5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

Pinterest is often referred to as a social media platform, but it works more like a search engine. Pinterest tends to rank high with Google and it can help your blog do the same!

Now, I’m not guaranteeing any results here. Pinterest is definitely a long a game and you need to put in the work to grow your following over time. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Remember that!

Today, I’m sharing some of the reasons why you should use Pinterest to market your blog content and (hopefully) enjoy an increase in traffic and revenue on your website.

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Why Pinterest Is So Important For Your Blog:

High User Engagement

Pinterest has high user engagement. Pinterest users scroll through their feed and pin anything and everything. They also tend to share it or click through to the Pinterest user’s site more frequently than any other platform. This means you’ll have a higher chance of getting your blog links shared on Pinterest than any other platform out there. Want to learn more about how to do that, click here.

Visual Appeal

Pinterest is a visually appealing platform that allows you to get creative by using high-quality images to capture the short attention span of people who are scrolling on the app. This platform provides you with a quick, visual marketing option for users who may otherwise overlook wordy social media shares on sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. If you need a few templates and other basic information to get started, click here.

Provide Backlinks

Even if nothing else matters, one of the biggest reasons why Pinterest is a game changer is because it provides backlinks. All of the links you use on the pins are do-follow, thus providing you with valuable backlinks to boost your domain authority. The higher your domain authority is, the higher your blog’s chances are for showing up on page one of Google search results.

High-Quality Visits

The average user on Pinterest is said to have a household income of $50K plus. Combine that with the fact that Pinterest influences consumers’ shopping habits and you could see why you could potentially receive high-quality visits to your blog. For bloggers who thrive on affiliate marketing or have an online shop, this platform could make all the difference for you.

Long-Lasting Ads

You may have noticed that Twitter and Facebook updates will disappear rather quickly. With that, the need to consistently update your social media accounts is clearly evident. Each time a Pinterest user saves your pin, it’s shown to a different audience. For example, a pin that you shared months or even years ago, may still bring you consistent traffic because of all of the re-shares it’s getting!

The bottom line is that Pinterest must be included in your blog’s marketing plans. This platform not only ranks high with Google but it can help with domain authority, website traffic, exposure, and user engagement for years to come.

If you want and need help setting your Pinterest profile up for success, I can help.

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Black Friday Deals For New Bloggers – 2020 Edition

Black Friday Deals For New Bloggers – 2020 Edition

It’s Black Friday again! I’m so excited to share my favorite resources that every blogger should check out! The deals this year are so GOOD. You’d be crazy not to take advantage of one, but all of them. They all come from reputable business owners who I know and have purchased products from in the past.

For all intent and purposes – I do need to let you know that many of these links are affiliate links so if you decide to make a purchase once clicking through my link, I will receive compensation.

Black Friday Deals 2020 Blue.png

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

Here are my favorite deals for new bloggers:

Are you a new blogger or business owner who has been struggling with Pinterest lately? I feel you. When I started out, I had complete information overload and didn’t know what to believe. Now that I’ve been blogging for over 3 years consistently, I have found specific resources that were definitely worth the money spent.

The Pinterest Basics Mini Bundle

I created this bundle for new bloggers who want to learn the basics of Pinterest, the best practices, and want to start driving more traffic to their blog! This bundle provides a ton of value and helpful resources to get you started!

This mini bundle includes:

  • The Basics of Pinterest PDF
  • Best Practice Guide PDF
  • Pin Keywords That Will Get You Clicks + 50 Example Titles!
  • 15 Ready To Use Basic Canva Templates


Boss Girl Bloggers Courses

Ell has been helping thousands of women turn their blog into full time income for over 3 years. If you are ready to grow your blog and make a full time income from your passions then you have come to the right place! She has 5 courses available (and I’ve gone through and completed each one of them) but these are my two favorite:


The Ultimate Business Planning Kit

Amber Slocum is an online business strategist and helps serviced based businesses plan and strategize for the next quarter. She’s even helped me strategize and nail my plans down for 2021!

