Tips To Create The Best Self Care Checklist

Tips To Create The Best Self Care Checklist

When you feel great mentally and physically, it’s easy to handle the stressors of everyday life. When you start to feel depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed, that’s when it gets complicated. It’s time to create a self-care checklist that helps you stay on track every day.

This self-care checklist will ensure you’re continuously operating at your best self so that you can handle stressors of everyday life without a breakdown. Self-care is something that must be practiced every day. This must be part of your daily schedule to be mentally and physically well.

Since self-care doesn’t look the same for every person, these tips will help you learn how to craft a self-care routine that allows you to fill your cup every day. You’ll feel more confident, happier, and healthier when you use my tips to develop a daily regime geared towards your individual needs.

Tips To Create The Best Self Care Checklist

What Approach Will Work For You?

You can read all of the self-care tips and options out there but what truly matters is what approach will work for you. What types of activities help you relax? Make a list of everything you think of when you put yourself in a relaxed state of mind. These activities are something that helps your mind naturally pause and relax to the point that nothing in the external world is impacting this moment.

Will Money Be Needed for Self Care?

Another factor to consider when creating the best self-care checklist is financial needs. If heading to the gym is part of your regimen, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to budget for this expense. Your list should never create hardships or stress in other areas of life. Please make a list of things you need to do for self-care that can easily be implemented into your life financially so you’re able to budget for them.

Self care checklist

How Much Time Do I Have For Self Care?

Another part of creating the best self-care checklist is determining how much time you can safely devote to self-care every day. You may have shorter practices such as meditation or yoga during the week, but include more prolonged activities to charge your batteries during the weekends fully. Consider the time involved in each item to ensure you’re able to commit to this list.

What’s Worked in the Past?

Lastly, you’ll want to review your previous attempts at a self-care checklist. Make notes of activities or routines that worked in the past. Chances are, if a routine or habit worked before, it could work again! Self-care will serve its purpose to relax your mind and body only if you mold the list into something that works for you.

Keep This in Mind When Creating your Self Care Checklist

 We live in a society where being busy is the new status quo but being ‘busy’ isn’t the same as being productive. That’s why I wanted to shed some light on how easy it is to create the best self-care checklist today. Take a moment and evaluate what you need, what you can do, and what you’ll stick to for new intentional habits with self-care and then? Add these activities into your daily schedule.

6 Rules Confident Women Live By

6 Rules Confident Women Live By

We’re all born with a high level of confidence. However, many women lose a bit of their confidence over time. Experiences and challenges can deter the inner voice that tells us we’re unique, and that’s why I wanted to share six rules confident women live by!

Since so many women experience this decline in confidence over the years, I wanted to feature some rules confident women live by. These rules will help shed light on what you can do to maintain a healthy confidence level during the most challenging situations.

Confident women seem resilient in whatever they face. One may think that confident women have a more adaptable personality or haven’t faced extreme difficulties. This is not true. Many confident women have faced similar challenges that the rest of us face, but they decide to follow these rules to make it through without a scratch to their confidence.

6 Things Confident Women Do:

Below are a few daily practices that confident women abide by the rules they live by. Each of these examples helps you stay on course as you continue your mission to be more self-aware and confident in a world that tries to pull you down.

Play in the Grey

In a world where we’re taught to see things as good or bad, confident women opt to play in the grey. This is the area where nothing is defined as good or bad. Instead, it’s defined as something that happened or a decision made. This helps boost confidence because you’re never looking at a situation or choice as a bad or good outcome, rather an outcome just the same.

Don’t Take Things Personally

This is such a freeing rule to live by! When you stop taking what other people say or do personally, it helps reduce expectations and removes you from the feelings of the situation. Confident women know that separating their feelings from others keeps their confidence protected and allows them to come at the situation differently.

Things Happen For You

Lastly, my set of rules to live by is to always look at things differently. This viewpoint is that things happen for you as opposed to against you. Knowing and trusting those bad outcomes can lead to better outcomes. This helps protect your confidence while learning more about yourself during the process.

