15 Favorite SHEIN Pajamas – Plus Size

15 Favorite SHEIN Pajamas – Plus Size

I don’t know about you, but I live in pajamas. Since I’m home all the time with the pandemic still raging, I have my nighttime pajamas and then change into my daytime pajamas for work. I’m primarily writing and taking Zoom meetings every day, so I want to be comfortable.

I recently purchased a bunch of SHEIN PJs, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the cost. I’ll share the ones I purchased with you and recommend more that aren’t currently sold out!

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I’ve been meaning to do a complete overhaul of my closet and revamp my pajama collection and wanted to start at my favorite place to shop as of late, SHEIN. I know this place is somewhat controversial for some people, but honestly, I love that the CURVE + PLUS line is full of trendy and fun items, and they’re not all boxy like you find at the plus-size specialty stores.

Here are the ones that I bought previously:

A little background…

Some of these are in my cart for my next haul, and the rest are in a saved board on the app. I wanted to show them to you because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Working from home in comfortable clothes like sweatpants, pajamas, and other loungewear is one of my favorite perks. I don’t know how I honestly got up every morning, put on dress clothes, and rushed out the door before the sun even came up to go to work in an office. Oh, how the times have changed.

I have been one of those people who refuse to throw out my PJs once they start getting tiny holes in them (Yes, I know… that’s bad), but they’re just so comfortable and have attachment issues with my clothes. Now that I recognize that, I am waiting until next month to overhaul my closet, which includes all of my pajamas.

Must Have SHEIN Curve + Plus Size PJs:

I need to know…

Do you have a favorite set of pajamas that you keep buying again and again? Where do you get them? What are your favorite brands? Tell me in the comments.

My First Dia & Co. Box Review

My First Dia & Co. Box Review

The newest, hottest trend in shopping these days is subscription boxes, and I’ve wanted to try the Dia & Co. Subscription Box for so long! I was glad that I received a free box in exchange for a review, and I’m thrilled with my products. 

This is a sponsored post in which I received a complementary Dia&Co. box for an honest review and promotion of the product. Also, this post does include affiliate links. I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

What is Dia & Co? 

Dia & Co is exclusively dedicated to serving women who wear sizes 14 and up. 

How does it work?

First, you’ll fill out a style quiz. Then you’ll be connected with one of their excellent stylists and deliver hand-picked pieces based on your preferences.

There’s a $20 styling fee for each box, which is applied to anything you purchase, and the $20 styling fee cannot be rolled over to your next box. You have five days to try the items on in the comfort of your home; then, you can keep what you love and send back what you don’t!

They only charge you for the items you keep. Dia & Co always covers shipping both ways, and you can cancel or pause your Dia Plan at any time.

The items you receive through Dia & Co are new and from the racks of the latest season. They are not secondhand—and they are for purchase, not rental.

Their at-home try-on process is designed to be more convenient than trying on items in a store. Before sending any returned pieces out to other customers, they always perform a quality check to ensure they’re still in excellent condition. 

Without further ado, here’s my first Dia & Co. box review!

When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a customized note for me from my stylist. It made me feel like this box was made for me. I loved the packaging and loved that it was purple! 

Dia & Co. Subscription Box Items:

Elm Super Skinny Distressed Ankle Jeans

Denim Six, Medium Wash, 20

I love the jeans because they fit my waist and hips very well. However, they were a tiny bit too long (probably a half-inch or so), but I can roll the bottoms up. The distressed look is something that I have been getting more and more into lately, and I’m excited to wear them with a pair of cute booties!

Gracia 3/4 Sleeve Button-Down

Prescott New York, Navy, 2X

I was surprised at how soft this shirt was. It is made with a comfortable material, but I honestly wouldn’t wear a button-up to work. I’m also a massive fan of dark colors, so this fits right into my closet. However, it seems a little too formal for my taste, but it’s a nice shirt. The buttons didn’t pull over my bust either, which is a plus! 

Ashley Tie Waist Dress

City Chic, Black / Light Blue, L

I love City Chic’s prints, but I am not a fan of something that emphasizes my stomach. Being plus size with a shorter torso, these items fall right under my bust, and it’s not too flattering (if you know what I mean). If this were A-Line without the tie waist, it would be a home run for fall. I could pair this with a pair of knee-high boots and a cute vest, but I wasn’t a big fan. If you like tie-waist dresses, this would be perfect for you!

Tara Short-Sleeve Woven Trim Knit Tee

Delancey Studio, Burgundy / Ivory, 2X

This shirt is VERY comfortable, but the quality wasn’t what I thought it would be. It’s a super cute top to wear with leggings when lounging at home, but I probably wouldn’t wear this out. The chiffon at the bottom of the top gave it more of a girly feel, so it was more than just a t-shirt. However, it was almost too casual for me, and the price was too high for my liking. 

Luxor Coated Legging with Moto Panel

RWN by Rawan, Black, 20

I’m a sucker for leggings—especially ones with details like this. But, the length was a tiny bit too long, like the jeans, but I am IN LOVE with them. I love leather, lace, and anything with fringe, so this is PERFECT! I can’t wait to wear these with a pair of booties and my faux leather jacket.

Cost Breakdown:

  • RWN by Rawan Luxor coated legging with moto panel – $69
  • Delancey Studio Tara short sleeve woven trim knit tee – $55
  • City Chic Ashley tie-waist dress – $79
  • Prescott New York Gracia 3/4 sleeve button down – $59
  • Denim Six Elm super skinny distressed ankle jeans – $69

Total Cost: $331

Total Cost + 25% full box purchase discount = $248.25


I am pleasantly surprised by the items I received. I felt like Dia and Co. stylist had an idea of what I liked. Still, with any subscription service (especially those with clothes), I believe it’s hard to nail your style down on the first try by reviewing a question with any subscription service (especially those with clothes). Everyone has quirks and different things they want to try, so it’s great to get someone else’s input and point of view.

The cost of each item wasn’t too much either. They’re similarly priced to items you can find at department stores, but this subscription service takes away the need to go into the store to try things on. Well worth the cost, in my opinion!

Overall, I’d love to get another box in the future!

This is a sponsored post in which I received a complementary Dia&Co. box for an honest review and promotion of the product. Also, this post does include affiliate links. I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.