5 Fun Card Games To Play By Yourself

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Have you ever just wanted to escape life for a while and play some card games online or on your phone? I do that regularly in between reading, watching my favorite shows, and relaxing when I’m at home. It’s truly a part of my self-care routine.

Playing games like solitaire, blackjack, and gin rummy also brings me back to my childhood because I used to play them all with my grandfather while using an actual card deck. Nowadays, it’s easier to play online card games anywhere with your computer or phone.

In my quest to find a new website for card games, I came across many new card game websites, but one wasn’t full of ads. Even though it does give you a super old-school vibe in terms of graphics, there weren’t any ads that could interrupt you. I appreciated that. Playing online games like solitaire gives me a nostalgic feeling of playing the games I grew up with. It also reminded me of the older games in the casinos. Looking for a few games to start off with? Check out five of my favorites.

5 Fun Card Games To Play By Yourself


Solitaire is a super easy game to play and you have to combine each of the suits in number order until all of the cards in each suit are in a pile at the top. There are different ways to play and my favorite is only using one flipped card at a time from the deck. 


The object of Blackjack is to make sure your cards add up to 21. You compete with the dealer and try to beat their cards. You play with a full 52-card deck and keep playing as long as you have money to bet.


While Mahjong doesn’t necessarily have cards, I still consider it to be a part of the “card gaming” category. I love playing Mahjong when I have time to kill. It’s a tile-based game that was created in the 19th century in China. You simply have to match the same tiles until all the tiles have been cleared.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

This type of poker is the most common version you see played in casinos. It starts with the dealer dealing two cards that you keep to yourself while they pace three cards face up. Each game is played in stages called the flop, the turn, and the river.

Crazy Eights 

I used to play this game when I was younger with my grandfather. You start with a handful of cards and the aim is to be the first to discard them all. Since it’s called Crazy Eights, the 8’s are wild.

Do you have a favorite gaming website? If so, tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear all about it.


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