St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark Recipes

Chocolate bark recipes have become my go-to when it comes to getting my chocolate fix. These St. Patrick’s Day Bark recipes don’t disappoint!

They’re so quick to make – it’s all a matter of melting a few ingredients and getting creative with goodies to use as toppings!

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to break out some of my chocolate bark recipes so you can make a few fun treats to keep your leprechauns happy!

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bark

Lucky Charms Candy Bark

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a lucky charm? This Lucky Charms Candy Bark Recipe is so easy to make and only requires two ingredients (one of the being, obviously, Lucky Charms cereal!).

Rainbow Bark with Pretzels

A really fun and colorful recipe for St. Patrick’s Day! The sweet and salt combo thanks to the pretzels make these treats super addictive and I promise they won’t last very long in the house!

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Bark

Shamrocks are a quintessential symbol of St. Patricks day so of course I had to pick a recipe for all my fellow shamrock lovers! It’s delicious, super easy to make, and only requires three ingredients (one of them being M&Ms!

Mint Oreo Cookie Bark

Mint is my go-to for St. Patrick’s Day desserts because… GREEN! This recipe is made using Mint Oreo Cookies and white chocolate – they’re delicious!

Minty St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark

Another recipe for my fellow mint lovers! This Minty chocolate bark is such a fun treat and mixes SO much chocolate (minty Hersheys & Oreos), which makes for delicious St. Pattys treats!

Grasshopper Mint Chocolate Bark

This grasshopper mint chocolate bark is super easy to make (just melt chocolate in the microwave!). The main ingredient is Andes Creme de Menthe Thins which are always a treat!

St. Patrick’s Day Bark

I love how colorful and fun this bark looks! They’re made of fun (and super colorful) ingredients to make it look like a leprechaun made them once he found the end of a rainbow!

White Chocolate Leprechaun Bark

I’m obsessed with how crunchy these are thanks to the pretzels. This recipe is SO quick to make and perfect to keep your little leprechauns at home happy!

St. Patrick’s Day Bark Recipe

Green M&Ms, oh my! I love how simple, yet fun (and green) this recipe is! Dark chocolate recipes are always my favorite, and even more so if they have a dash of mint!

Dark Chocolate Mint Bark

Another fix for my dark chocolate and mint-obsessed readers! Aside from the amazing taste, I love how intricate the final result of these barks look – if I didn’t know better, I’d think they took several hours to make when it really just takes a couple of minutes to make them!

What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes? Share them below.

Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are great for any occasion for a quick warm me up, and these Valentine’s hot cocoa bombs are just perfect for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Follow my easy recipe and tutorial below to make your own hot cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day!

White Chocolate Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are wonderful homemade gifts, so make a batch for someone special in your life, or make a few batches to spread the love even further.

These Valentine’s cocoa bombs are made with white chocolate, and filled with cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. They’re drizzled with pink candy, and topped with special Valentine’s Day sprinkles, for a beautiful finish.

White Chocolate Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

What You Need To Make Hot Cocoa Bombs:

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Yes, there are 14 steps, but I assure you that they’re all super easy to follow!

  1. Set a plate in the freezer

  2. Place the candy melt in a heat safe glass or metal bowl (I use a Pyrex bowl), and fill a pot with about 1-2 inches of water. Make sure the bowl can fit over the pot, without touching the water.

  3. Heat pot with bowl over it on low/medium heat. Chocolate will start to melt in about 5-10 minutes.

  4. Once chocolate starts melting, scrape the sides of the bowl, using a rubber spatula.

  5. Continue scraping until all chocolate is melted.

  6. Remove bowl from pot and place on hot pad or trinket.

  7. Add about 1-2 tsp of melted chocolate to each half sphere of the mold, using a spoon or brush to spread it, covering the entire half sphere, making sure you get the sides really good.

  8. Place chocolate filled mold in the freezer for 5 minutes.

  9. Remove mold from freezer, and repeat steps 7 and 8.

  10. Remove mold and the plate from freezer, and un-mold the chocolate spheres. Place them on the cold plate. This will be your work area.