Her ultimate business planning kit is a no frills, straight to the point business kit to help you get everything “written down” and allow you to get all of “the things” in order.

Here is what’s included for only $97:

This 67 page book that will help you establish the proper systems and tools for your business as well as help you figure out your business budget and what it will take for you to break even, let alone be profitable.

  • It includes a business budget that is designed to be plug and play.
  • A plug and play profit and loss statement
  • A fillable 2021 calendar
  • A printable 2021 calendar
  • A content planner
  • An analytics workbook so you can see side by side which pieces of your marketing strategy are working and where you could maybe change things up for a better result. This workbook allows you to plug in your numbers from your landing page visits, the ads you’ve run if there are any, your social media growth and following, and the email marketing funnels and campaigns you have done.
  • A 6 page business planner that will allow you to create a solid understanding of who you are and what your business will stand for in 2021.
  • A 6 page marketing plan tool that allows you to deep dive into WHO your customers are, what they want, and why you are the one who will help them get there!
  • Finally, a goal setting workbook that allows you to plan out your goals for the first quarter/year.

Almost all of these items are built and designed to be used within Google Drive so you can keep all of your content in one spot.

This is seriously a STEAL for what it’s really worth. All of the work is done for you. Just start plugging in your own business information and it automatically updates for you!


Inspired Stock Shop Membership

Inspired Stock Shop seriously has THE BEST stock photo membership I have ever invested in. It truly has beautiful images that actually fit with my brand and my esthetic.

Claire also includes bonus resources for you such as guides, Canva templates, quotes and Youtube tutorials. It’s amazing and it gets updated regularly!

I have truly gotten more out of my membership in the last three months than I’ve gotten from other membership sites and I didn’t even need to change anything to have the photos fit in with my brand. Truly a lifesaver and worth every penny!



I have been using Dubsado for a little over a year now and it’s been amazing for onboarding new clients! It helps me keep track of the important things like contracts, invoices, and any other forms I need to send. It has a feature to send emails directly through the platform with smart texts so you don’t have to keep rewriting everything for each of your clients.

So, what is Dubsado? Per the Dubsado website, they are a business management solution designed to cut out the busywork. Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

For Black Friday, they are offering savings on both a monthly and annual plan! These savings add up.



My 4 Favorite Business Resources:

I also wanted to provide you with some of my favorite business resources, regardless of what time of year it is. These are my go-to software applications and I couldn’t be happier recommending them to you.

Squarespace is my favorite website platform. It has a clean and beautiful interface and version 7.1 is SUPER easy to use and highly customizable. I’m actually working on several websites right now and they’ve made the creation and editing process seamless.

Canva Pro is a MUST HAVE if you’re a blogger or business owner. If you’re creating a ton of content and use the same fonts and colors over and over again, their brand kit is essential. You can have 3 brand fonts installed, multiple color palettes (depending on your mood), and a ton of uploaded fonts! They’re all saved in the kit so you don’t have to keep searching for that specific font you use for your social media images. It definitely helps when I can’t remember the name of the font. LOL

Acuity Scheduling has been a lifesaver for me when I need to schedule clients while I’m on the go. I even did a sponsored product review for Acuity on why it’s the best scheduler for small business owners. Acuity easily adapts to appointment-based businesses of all sizes in all industries. From independent freelancers to established businesses with multiple locations and employees, we’ve got you covered.

LastPass is a secure way for you and your team to share passwords with each other or with your clients. I always recommend that my clients sign up directly with LastPass since that’s the way I share login information. It’s a part of my onboarding process too!

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3 Easy Ways Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

3 Easy Ways Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you are a business and are stumped on ways that Pinterest can increase your traffic to your site, check out a few suggestions on how to make Pinterest work for you!

It’s no secret that Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm. Seriously. Everywhere you look, literally everything is pinnable.

And with good reason, right? If you see something that is a good idea, or something that you want to read later, you pin it. That way, you don’t have to search for it again, and it’s conveniently saved for when you happen to have the time. Pinterest knows what they are doing.

