4 Time Saving Tips For Productivity

4 Time Saving Tips For Productivity

Productivity is something that everyone struggles with at one point or another. Here are some time saving tips to help you get more productive while promoting healthy boundaries and reducing distractions in your workspace. 

4 Time Saving Tips For Productivity

Declutter your office.

Is your desk a mess? Go clean it. Identify all of the most-needed items that you frequently use during your workday. These will be the only items that should be within reach on top of your desk or on a shelf beside your desk for quick access. Need more ideas? Here are 7 Tips To Declutter Your Workspace.

Block time off in your calendar.

This may seem simple, but blocking time off in your calendar for basics like lunch, focus time, or even a quick walk to get yourself re-centered will help you find a better flow in your workday. 

Extra tip: Create blocks of time at the same time every day during the week (if you can) so that you have something to look forward to, which can help break up the day!

Take the time to get organized. 

A significant part of being productive is being organized. This means you don’t have to search for files, papers, or books. Even though it might take a while to get organized, it’s definitely worth the effort. As soon as you have everything in its proper place, you’ll be able to focus more on everything you need to do. I love using Monday.com as an organizational tool for my life and business!

Identify your top priority tasks. 

Creating a list of your top priorities daily will help you stay focused on everything that needs to be done. Do it if you can push a task or two to another day! Focus on projects with important deadlines and allow yourself extra time to complete them. 

Everyone has different work styles, and what may work for you may not work for others. And, that’s okay. Learn what works best for you, and don’t bother with the stuff that doesn’t. Completing tasks you don’t like will stress you out and make you less productive.

How To Use Personalized Greeting Cards For Customers

How To Use Personalized Greeting Cards For Customers

When you run your own business, you have clients or customers you need to manage and maintain relationships with. To make them feel special and appreciated, personalized greeting cards will help you and your brand stand out by providing a one-on-one experience, unlike many businesses in today’s world. 

There are so many different ways to utilize a workflow to send personalized cards to your customers. Greeting cards for customers are also a great way to show you care. Therefore, I want to share four simple ways to incorporate them into your business management and operation workflows.

Greeting Cards For Clients

5 Ways To Send Personalized Greeting Cards To Your Clients

Sending Birthday Cards

Want to send a little something special to your client or customers? Sending a personalized handwritten greeting card to celebrate a birthday is a great way to make your client feel seen, appreciated, and loved on their birthday.

While many people forego handwritten cards or greeting cards these days due to the presence of social media, this will help you stand out from the crowd and make them feel special.

Sending Thank You Cards

Do you send thank you cards to clients, customers, or other businesses? If not, you should consider using custom handwritten greeting cards that will be customized to your brand and your voice.

Sending greeting cards to your customers will also help your clients trust you. It may also make them refer you to their friends and family because of the personalized service they received!

Sending Holiday Greeting Cards

When I think about sending holiday greeting cards, I often opt for something I can make online. But, if I were to send them to my clients during the holidays, I’d want a personalized touch that only handwritten cards can bring. 

Adding a Personalized Touch to Your Onboarding Packet

Do you send your clients a physical onboarding packet? If so, you can add in a personalized, handwritten greeting card to say hello and personalize the experience even further. Let’s face it; a new client needs the most attention at the start of their contract with you.

You want to provide the best service possible and get to know them and their needs. Sending a hello via physical note or card in the packet is the best way for the client or customer to feel like they matter. In fact, it will also show that you took a little extra time and effort during the process.

Make Your Business Stand Out After Networking Events

After attending a networking event, I’m sure you’ll end up with many business cards of people you may or may not talk to again. To increase the chances of continuing the conversations at the event, you could always send them a greeting card in actual handwriting to ensure that you continue the positive impression you made in person.

If you’ve never thought about using handwritten personalized greeting cards for your customers and clients, I would genuinely encourage you to think about it in the future. In the age where everything is digital, only certain things stand out to clients who are used to just receiving email after email in their inboxes. 

5 Canva Pro Features I Can’t Live Without

5 Canva Pro Features I Can’t Live Without

Canva Pro has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The platform is not only easy to use, but with all of the elements, stock photos, and templates, it has helped me create amazing images and content for all of my social media platforms and more. 