  11. Add 1 tbsp of hot cocoa mix to 3 of the chocolate spheres. Top with about 6-8 mini marshmallows.

  12. Heat a small plate in the microwave for 2 minutes.

  13. Place an empty half sphere upside down on the plate to let the edges soften. Place it on top of one of the filled half spheres, and smooth out the edges with your finger. You can rub a little extra melted chocolate around it  if need be. Do this with the remaining spheres.

  14. In a very small bowl, heat the pink candy melts for about 30 seconds and stir very well until completely melted.

  15. Spoon melted candy into a piping bag or baggie, and cut the tip.

  16. Pipe melted pink candy on the top of the hot cocoa bombs, and immediately add sprinkles.

  17. To use, place in mug with 6 oz of hot milk. You may add more cocoa to mug if you desire.

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15 Sweet and Savory Holiday Appetizers

15 Sweet and Savory Holiday Appetizers

These 15 Sweet and Savory Holiday Appetizers will be a hit at your next holiday party. With something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with any of these recipes.

Full of spice and your favorite fall and winter flavors, these sweet and savory appetizers will be a hit at any gathering or holiday celebrations. Appetizers are also a great way to keep guests entertained while they’re waiting on the main course.

There are a few different varieties of different appetizers included in this list, so you are sure to find something that both kids and adults will love.


15 Sweet and Savory Appetizers To Make This Holiday Season:

  1. Blue Cheese Sliced Apple Crostini – An easy appetizer that is perfect for any fall entertaining, this blue cheese and sliced apple crostini is bite sized and full of delicious flavors.

  2. Grilled Eggplant Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll Ups – Easy and delicious, these grilled eggplant prosciutto and mozzarella roll ups make the perfect fall appetizer.

  3. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – This bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer is made on the grill for a tasty and fun recipe and can be served at any event.

  4. Apple Nachos – These delicious apple nachos are easy to prepare and full of flavor. They are combined with peanut butter, chocolate, and apples for a sweet holiday appetizer.

  5. Roasted Bacon and Balsamic Brussels Sprouts – A delicious one pan appetizer, this brussels sprouts appetizer is roasted with a delicious bacon and balsamic dressing.

  6. Gorgonzola Pear English Muffin Pizzas – A quick an easy appetizer, these Gorgonzola Pear English Muffin Pizzas are full of flavors and a clear upgrade from the English muffin pizzas you’re used to!

  7. Pumpkin Hummus – Flavorful, sweet, and fragrant, this pumpkin hummus is a delicious appetizer that fall party goers will appreciate. You can even serve it on Christmas as an alternative to traditional hummus.

  8. Ricotta Stuffed Mini Peppers – These mini peppers are stuffed with ricotta, fresh oregano, and shallots for a tasty fall appetizer. 

  9. Smoked Potato Salad – Side dish or fall appetizer, this smoked potato salad is perfect for any holiday season gathering and will be a hit with friends and family.

  10. Bratwurst Appetizer Bites – Guests will love these delicious bratwurst appetizer bites. These bites are also easy to make and will be a crowd pleaser.

  11. Vegan Ranch Pasta Salad – Another delicious appetizer that can also be served as a side dish, this vegan ranch pasta salad is gluten free and tasty.

  12. Black Bean Corn Salsa – This homemade black bean corn salsa recipe makes for a delicious fall appetizer. You can serve it with tortilla chips and guests will love every bite.

  13. Coconut Shrimp and Dipping Sauce – Golden brown and deep fried, this coconut shrimp appetizer is savory and delicious. Included is a tasty dipping sauce that everyone will love. 

  14. Mini Cheese Dogs – Stuffed with cheddar cheese and a crescent roll that is rolled in everything bagel seasoning, these pigs in a blanket will become a new favorite. 

  15. Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders – These hot ham and cheese sliders are fun and easy to make. They are topped with a delicious garlic butter sauce that everyone will love.

Looking for more holiday food inspiration? Check out my round ups for Festive Holiday Cocktails, Easy Holiday Appetizers, and Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes.

Titled Image; 15 Sweet and Savory Holiday Appetizers
14 Festive Christmas Cocktails

14 Festive Christmas Cocktails

Want to switch up your holiday menu this year? These Christmas cocktails are sure to spice up any holiday party!