So many people tend to think of Pinterest as a “recipe or craft site”, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or Yahoo, except it’s more visual and relies on pretty pins and pictures to drive traffic. Words are still important, but not the focal point for people scrolling through their feeds.

Pinterest increase blog traffic.png

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

Here are 3 things you can do on Pinterest to increase your traffic:

Create boards that convert.

With Pinterest, anything and everything pinned, has to be pinned somewhere right? Boards with keywords about what your business is or does are important! If you are wanting to drive traffic to your site for work at home jobs, then you should have a board titled, “Work at Home Jobs”. Sounds simple, right? Honestly, it can be!

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, but you do need to be consistent and precise with what you implement. This is why I always tell my clients that the optimization of their boards should be the first thing they do when they first set up their profile. Once that’s done, start pinning pins that are relevant to that specific board. Pinterest will eventually start to recognize that your board is searchable based on your keywords and will start showing your pins in that board to relevant pinners.

Make your pins pretty.

Seriously, this is important. No one wants to click on a pin that looks like it was thrown together in about 2 seconds… Bright colors, easy-to-read font, and amazing stock photos that are eye-appealing are SUPER important for Pinterest. Create pins that people like, with great clickable headlines, and you’ll start to notice an increase in traffic to your site as well! Plus, other bloggers and businesses are more likely to repin pins that are pretty as well, so keep that in mind for maximum exposure! Canva is an amazing product to help you do this and keeps everything organized! If you want help with this, let me know. I offer monthly pin creation services in my consulting business.

Have your own personal blog board be the first board the people will see.

Pinterest gives you the option reorder your boards so you can “drag and drop” the boards in a particular order. I always suggest putting your blog board first so it will be the first board that’s seen next to the “all pins” tab. This is important (in my opinion) because if your pins are sprinkled throughout random boards, it makes it harder for yours to stand out on your own page. Always have a “Best of (your business name)” board located at the top of your Pinterest profile. That way, it’s obvious that all of those pins that are pinned to that board are ones that you have made for your site.

Pinterest may look and sound confusing, but once you get the basics down, you’ll be okay! Don’t get discouraged if your pins don’t take off in your first week. Pinterest is definitely a long game and the algorithms constantly change. I’d suggest starting with the tips above and remember to be patient. If you want a little more help navigating the basics, check out this Pinterest Basics Mini Bundle. If you want someone to set everything up for you, visit my other website and set up a consultation!.

4 Tips and Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

4 Tips and Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

If you’ve ever spent some of your downtime scrolling through everything that Pinterest has in your smart feed, you can easily see that everyone who has any type of blog or online business uses Pinterest.

In the digital world, Pinterest is dominating the field.

And with good reason. It literally drives TONS of traffic to your blog. I know because it’s my primary source of traffic. It’s been a game changer!

Millions of people visit Pinterest each and every hour, and if you’re an online business, you want some of that traffic.  Is it possible for Pinterest to take your online business from good to great? Keep reading!

This blog post was originally posted on October 1, 2018 with the title, “How Pinterest Can Take Your Business From Good To Great.” It was updated on July 1, 2020.

4 Tips and Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog.png

This post also includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure. 

Here’s Are 4 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest:

First and foremost, you need to understand that Pinterest is a long game. Changes won’t happen overnight, and you have to be able to be consistent in your Pinterest plan. That being said, there are simple steps that you can take to catapult your business from good to great. 

If you are pinning and posting for your business, you need to have a business account.

Plain and simple, you need to have your business account set up to reflect the name of your online business. If you want to have your own personal account, that’s completely fine, but please, please, please… set up a business account. Not only will it show your customers your niche and what you like, but it will also help to establish your brand and your name as well.

Be consistent in your pinning.

“Remembering” to pin on Pinterest every once in a while just isn’t going to cut it. If you want results, Pinterest rewards those who are consistently active. Always make sure that you create MULTIPLE pins for your posts and use your analytics to track and see what performs better.