You don’t need to have your own team to use Canva. You can use it yourself (just like I’ve been doing for at least 8 years. It will truly boost your productivity and save you so much time. It’s also great because of the organization aspect of the platform with folders. They’re lifesavers. 

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation for any purchases made through my link at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer here. 

Canva Pro Pin

Canva has a FREE version like many creative apps out there, but Canva Pro is a gamechanger. It’s worth every single penny that I have paid because it’s easy, professional, and powerful to use as a blogger and business owner.

How much does it cost? Well, Canva Pro is $119.99 when paid annually or $12.99 paid monthly, for up to 5 people. Any additional team member is $60.00 per year (which comes out to roughly $5.00 a month) on a yearly plan or $7.00 per month on a monthly plan.

5 Canva Pro Features I Can’t Live Without

Brand Kit

I honestly have no idea how I lived without the Canva Pro brand kit. This stores all of your branding colors, fonts, and logos so you can easily apply it to every image to maintain consistency throughout your images. Say goodbye to the days of using that magic color dropper that’s installed on your computer and say hello to a one-stop shop for on-brand designs.

Magic Resize

I used to make the same images within different templates manually before Canva Pro introduced Magic Resize. This amazing tool allows you to create one design and magically resize it into different templates with the correct formatting and dimensions. This works wonders when I’m creating multiple images for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Background Remover

Removing backgrounds gives me some weird satisfaction I never thought I needed in my life. This feature works great for Canva Stock photos with a lot of blank space. For example, I created this pin (at the end of this post) using the Background Remover and added a complementary color so it looks like a cohesive image.

Premium Templates

If you’re looking to have the same templates for all of your images, you can use Canva Pro’s Premium Templates to make beautiful, memorable images that will be shared over and over again. Instead of spending more money on templates, you can use all of the built-in premium templates that you can customize to your brand over and over again.

Content Planner

This content planner feature is so great because Canva Pro now has the capability to post directly to platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. You can batch all of your content at once and then schedule everything out through one interface as opposed to using multiple scheduling apps. 

Have you upgraded to Canva Pro yet? If not, start your free Pro trial today

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation for any purchases made through my link at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer here. 

Canva Pro Features

5 Questions For Aspiring Influencers

5 Questions For Aspiring Influencers

Becoming an influencer through blogging is something that you often see these days, and with the addition of other social media platforms, it’s mainly all you see on your feed. However, being an influencer or a blogger isn’t always easy, and it sometimes takes a ton of work to create a short post. 

Over the years, I’ve had to get more comfortable sharing my voice through written words consistently. However, I wasn’t always successful (or willing) to share photos of myself. And that is something that I’m hopefully going to conquer this year with determination, confidence, and more mindset work. 

Working on your personal growth is a long process, and it’s not one you should take lightly, so if you’re an aspiring influencer or a newbie blogger, this post will be for you. I want to help you feel more comfortable sharing the things you love and maybe even seek out some brand partnerships in the future. 

Influencer Pin

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Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Become An Influencer:

Who Is Your Audience?

Every online coach, resource, and marketing book tells you to know who your audience is. For example, who are the people you’re trying to reach with your content? What do you want to share with them?

These are just some questions you should ask yourself to create an ideal client avatar and describe a member of your audience down to their occupations, what they wear, and where they live. Creating content will be much easier once you know who you want to appeal to. 

What Kind of Vibe Are You Going For?

Everything you create is about the energy you want to show to the world. This vibe is also a significant part of your brand as an influencer. It can also help you stand out in a sea of influencers because people buy into your story, your energy, and whatever you’re trying to help them with. Simply put, don’t blend in.

Your brand is a major reflection of who you are, and you’re not like anyone you know. Standing out and being authentic in helping your audience know you, like you, and ultimately, trust you.

What Do I Want To Say? 

Another essential thing to ask yourself is what you want to share. I always ask myself, “What is it that I want to say to everyone who follows me?” This honestly changes depending on my mood. I’m multi-passionate, so I can switch up what I want to talk about on any given day. As long as you can tie the things you say back to your message and your brand, it’s all good!