Having friends and family in for the holidays is the best thing about Christmas (even though this year will be different). The second-best thing may be enjoying the holiday foods and drinks that we bring out.

While there are traditional holiday drinks, it is fun to experiment and try new drinks each year. These fun and festive holiday drinks are sure to bring a little joy to your holiday celebrations.

From chocolate flavored martinis to the more traditional spiced eggnog, these cocktails are delicious and sure to please!


14 Festive Cocktails To Make This Year:

  1. Pomegranate Lime Spritzer – An easy and festive drink, this pomegranate lime spritzer cocktail is perfect for the holidays with friends and family.

  2. Bourbon Apple Smash – A mixture of bourbon, vanilla, hard cider, and fresh apples, this bourbon apple smash will add a little spice to your holiday festivities. 

  3. Chocolate Peppermint Martini – Peppermint schnapps are taken to a whole new level with this tasty chocolate peppermint martini that is sure to be a hit.

  4. Holiday Party Punch – Loaded with cranberry, raspberry, and lemon-lime flavors, this holiday party punch is topped with a raspberry sherbet.

  5. Peppermint Martini – A pretty pink peppermint martini, this delicious adult Christmas drink is easy to make and will be a hit with everyone.

  6. Mulled Wine – With no refined sugar, this delicious mulled wine is served warm and adds a dash of honey for extra flavor.

  7. Holiday Eggnog – This holiday eggnog cocktail is spiked with bourbon and cognac and is sure to be a party favorite.

  8. Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer – An easy Italian cocktail, this spritzer is made with cranberry juice and lemon limoncello liqueur for a quick and easy holiday drink.

  9. Layered Peppermint Shooters – These fun and festive peppermint shooters are layered with grenadine, Crème de Mentha, and peppermint schnapps.

  10. Spiked Hot Chocolate – A festive cocktail that’s perfect for the holidays, this spiked hot chocolate is a delicious holiday drink that everyone will enjoy. 

  11. Christmas Gin Cocktail – This Christmas gin cocktail recipe is full of fruity holiday flavors with the addition of raw cranberries and spices. 

  12. Vanilla and Spice Hot Mulled Wine – Easy to make, this vanilla and spice flavored hot mulled wine is full of fresh fruit and is the perfect drink for the holiday season.

  13. Cranbellini Cocktail – A hint of sour cranberry that is combined with the soft bubble of Prosecco, this cranbellini cocktail is a delicious holiday cocktail.

  14. Blackberry Cranberry Moscow Mule – Made with fresh blackberries, cranberries, vodka, ginger beer, and a bit of honey, this holiday version of the traditional Moscow mule is sure to delight.

Want to check out more awesome holiday drinks you can make at home? These Holiday Cocktails are just as good!

14 Festive Christmas Cocktails.png
Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Tortilla Wraps

Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Tortilla Wraps

You can make so many things with these Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Tortilla Wraps. They’re so versatile and can be used in different recipes.


I’m a sucker for mexican food (hello tacos, fajitas, nachos, guacamole, queso, and quesadillas) and since I’m spending almost all of my time at home, I’ve been experimenting with new recipes.

So, of course, I was super excited when Eat Me Guilt Free reached out and offered to provide me free tortillas (and a few other goodies) in exchange for this review.

This is a sponsored post and includes items that I received for free in exchange for promotion and a review. All thoughts and views are my own. This post also includes affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here.

If you’ve known me for years, you’d know I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to follow recipes. It might be the Italian in me, but I like to eyeball things that I cook regularly. With some inspiration from one of my BFFs, I decided to make some veggie fajitas and veggie quesadillas… They were super easy to make and tasted delicious.

I pulled out the Eat Me Guilt Free tortilla wraps and immediately noticed they had some extra protein which was great since my fajitas were only going to have rice, peppers, and onions in them. Super basic, I know!


I put a little canola oil in my skillet pan and threw in peppers, onions, and a little bit of pepper. I only cooked them for about 5-8 minutes (if I had to guess). Made sure the onions were slightly browned and put my 90 second rice in the microwave.

Once I put together my fajita with the peppers, onions, and rice, I was ready to eat some lunch!

