for tourists worldwide. The beauty of these cities is found in their architecture and the museums, galleries, and outdoor sculptures that can be found around every corner.

Each city has its own unique culture, but they all share similar opportunities for artists to produce great work. Here’s why these cities thrive above the rest. 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a vibrant art and music scene, so it is the perfect place to live for creative people who want to pursue their passion.

LA is not only home to the world-renowned entertainment industry but also an international art and music hub. This city has been a popular destination for artists since the late 1800s.

This city’s culture of creativity has made it one of the top places in the world for artists and musicians due to the high number of galleries, museums, performance venues, recording studios, and other places where artists can exhibit their work. The arts also attract tourists from all over the world.


Seattle is a city that has been attracting artists and musicians for decades. The city has a diverse and creative culture that allows artists to flourish.

Seattle’s music scene is so strong because of its independent spirit, reflected in the local music industry. There are many venues for live shows, and the city’s cultural institutions have helped create a thriving local art community.

Seattle also has a vibrant arts scene with museums like the Seattle Art Museum and the Frye Art Museum. These make Seattle an international destination for art lovers.

The vibrant cultural scene in Seattle attracts people from all over the world. Seattle apartments for rent are some of the most sought-after in America because of its reputation as one of the best cities to live in.

San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a hub of creativity and innovation. From the Gold Rush era to the present day, this city has always been at the forefront of art movements. Artists and musicians flock to San Francisco because it supports their work with various organizations like SF Arts Commission and SFMOMA.

San Francisco is an excellent place for artists and musicians because it has an abundance of art galleries, museums, theaters, festivals, clubs, and street performers. It also has a large population of people who are creative and open-minded.

The diversity in San Francisco makes it so appealing to artists and musicians. They can find inspiration from worldwide while living in this city.

Why the West Coast is the Best Coast for Artists

The West Coast has always been known as a place rich in culture and creativity where people have been able to thrive and create amazing things.

The West Coast is the best coast for artists, and the reason why is because of all the fantastic opportunities available to them. There are so many places to live, work, and study in this region that it’s hard to find a place that can compare.

The 5 Best Crystals For Stress Relief

The 5 Best Crystals For Stress Relief

A big thank you to my good friend, Amanda, The Intuitive Wife, for writing this guest blog post for me a few years ago. I decided to repost it for your reading enjoyment. We can all use stress relief in our lives these days, and I know that crystals work for me. Check it out.

Something that Nicole and I have in common is our love for crystals. When we buy new ones, we send each other pictures of our newest additions and share in each other’s excitement. Some girls swoon over the newest designer pumps, and others drool over Crystals. 

Crystals are something I first discovered about 6 or 7 years ago. I’m not going to lie. I was pretty skeptical. I didn’t understand how a bunch of rocks could alter my mood. It wasn’t until I had my first Crystal Therapy Healing Session that I became a believer. I instantly became the most relaxed I’d been in years! I could feel the energy swirling around me and feel an incredible calmness. Before I knew it, I was looking up metaphysical stores to buy as many crystals as I possibly could. 

Since then…

I’ve been incorporating crystals into my daily life. I throw them in my pocket (or bra) on days when I need a little extra boost or keep them around me when I’m writing blog posts. Crystals can do some pretty amazing things, from lifting your mood, reducing debt, increasing focus, allowing more love into your life, the list goes on and on.

One of the main reasons I became a Crystal believer was because I saw its impact on my stress levels. 

I had just moved out into my first apartment with my husband, got married, and lost my job within three months. On top of the stress I was under while planning the wedding, I felt like my crazy high-stress levels would be my new norm.

To say Crystals changed my life is an understatement.

The good news is if you’re feeling stressed, you don’t have to take time out of your day to go to a Crystal Therapy Healing session. You can grab some crystals and reduce your stress at home, or even better, on the go! So if you’re struggling with high levels of stress, I’ve been there! There is a way to feel normal again; just keep reading!

Here are the five best crystals for stress-relief:


Amethyst has been known to clear the mind of negative thoughts, including stress, anxiety, and fear. It is a famous meditation stone and calms the nervous system. This has also been known to help with Insomnia, and a decent amount of sleep is needed to help reduce stress, so it’s a win-win! Check out this website to better understand the link between stress and insomnia.  

Rose Quartz

This crystal is usually referred to as the “self-love stone.” It’s a reminder to take more “me” time. Having this stone around while taking a nice quiet bubble bath will reduce the mental chatter and increase your self-compassion. Sometimes a situation is much less stressful, but because we put so much pressure on ourselves to do well, we put more stress on ourselves. You can even hold a Rose quartz in your hand and close your eyes. You’ll start to feel your body instantly relax!


