Tips For Being Consistent On Instagram

Tips For Being Consistent On Instagram

Learn how to be consistent on Instagram with some expert tips! Instagram is one of the essential platforms for content creators and influencers. While Facebook owns this platform, it seems Instagram is becoming more popular than regular Facebook.

With more and more people sharing their content with reels, stories, and feed posts that feature a small caption with gorgeous photos and videos, I thought I’d share some tips for being consistent on this platform to achieve success.

What is Your Mission With Using Instagram?

The number one thing to consider before posting on Instagram is to know what your mission is. Think about what you hope to gain from consistently sharing on Instagram. Maybe you want more followers or clicks to your profile link to grow your business by finding more customers, or you want enough followers to include clickable links in IG stories to increase your blog traffic.

Know what your mission is and write it down. Be clear and concise, as this will ensure you’re able to remain consistent on Instagram.

Tips for Being Consistent on Instagram

Below are some of my best tips to help you be more consistent on Instagram. Remember that the algorithm is different on all social media platforms, but when you have a plan in place and stay consistent, you’ll have a higher chance of being seen by more people.

consistent on Instagram

Write Down a Schedule

The best way to be consistent with Instagram is to have a schedule. Write down what you’ll post on which days. Do some research to know what hashtags will work for your brand beforehand. Have the text and images ready to post or schedule them using an approved Instagram scheduling app.

Schedule your Posts

As stated above, it’s best to use an approved Instagram scheduler so that you remain consistent on Instagram. Schedule as far out as you possibly can, and make a note that you’ll need to schedule more Instagram content before the current schedule runs out.

Make it Fun

I’ve learned about running a business that something must be fun so that I feel inspired to take part. Making your Instagram brand messaging fun will entice you to be consistent on Instagram because you’ll enjoy what you’re sharing on the platform.

how to be consistent on Instagram

Use a Grid Layout

Another way to be more consistent on Instagram is to use a grid layout. There are multiple grid layout options available, but typically, they allow you to have fewer photos and more quotes in between. This means less need for fresh new images and more colorful quote boxes between the pictures you may have ready. Want to check out some awesome Instagram Puzzle Templates? Click here.

Hire an Assistant

Last but not least, you could hire a virtual assistant to handle all of your Instagram interactions, postings, and engagements. This will take the stress of having to be consistent on Instagram off your plate.

I prefer using a scheduler to remain consistent on Instagram without adding too many more hours into my daily work routine. I hope that my tips for being consistent on Instagram will help you focus more on the fun behind Instagram instead of the stress of trying to post regularly on the platform.  

Beautiful Instagram Puzzle Templates

Beautiful Instagram Puzzle Templates

If you follow me on Instagram or know me from the Inspired Stock Shop membership group on Facebook, you’d know I loved a puzzle template I used in May 2021. I wanted to share these puzzle templates with you to see how you can also make your Instagram look cool and modern!

Instagram Template Ideas

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I was just aimlessly scrolling Instagram one night and saw someone using a puzzle template that looked cohesive and fresh! I’m not always the best at posting on Instagram because I spend most of my time on Pinterest and Twitter. I knew I needed something fun to switch up the feed.

Sharing is caring, so I decided to create a post with four of my favorites from Etsy.

I felt drawn to this Dreamy Template by dvnFeminine on Etsy and had to purchase it immediately. This specific template was the perfect combination with all the photos I downloaded from Inspired Stock Shop! The ISS stock membership has been one of my best purchases ever.

Here’s my Dreamy Instagram Puzzle Template layout:

Believe and Balance May Instagram Puzzle - Dreamy Template
Check it out on Instagram:

I wanted to give you a few options depending on your brand, aesthetic, and niche. However, any of these templates are customizable. And they should all provide directions on splitting the images up (if not, use this site) and scheduling them out in your preferred scheduler. I ended up using Planoly because I could see what the images looked like ahead of time.

Here are my other three favorites Instagram Puzzles from Etsy:

The Minimal template is for people looking for a minimal, modern, feminine aesthetic.

The Beauty Template is for people looking for a feminine beauty aesthetic.

The Blush Pink and Blue template are soft, plush, and elegant; this Blush & Blue Puzzle is a dream come true for your Instagram Feed.

Do you have any Instagram Puzzle Templates that you love? If you’re looking for more recommendations, check out all 2,600+ templates from Creative Market.

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Useful Tips To Declutter Your Workspace

Useful Tips To Declutter Your Workspace

One of the best ways to be productive during your workday is to declutter your workspace. It’s totally common to have a desk that ends up piled high with paperwork, supplies, and other items throughout the year.