Pinterest has been pushing new content lately (as of July 2020), so make sure you’re consistently creating new pins and pinning your content to relevant boards. Also, I personally believe the whole “appropriate 80/20 pinning strategy” where you pin 80% of someone else’s content and 20% of your own should be for bloggers who are starting out and don’t have too much content.

It’s a good way to get your profile out there by sharing to group boards, but you’ll definitely want to start creating new pins ASAP and be consistent thereafter!

Create epic pins that people want to click on

Do me a quick favor… take a quick look at your Pinterest feed. More than likely, you see a lot of pins, but how many of them are actually catching your eye? If you don’t have any that just make you stop in your tracks, that just shows you how important it is that you HAVE to create pins that stand out.

There are probably thousands of recipes on Pinterest for Halloween cookies, so what will your pin have that will make it more “clickable” and “shareable” than others. If I had the magic answer to that one, I’d share it with you… but what I can tell you is that people won’t waste their time clicking on pins that don’t stand out. They just don’t. Canva is a great resource to help you make EPIC pins!

Optimize Your Pins With Keywords and Hashtags

Pinterest is an online visual search engine, so think about that when you are creating your pins and remember to include keywords and hashtags in your descriptions. These keywords, typically called long tail keywords, help you rank higher in searches because they’re the actual words people are using to search for content.

For example, “how to drive traffic to your blog” can used both as keywords and a hashtag. But make sure you’re using the appropriate keywords and hashtags for the specific content in your blog post that you’re sharing. It definitely has made a big difference for me since I started using keywords and hashtags consistently.

Okay, I’m going to be real with you for a second…

To find the sweet spot and find out exactly what works for your pins takes practice. And, practice can definitely make perfect. Remember that it can take weeks for a pin to truly take off and go “viral” so don’t set your expectations high for immediate results. As long as you know that Pinterest a “marathon, not a sprint” you will be fine!

If you apply to these tips and tricks to your Pinterest strategy, it will turn into huge leaps for the growth of your Pinterest traffic! Granted, not all results are the same and I can’t guarantee you will see the same traffic as your favorite blogger, but you need to find out what works best for you and run with it!

Always be willing to change things up and adapt to the constant algorithm changes Pinterest makes on a consistent basis!

If you’re looking for some help and need a little kickstart, I can definitely help you! I currently offer a Pinterest Set Up & Organization package that will set you up for success and jumpstart that growth that you’re looking for. Click here to learn more.

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

5 Tips To Set Boundaries While Working From Home

5 Tips To Set Boundaries While Working From Home

Setting boundaries while working from home is a popular topic among all of my friends lately. Especially since we’re all pretty much working from home due to the pandemic. However, this has been a problem for many work at home professionals for years. 

This topic usually comes into play with parents and people who have other family members living in the home because they have to balance their job and taking care of others 24/7.

Now, I know that working from home does provide more flexibility and allows you to spend more time with your family but it’s SO important to set boundaries when you’re working from home so that you can actually be productive and get stuff done. 

Today, I’m sharing some tips to help you with the process actual process of setting boundaries while working from home since I had to go through them a few months ago myself.

These tried and true tips will help you set boundaries, clear the stagnant energy in your house, and become more confident balancing all of your work and family duties!

Boundaries Working From Home.png

Here are 5 Ways You Can Set Boundaries While Working From Home:

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Whether you’re using a home office, a corner in the living room, or you just put a small desk your bedroom (like I did) you’ll want to have a dedicated space where you work. Having a dedicated work space will provide a visual that signifies you’re working so that family is less likely to disturb you. Of course you can work from bed or the couch on those days when you want to be super comfortable, but make sure you give yourself space. 

Set Working at Home Hours

Flexibility is a fabulous bonus when working from home, but you’ll need to set a schedule for working hours. Think about your family activities, events, and what your daily life looks like. Obviously, you get the commuting time back if you had to commute to the office every day. My advice is to carve out a schedule for work hours and break time so you have some sort of routine. It will help you get in the right headspace, too! 