Embrace Their Purpose

Confident women know what their purpose is and continuously embrace this purpose. This means they emphasize placing themselves in professional and personal positions that help them use their strengths.

Enjoy Time Alone

Confident women don’t spend too much time getting outside influence. While they believe they can learn from others, they don’t consume their thoughts with the latest trending topic. They will spend ample time alone to rejuvenate their mind and body.

Practice Pep Talks

They will do their best to pep talk whenever their confidence is tested. They may place positive affirmations around the home and recite these to themselves. This helps whenever they’re going through a difficult situation with a close friend or loved one.

In conclusion, confident women aren’t born; they are made. We all face difficulties in our life that can impact our confidence and direction. Use the above rules and tips to help you develop new habits to remain focused on rebuilding your confidence this year.

How To Say Yes To Yourself Every Day

How To Say Yes To Yourself Every Day

Feeling comfortable enough to make yourself a priority isn’t easy. This change in attitude from focusing on others to concentrating on yourself is a difficult transition, but it’s entirely possible if you put in the work. Today I’m going to show you some ways you can start saying yes to yourself every day.

These ideas will help you feel more confident, fulfilled and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. Well, that’s how I hope you’ll feel after you read this! Also, here are some tips to intentionally start living a happier life.

Why Are You Afraid Of Saying Yes?

You’ll want to determine the root cause of your inability to say yes. It could stem from a people-pleasing attitude or just that you think saying no is a negative thing. Let me tell you what, my friends, saying yes to yourself is a positive choice!

Make some journal entries that help you get to the bottom of the reasons why you’re afraid to say yes to yourself. Once you explain this, you can start working towards putting yourself first regardless of what life throws at you!

Ways to Say Yes to Yourself Every Day

Practice Saying No

Make a list of things or people you will start saying no to. This is going to be a firm, unapologetic NO to that person or task that you’d typically say YES to. You want to practice saying no so that you’re better able to say YES to yourself.

The list you make will help you stay focused on saying no to things or people that you’ve included on this list. Keep the list near you at all times until you’re completely confident with setting healthy boundaries with others.

say yes to yourself

Schedule Self Care Time

I don’t mean scheduling a nightly bath or curling up to read a book each night. I am talking about scheduling time for yourself every single day. This must be a part of your daily routine to start saying yes to yourself every day.

Make it a priority that you have thirty minutes every day to partake in an activity that makes you happy or some other downtime activity like meditation so that you always keep your energy full. The best way to say yes to yourself every day is to schedule time for those yes moments!

say yes to yourself

Be Clear With Priorities

Much like scheduling self-care time and practicing saying no, you’re going to have to be clear with your priorities. This means taking some time to determine what your daily, weekly, and monthly goals are. Where do you see yourself fin a few weeks, months, or years?

You’ll want to know your priorities and be very confident about them before you can start consistently saying yes to yourself every day. Make sure your closest friends and family know where you stand, so they don’t feel offended, somewhat impressed by your mission to make yourself a priority!

These are just some of my best tips to help you say yes to yourself every day! I hope that this article has inspired you to start setting clear priorities in your life and get you feeling confident about prioritizing yourself!

Is Balance Even Real?

Is Balance Even Real?

I’ve had a little too much time to myself over the past couple of months. So, I decided to dive deeper into the meaning behind my blog and my overall why. I ultimately concluded that I wasn’t focusing on what I truly loved, and I needed to change that. During the process, I came to a significant realization; Balance is exactly what you make it, and it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) fit into one specific box.

I’ve honestly been going back and forth in my head to decide if I was even going to post this, but you know what, it does need to be said. I feel called to share this with you. This post is the culmination of my thoughts written down on paper, and I hope it resonates with you somehow.

Is balance even real?

What Is Balance To You?

I know life can get too chaotic to find the balance that everyone and their mother are talking about. I get it. But don’t take the definition of balance too literally. That’s what held me back for years.