If you’re looking at your desk and notice that you feel smothered in clutter, then it’s time to spring clean that workspace. Today I’m sharing some tips to help you declutter your workspace so that you can feel inspired, creative, and motivated to get your work done every day.

Desk; Declutter Your Workspace Like A Pro

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Useful Tips To Declutter Your Workspace

Take a Picture

The first step that’s helped many people declutter their workspace is to take a picture of it. Grab the camera and take a few pictures of your desk or home office and evaluate the photos. I’m sure this will help you realize just how cluttered your space is so that you’re more motivated to use my tips below to gain control of your workspace again.

Identify Most-Needed Items

Take a look at your desk and set out any of your most-needed items. These are items that you frequently use during your workday. These will be the only items that should be within reach on top of your desk or a shelf beside your desk for quick access.

Declutter Home Office

Create Zones

Another way to declutter your workspace is to create zones for different aspects of your workday. Perhaps you have a zone for writing, a zone for research, and so forth. This is easier done if you have a large desk space, so don’t worry if you can’t accomplish this task during your decluttering process.

 Just Toss or File It

Take the time to go through all of the paperwork you have cluttered around your workspace. If you don’t need the item, then toss it. If you need the item, then place it in a file cabinet. That way, you have quick access to it, but it’s not in your face during your workday.

Go Digital

Another option to handle excess paperwork is to go digital. There are many programs and options to scan documents and receipts into your computer.

This helps you refrain from future paperwork clutter, and gives you a chance to get up to date with the times. Store all of your paper contracts, and printed work items in a digital format to save space in your workspace.

Declutter Your Workspace

Be Practical

Think about your workday and what you do during the day at your workspace. Make a list of tasks you do daily and what equipment or supplies you need during these tasks. Use drawers in your desk to place smaller items you use and desk shelves that go under your monitor to store items without cluttering up your desk space.

Use Cable Management

There are many basic cable management systems available online. It’s amazing how far cable management systems have come! Select an option to get the cables under control in your workspace so that you do not see this mess of cables while you’re trying to stay focused on work.

These are just some of the best ways to declutter your workspace so that you feel relaxed, inspired, and motivated to get your work done every day. I hope that my tips have helped you figure out a plan to spring clean your desk or home office soon!

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How To Use Healthy Habits To Achieve Goals

How To Use Healthy Habits To Achieve Goals

Healthy habits are the driving force behind achieving your goals. These habits help you get aligned with your vision, achieve your goals, and can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

Creating new habits that help with self-awareness will provide you with the momentum you need to succeed in achieving any goal you set your mind to this year. No matter what goals you have on your vision board, these healthy habits will help you work towards achieving them.

How To Use Healthy Habits To Achieve Goals

How To Use Healthy Habits To Achieve Goals:

Write Down Your Goals

Whether you use a vision board, bullet point journal, or sticky notes all over your desk (I’m guilty of that from time to time), you must have your goals written down. Having your goals written down provides you with that treasure map that allows you to set healthy habits that expand your mind. They will help you get aligned and provide the motivation you need to stay focused.

habits for goals

Schedule Tasks Every Day

Every successful person has learned that scheduling daily and weekly tasks help them stay focused on their goals. These tasks are small things you can do each day or even each week, that help you move one step closer to your end goal (whatever that may be). This process creates habits to help you achieve goals and keep them at the forefront of your everyday life. For example, let’s say you want to write a novel but you’re not ready to sit and write the whole thing, just set a daily task to write 500 words. That novel will become reality sooner than you think!

Learn to be Adaptable

Start working on self-awareness so that you know where your weaknesses are. Perhaps you’ve tried to set goals in the past only to fall short. Know that it’s okay and that it happens to everyone! To try and avoid that in the future, you’ll need to learn to be adaptable to the roadblocks that pop up along the way. They will also help you be more aware of how your mind works under pressure.

habits for goals

Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones

One of the major downfalls that I see people experience is that they don’t end up replacing that bad habit with a new healthy habit. You’ll want to focus on replacing bad habits with healthy habits rather than removing a habit altogether. Trust me on this one! Rather than saying you’ll never get frustrated when something goes wrong, start practicing it. A way to do that is with meditation. When life gets overwhelming, I always use meditation or deep breathing techniques to help me cope with whatever I’m dealing with.

These are just some of the habits of successful people that I’ve seen or encountered over the years. They have been instrumental in how I’ve learned to set and achieve goals throughout my life.

Simply stay focused, learn how to balance your life your way, and enjoy the ride!

5 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

5 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

Pinterest is often referred to as a social media platform, but it works more like a search engine. Pinterest tends to rank high with Google and it can help your blog do the same!

Now, I’m not guaranteeing any results here. Pinterest is definitely a long a game and you need to put in the work to grow your following over time. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Remember that!