Where Does My Ideal Audience Hang Out?

This may seem like a super simple question to you, but it may be the hardest to figure out unless you know your audience. Many influencers start on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to build their following. However, this won’t happen overnight, and not every platform will work for you and your brand. 

Take the time to figure out where your audience hangs out, what kind of content they’re loving, and start there. Then, once you’re able to start monetizing your content with your following, you’re ready to amp up your marketing efforts with ease.

Where Do I Want To Focus My Energy?

This is something that I have been asking myself a lot recently, and it’s due to my personal growth. I simply don’t have the energy to keep posting on every platform every day, and it’s something I’ve come to terms with in the past year or so.

While consistency is critical to growth, it’s okay to take time off to refocus your energy. As an influencer, it may be hard for you to fathom doing that, but with the accessibility of pre-scheduling content, you can make it happen.

PRO TIP:  When you batch your content, you free up more time so you can focus on doing the things you love! 

Being an influencer isn’t easy, but somebody has to do it. And, if that somebody is you, congratulations! You will learn more about yourself in the next couple of months while navigating your way through all of the online resources and social media platforms you can find, but remember to go back to these five easy questions if you ever get stuck!

This is a sponsored post that was written in exchange for financial compensation. All thoughts and views are my own. Read my disclaimer here.

Tips For Being Consistent On Instagram

Tips For Being Consistent On Instagram

Learn how to be consistent on Instagram with some expert tips! Instagram is one of the essential platforms for content creators and influencers. While Facebook owns this platform, it seems Instagram is becoming more popular than regular Facebook.

With more and more people sharing their content with reels, stories, and feed posts that feature a small caption with gorgeous photos and videos, I thought I’d share some tips for being consistent on this platform to achieve success.

What is Your Mission With Using Instagram?

The number one thing to consider before posting on Instagram is to know what your mission is. Think about what you hope to gain from consistently sharing on Instagram. Maybe you want more followers or clicks to your profile link to grow your business by finding more customers, or you want enough followers to include clickable links in IG stories to increase your blog traffic.

Know what your mission is and write it down. Be clear and concise, as this will ensure you’re able to remain consistent on Instagram.

Tips for Being Consistent on Instagram

Below are some of my best tips to help you be more consistent on Instagram. Remember that the algorithm is different on all social media platforms, but when you have a plan in place and stay consistent, you’ll have a higher chance of being seen by more people.

consistent on Instagram

Write Down a Schedule

The best way to be consistent with Instagram is to have a schedule. Write down what you’ll post on which days. Do some research to know what hashtags will work for your brand beforehand. Have the text and images ready to post or schedule them using an approved Instagram scheduling app.

Schedule your Posts

As stated above, it’s best to use an approved Instagram scheduler so that you remain consistent on Instagram. Schedule as far out as you possibly can, and make a note that you’ll need to schedule more Instagram content before the current schedule runs out.

Make it Fun

I’ve learned about running a business that something must be fun so that I feel inspired to take part. Making your Instagram brand messaging fun will entice you to be consistent on Instagram because you’ll enjoy what you’re sharing on the platform.

how to be consistent on Instagram

Use a Grid Layout

Another way to be more consistent on Instagram is to use a grid layout. There are multiple grid layout options available, but typically, they allow you to have fewer photos and more quotes in between. This means less need for fresh new images and more colorful quote boxes between the pictures you may have ready. Want to check out some awesome Instagram Puzzle Templates? Click here.

Hire an Assistant

Last but not least, you could hire a virtual assistant to handle all of your Instagram interactions, postings, and engagements. This will take the stress of having to be consistent on Instagram off your plate.

I prefer using a scheduler to remain consistent on Instagram without adding too many more hours into my daily work routine. I hope that my tips for being consistent on Instagram will help you focus more on the fun behind Instagram instead of the stress of trying to post regularly on the platform.  

Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday Deals 2021

It’s almost Black Friday again and these deals are only here for a limited time! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite resources that I use daily and want to share them with you!

I do need to let you know that many of these links are affiliate links, so if you decide to make a purchase by clicking through my links, I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

Awesome Products & Services For Bloggers:

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Over the years, I have used several different web hosting companies to host my blog, but once I switched back to WordPress, GreenGeeks Web Hosting came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I gave it a try earlier this year and there’s no turning back!