The happiness stone. This stone is said to remind us of the sun because of the color and its warm and comforting effects.  Citrine has been said to replace feelings of stress with refreshing calmness. 

Black Tourmaline

Famous for grounding and removing negative energy. It’s a purifying stone that is said to cleanse the body of negative thoughts, anger, and anxiety. 

Clear Quartz

Known as the “All Healing stone.” Clear quartz promotes clear thinking and amplifies the strength of any other crystal. This is an excellent crystal to use in conjunction with any other one that resonates with you. 


Just looking at this pretty blue stone reduces stress and anxiety, so this is a great one to keep on your desk at work. Although this is more of an intuition stone, it has been known to calm panic attacks, balance emotions, and reduce tension.

I learned some really exciting stuff about Sodalite here, including how sculptors, painters, and artists were known to carry Sodalite for inspiration. This shade of blue was considered sacred (sacre bleu). How cool is that!?

Crystal Energy

It’s important to remember that each crystal has a specific energy. There may be some on this list that you don’t resonate with. For example, I LOVE Amethyst crystals. I use them for everything, especially if I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but I’ve had a few people tell me that Amethyst makes them feel more jittery. Use whatever crystal or crystals work for you.

If you’re a newbie to crystals (hey, we’ve all been there!) and not quite sure how to use them, feel free to check out my previous blog post, 7 Ways To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Daily Life.

Do you have a go-to stress relief crystal? I’d love to know what it is in the comments!

How To Pack A Suitcase Correctly

How To Pack A Suitcase Correctly

Packing a suitcase can seem daunting, especially if you’re doing it last minute (like I did earlier this month). I was stressing out all week only to procrastinate, but I wanted to share the tips I’ve learned about how to pack a suitcase correctly.

Usually, I pack several times before leaving for the airport because I tend to overpack and change my mind about what I am bringing. However, with the help of my friends, here are some steps to pack like a pro!

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Pack early

Pack that suitcase early. It will save you from the last-minute stress of packing. It will give you time to make sure everything you’re supposed to take with you is there. And you’ll be able to organize your items neatly and efficiently.

I am speaking from experience on this one. On the last trip I went on, I had to repack several times less than 12 hours before my trip. I clearly overpacked and definitely learned my lesson.

Does the suitcase work?

Make sure that suitcase works. Are there any rips or tears in the materials? Does the handle work, and the wheels turn? Start by checking everything out before loading up the suitcase with all of your stuff. If you find that your suitcase isn’t in good condition, it’s fine! Going shopping last minute for a new suitcase is also an option!

Be mindful of the weight.

Before you even start packing, make a list of the things you cannot live without on your trip. Get realistic and make sure you ONLY carry what you will need. You probably don’t need three pairs of heels if you’re going on a vacation to the beach! Trust me on this one… I always bring more shoes than I need.

Not only will carrying more than you need mean that you’ll have a hard time managing and carrying your luggage, but it can also wind up costing you money as you might have to pay for excess weight. Make sure you have some space to carry any cute things and souvenirs you might want to bring home!

EXPERT TIP: Once your list is made, make a pile of items to pack and go through it. Have a pile for “absolutely coming” and another for “would like to have it.” Once you have your two piles separated, pack the “absolutely coming” pile and see how much space is left.

If it helps, think about this quote when you’re packing, “if you pack it, you carry it.” My friends always tell me this is their rule when they pack. They learned the hard way when they were on their 3-month trip to Europe.

And, of course, I learned that myself during my trip to Las Vegas to see BTS. *LOL* It was a struggle.

Guard your liquids

Any items that contain liquids should be stored in a zipped-up pouch to prevent them from leaking. If your trip is short, I recommend putting more oversized products like shampoo and body gels into smaller containers to make them easier to carry. Instead, you can always put them in a small quart-sized bag in your carry-on.

Place essential things at the top.

Medicines, toiletries, underwear, and things you’ll need daily should be super accessible to avoid scrambling through your bag and re-organizing going through security.

Carry fragile items separately.

Computers, cameras, and anything that can break should be carried in a separate bag (i.e., a day bag you carry with you at all times). If there’s something you must pack and cannot carry with you, wrap it up in bubble wrap to keep it from breaking. If you’re traveling by plane, you have no control over how it will be handled once you drop it off at check-in.

Add a protective layer of plastic.

Once you’ve double-checked everything in there, zip up the suitcase and wrap it up with a protective layer of plastic for extra protection!