Today, I’m sharing some of the reasons why you should use Pinterest to market your blog content and (hopefully) enjoy an increase in traffic and revenue on your website.

5 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Important For Your Blog Pin Image

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Why Pinterest Is So Important For Your Blog:

High User Engagement

Pinterest has high user engagement. Pinterest users scroll through their feed and pin anything and everything. They also tend to share it or click through to the Pinterest user’s site more frequently than any other platform. This means you’ll have a higher chance of getting your blog links shared on Pinterest than any other platform out there. Want to learn more about how to do that, click here.

Visual Appeal

Pinterest is a visually appealing platform that allows you to get creative by using high-quality images to capture the short attention span of people who are scrolling on the app. This platform provides you with a quick, visual marketing option for users who may otherwise overlook wordy social media shares on sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. If you need a few templates and other basic information to get started, click here.

Provide Backlinks

Even if nothing else matters, one of the biggest reasons why Pinterest is a game-changer is because it provides backlinks. All of the links you use on the pins are do-follow, thus providing you with valuable backlinks to boost your domain authority. The higher your domain authority is, the higher your blog’s chances are for showing up on page one of Google search results.

High-Quality Visits

The average user on Pinterest is said to have a household income of $50K plus. Combine that with the fact that Pinterest influences consumers’ shopping habits and you could see why you could potentially receive high-quality visits to your blog. For bloggers who thrive on affiliate marketing or have an online shop, this platform could make all the difference for you.

Long-Lasting Ads

You may have noticed that Twitter and Facebook updates will disappear rather quickly. With that, the need to consistently update your social media accounts is clearly evident. Each time a Pinterest user saves your pin, it’s shown to a different audience. For example, a pin that you shared months or even years ago, may still bring you consistent traffic because of all of the re-shares it’s getting!

The bottom line is that Pinterest must be included in your blog’s marketing plans. This platform not only ranks high with Google but it can help with domain authority, website traffic, exposure, and user engagement for years to come.

If you want and need help setting your Pinterest profile up for success, I can help.

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3 Ways Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

3 Ways Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you are a business and are stumped on ways that Pinterest can increase your traffic to your site, check out a few suggestions on how to make Pinterest work for you!

It’s no secret that Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm. Seriously. Everywhere you look, literally, everything is pinnable.

And with good reason, right? If you see something that is a good idea, or something you want to read later, you pin it. That way, you don’t have to search for it again, and it’s conveniently saved for when you have the time. Pinterest knows what they are doing.

So many people tend to think of Pinterest as a “recipe or craft site”, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or Yahoo, except it’s more visual and relies on pretty pins and pictures to drive traffic. Words are still important but not the focal point for people scrolling through their feeds.

Pinterest increase blog traffic.png

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Here are 3 things you can do on Pinterest to increase your traffic:

Create boards that convert.

With Pinterest, anything and everything has to be pinned somewhere, right? Boards with keywords about what your business is or does are important! If you are wanting to drive traffic to your site for work-at-home jobs, then you should have a board titled “Work at Home Jobs.” Sounds simple, right? Honestly, it can be!

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, but you do need to be consistent and precise with what you implement. This is why I always tell my clients that optimizing their boards should be the first thing they do when setting up their profiles. Once that’s done, start pinning relevant pins to that specific board. Pinterest will eventually recognize that your board is searchable based on your keywords and will start showing your pins on that board to relevant pinners.

Make your pins pretty.

Seriously, this is important. No one wants to click on a pin that looks like it was thrown together in about 2 seconds… Bright colors, easy-to-read font, and amazing eye-appealing stock photos are SUPER important for Pinterest. Create pins that people like, with great clickable headlines, and you’ll also start to notice an increase in traffic to your site! Plus, other bloggers and businesses are more likely to repin pretty pins, so keep that in mind for maximum exposure! Canva is an amazing product to help you do this and keeps everything organized! If you want help with this, let me know. I offer monthly pin creation services in my consulting business.

Have your own personal blog board be the first board the people will see.

Pinterest allows you to reorder your boards to “drag and drop” the boards in a particular order. I always suggest putting your blog board first, so it will be the first board that’s seen next to the “all pins” tab. This is important (in my opinion) because if your pins are sprinkled throughout random boards, it makes it harder for yours to stand out on your own page. Always have a “Best of (your business name)” board at the top of your Pinterest profile. That way, it’s obvious that all of those pins that are pinned to that board are ones that you have made for your site.

Pinterest may look confusing, but you’ll be okay once you get the basics down! Don’t get discouraged if your pins don’t take off in your first week. Pinterest is definitely a long game, and the algorithms constantly change. I’d suggest starting with the tips above and remembering to be patient. If you want someone to set everything up for you, visit my other website and schedule a consultation!