Talk to Your Family

Talking to your family about your new boundaries will help offset any unnecessary interruptions. Set up a family meeting if you have to and include any extended family and friends who may show up unexpectedly. Essentially, you just want to let them know what your new “working” hours. Bonus tip: Don’t answer phone or door when the family tries to interrupt you during your scheduled work hours unless it’s an emergency.

Learn to Say No

The biggest challenge for anyone who want to start setting boundaries is to say no more often. It’s okay to decline that invitation to go to the beach or let your longtime friend know you can’t go out. They will understand that you need to work. Learning to say NO was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s become the most powerful tool in my self care arsenal. 

Be Confident With Boundaries

I know that it can feel unsettling to set boundaries at first, but it will get easier. As soon as you have your dedicated work space, working from home hours, and a plan to discuss this with your family, it’s on you to remain committed in ensuring your family respects your boundaries.

It won’t be easy to transition from a normal home environment to a stricter work schedule, but it will help you be more efficient, productive, and stable with all that work that’s currently piled up on your kitchen table!

Looking for more ways to set boundaries in your life? Check out my Badass Guide To Setting Boundaries

4 Ways to Stop Blogger Burnout

4 Ways to Stop Blogger Burnout

Blogger burnout is a real thing that many bloggers experience. I’ve gone through it at least 2 or 3 times, especially when I first started out.

I tried to push out at least 3 blog posts PER WEEK. Yes, you read that right. THREE PER WEEK. I was insane for even thinking I could sustain that for the long term. Thank god I put a boundary in place so I would never feel like that again!

Feeling burnt out can cause the most dedicated bloggers to throw their hands up in the air and want to quit because it creates a loss in motivation, focus, and desire to continue writing.

This happens to so many bloggers (but only a few actually talk about it) and today I’m going to share some tips to help you avoid this very frustrating feeling.

Stop Blogger Burnout 2.png

Here Are 4 Ways to Stop Blogger Burnout:

Know Your Limits

The first step to stop blogger burnout from happening is to know your limits and set realistic goals. The best way to learn what your limits are is to pay close attention to how you feel while you are blogging or even doing the background work! If you notice that you start to feel tired, less motivated, or stressed at any point, make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and take a step back. Take note of when and where this happens so you can avoid doing it again in the future.

Make a Schedule

The best way to ensure that you stop blogger burnout is to make a realistic schedule. Is putting out 1 blog a week the most you can handle? That’s perfect fine. Just do it consistently! Using what you learned about where your limits are before stress, anxiety or exhaustion hit, create a schedule for your blogging workflows. Create blocks of time where you’ll focus on a specific task, including blocks for breaks to reset and recharge in between blogging tasks!

Consider Outsourcing

Want to save your time and energy to focus on the things that really matter? Consider outsourcing the tasks you hate or simply don’t have time for (psst… I help bloggers manage their Pinterest). Hiring someone who can do those tedious tasks that drive you to brink of burnout will help stop it in its tracks. Write down some of the daily blogging tasks that you can’t stand doing or take up too much of your time, and then ask around to find out who you can outsource these tasks to. Be sure to check the recommendations and portfolios of each person before working with them for the best results.

Get Outdoors

This goes for any one who is struggling with burnout and self care. Just get outside in some capacity. This can be walking around the block, around your yard, or taking a break to hit a nature trail. The reality is that exercise has been proven time and time again to help rejuvenate your soul. Get outdoors for some physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day to maintain inner peace so that you can handle your blogging workload easier and you should start to feel calmer every day.

These are just a few ways that helped me stop blogger burnout. I’m sure everyone else has a different story if you ask them. Regardless, if you’re currently struggling with blogger burnout regularly, then please try to implement a few of these things into your daily blogging routine.

If you need some suggestions on who to outsource to, contact me! If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can. Good luck!