They are also the leader in eco-friendly web hosting and stand by their positive impact on the environment by putting back 3 times the power they consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy.

Also, their customer service is unmatched because it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! We know I’m big on customer service! They have a live chat function where you can actually speak to someone directly through the website and you’re not waiting on hold for hours.

They have WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers that are fast, reliable, secure, and scaleable with data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam. GreenGeeks also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee.

For Black Friday, they have exclusive pricing of up to 75% off. Click here to learn more.

These deals will be available from November 27 to midnight on November 30th ONLY!

Boss Girl Bloggers Courses

Ell has been helping thousands of women turn their blog into a full-time income for over three years. If you are ready to grow your blog and make a full-time income from your passions, then you have come to the right place! She has five courses available (and I’ve gone through and completed each one of them), but these are my two favorites:

The holiday season is a great time to start making extra income through your blog!

The Mastering Sales With Ell course is 40% off for a limited time!

Sign up for the course for just $24 using code BLOGPOSTIDEAS at checkout! Be sure to enter the code!


Inspired Stock Shop Membership

Inspired Stock Shop seriously has THE BEST stock photo membership I have ever invested in. It truly has beautiful images that fit with my brand and my esthetic.

Claire also includes bonus resources for you, such as guides, Canva templates, quotes, and Youtube tutorials. It’s incredible, and it gets updated regularly!

I have genuinely gotten more out of my membership than I’ve gotten from other membership sites, and I didn’t even need to change anything to have the photos fit in with my brand. Truly a lifesaver and worth every penny!

The Inspired Stock Shop Membership Black Friday Sales runs from November 17th through November 27th, 2021. They are offering discounts on ALL membership tiers, as follows:



When I decided to revamp my consulting business a few months ago, I knew I needed to step up my game. I needed to find an easy-to-use CRM to start managing all of my clients with actual workflows. And, I’m one of those people who has been flip-flopping between multiple CRM’s for years. A few weeks ago, I finally gave in and tried HoneyBook and I am now obsessed with it.

Within minutes of entering all of my business information, I was ready to go. HoneyBook also has a very clean, white interface that works with any brand. The integrations are also amazing. They have options for email integrations, Quickbooks, Facebook, Zapier, Zoom, and more.

To streamline your systems, HoneyBook also provides you with templates for invoices, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, brochures, packages, and more! It’s literally just a plug-and-play template library. HoneyBook has flexible, time-saving templates to help you make communication with your clients easy.


If you’re looking for a new CRM with functionality, I would definitely check out HoneyBook. They are exactly what I have been looking for. If you sign up right now, you can get 50% off of ANY plan. This offer doesn’t expire either!

Get 50% off of your monthly or yearly subscription for one year and start streamlining your services right now!


I also wanted to provide you with some of my all-time favorite business resources. These are my go-to software applications, and I couldn’t be happier to recommend them to you.


Squarespace is an excellent website for those who are just starting their own business. It has a clean and beautiful interface, and version 7.1 is SUPER easy to use and highly customizable. I’ve been using Squarespace for years, and they’ve made the creation and editing process seamless.

However, if you’re interested in blogging, a WordPress website may be better for you given all the functionality it has to make it your own.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a MUST HAVE if you’re a blogger or business owner. If you’re creating a ton of content and use the same fonts and colors repeatedly, their brand kit is essential.

You can have three brand fonts installed, multiple color palettes (depending on your mood), and a ton of uploaded fonts! They’re all saved in the kit, so you don’t have to keep searching for that specific font you use for your social media images. It helps when I can’t remember the name of the font.

If you’re looking for ways to create beautiful Instagram Puzzle Templates, check out the post I just created with my favorites.


LastPass is a secure way for you and your team to share passwords or with your clients. I always recommend that my clients sign up directly with LastPass since that’s the way I share login information. It’s a part of my onboarding process too!

Between November 23rd and November 29th, you’ll get 25% off Premium, Family, and Business accounts on annual plans onlyClick here to get signed up!

This post includes affiliate links, and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.