I had enough for two small tortillas full of veggies and rice. They were the perfect consistency and didn’t taste any different than a regular store bought flour tortilla or the ones you get at the Mexican restaurant down the street. That’s how you know they’re great quality tortillas but they were definitely more filling with the extra protein.

Here are the ingredients in the tortilla:



My husband asked for a few quesadillas like the ones pictured below and he loved them! He said they were very filling but not heavy. That’s a win if you ask me!


As I mentioned above, I received other goodies along with the tortilla wraps for free. I received The Original Chocolate Brownie and their Protein Bread (which you can get in a bundle with the tortillas). My husband absolutely love the chocolate brownies and couldn’t get enough of them.

If you’re looking to add more protein in your diet and want to start by changing a few small things in your diet, you need to check out Eat Me Guilt Free and buy these tortilla wraps!

This is a sponsored post and includes items that I received for free in exchange for promotion and a review. All thoughts and views are my own. This post includes affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here.

Protein Tortillas Eat Me Guilt Free 1.png
14 Easy and Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

14 Easy and Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

These recipes are some of the best festive Christmas cookie recipes for the holidays. If you are having a holiday party (or just celebrating with your close family this year), these cookies will be the perfect addition to the dessert table.

homemade festive cookies in box on table
Photo by Laura James on

Trust me when I say, both kids and adults will love these cookies. They are so delicious and easy to make. They are also a fun way to get the kids involved with holiday baking and get them away from their game consoles.

All of these cookies are great for serving as a dessert, to include in any homemade cookie basket gifts, or even as a holiday treat to enjoy. There’s truly a cookie for everyone.

14 Easy and Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

  1. Snowman Cookies – These cute and adorable snowman cookies are made from a Christmas sugar cookie recipe and decorated like adorable snowmen. A holiday favorite.

  2. Reindeer Graham Cookies – These simple reindeer graham cracker holiday cookies are made with graham crackers, candy, and pretzels to create these cute reindeer cookies.

  3. Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – These cookies taste like hot chocolate with peppermint and will become a fun favorite for the holidays. A fun addition the holiday brunch table.

  4. Snowman Sugar Cookies – Using your favorite holiday sugar cookie recipe or the one provided, these cute decorated Christmas snowmen are delicious and cute. This cookie tutorial can be used all winter!

  5. Holiday Vanilla Pudding Cake Cookies – Easy, cute, and festive, these holiday themed vanilla pudding cake cookies are delicious. Made from a simple homemade cookie recipe, these holiday cookies are decorated with fun red and green sprinkles.

  6. Melted Snowman Cookies – These adorable snowman cookies have a sugar cookie base and are decorated to look like the snowman is melting on top.

  7. Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies – These peanut butter reindeer cookies take the traditional holiday thumbprint cookies to a new level of holiday cookie fun! 

  8. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies – These vegan gingerbread holiday cookies are soft and chewy. They can be decorated with icing to make the gingerbread come to life.

  9. Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies – These fun candy cane cookies have a chocolate homemade cookie base that has bits of candy cane to make a delicious chocolate candy cane shaped cookie.

  10. Christmas Tree Brown Sugar Cookies – A favorite for many, these Christmas tree brown sugar cookies are soft and sweet. They will make the perfect holiday cookie treat!

  11. Sour Cream Sugar Cookies – If you are looking for a simple and delicious holiday sugar cookie recipe, these fun decorated Christmas sugar cookies will be a family favorite. These delicious but easy sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light, fluffy, and mother-in-law approved!

  12. White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – These white chocolate peppermint cookies are perfect for the holidays. They are made with white chocolate and peppermint flavors for a delicious Christmas cookie recipe.

  13. Iced Snowman Sugar Cookies – These fun iced snowman sugar cookies are decorated to look like cute and colorful snowmen. These will definitely be a hit with all sugar cookie lovers.

  14. Chocolate Ginger Crinkle Cookies – Soft and beautiful, these beautiful chocolate ginger crinkle cookies are a delicious holiday cookie filled with A LOT of real chocolate, with a spicy touch and an amazing fudgy interior.

What are your favorite Christmas cookies to make? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Holiday Cookies 1.png