Let me explain. You know when you were on the seesaw when you were a kid, and your sibling didn’t want you to touch the ground, so they put all their weight on the seat so it would stay on the ground? Think about how that relates to your life for a second.

When you’re up in the air, and you’re yelling at your sibling to let you down, it may feel like you’re going to be stuck up there for what feels like forever. Think of this moment as the external circumstances trying to pull you in a different direction than what you want to go in. 

Yes, the situation may prevent you from getting down off the seesaw for a few minutes, but then once you’re off, you can decide to go on it with your sibling again. This is because you’re in control of your life and whatever comes next. Whatever that looks like for you is the same thing that helps you create balance within your own life. It’s your choice.

The Formal Definition of Balance

I took the liberty to find the definition on the Merriam-Webster website. They say the essential meaning of balance is “The state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall, the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling, and a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.”

I took balance in the literal form for years, and it completely screwed with my head. During my time of introspection, I was thinking to myself, “how the hell can I tell my audience about balance when I feel like my life is chaotic AF?”

It turns out that everyone that I’ve talked to told me that we’re all seeking some “balance” to shift things into something else that works for us. And that balance is different for every one of us at our core.

This Is What Made Me Start Questioning Everything.

I was on a zoom call for work a couple of months ago, and one of the people on the call said something on the lines of, “balance doesn’t exist if you’re doing what you love.” It shocked me so much that I legit had to stop and think about that statement for a few minutes to understand how I felt about it.

I can honestly say I was stunned and calm at the same time. There was too much going on in my head, and my mind was racing a mile a minute, but I knew there was a reason I heard that comment and why it made me start questioning everything.

After a few weeks of thinking about it (and going back and forth in my head more times than I can count), I agree and respectfully disagree.

Balance is an integral part of this blog and also within everyone’s lives; however, the meaning of balance changes based on whatever you need. If you’re doing the things you love, people say you don’t work a day in your life. However, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there.

When you’re working full-time and working on that side hustle in your spare time, you need to balance out everything else you do in your life to make room for the things you WANT to do. Because of that, I believe in the fluidity of the concept.

Balance Is Fluid.

In simple terms, I believe balance is fluid. Balance comes and goes. I do believe that balance comes when you’re doing something you love. However, you can still do something else that seems okay and, deep down, doesn’t feel right. It’s up to you to change that.

Think about it… you go through life, going to school to find a career that suits you. Then that career needs to pay you well enough to live the life you want. What happens when you find that job that you love? You find balance because you can finally do what you want outside of your career.

At any rate, balance is subjective and varies from person to person. It’s based on your personal goals and development. 

So, what is a balance to you? What makes your life balanced? It’s so unique to everyone, and that’s what makes it super interesting and exciting to pursue.

How Your Self Care Practices Benefit Your Friends and Family

How Your Self Care Practices Benefit Your Friends and Family

I talk a lot about self-care practices and how this is an essential part of living a fulfilling lifestyle, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about how taking care of yourself can positively impact the people around you.

Today I’m sharing some ways that self-care practices benefit those you love.

Practicing self care can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing, but did you know that self care can also benefits those around you? Here are the benefits of self care that your loved ones will get!

Self-care can boost your immunity system, positive thinking skills and reduce stress and anxiety. This means you’re a happier person to be around and more outgoing than ever before and everyone loves being around positive vibes.

Ways Self Care Improves the Lives of Others

Excellent Role Model

Someone who looks after themselves is a good role model. By putting yourself first and doing so every day, you’re showing your friends and family that self-care helps you be more relaxed, happier, and healthier.

This encourages everyone around you to ask questions and perhaps start making self-care practices part of their daily routine, too!

Easier to Be Around

People who don’t take the time to relax tend to have a lot of stress and anxiety. Practicing self-care regularly means that you’re more carefree, happier, and lighter. This translates to being someone that others want to be around more often.

This helps strengthen your bond with family and friends. If you’re a parent, think about how often your kids will want to be around when you’re more relaxed and easier to chat with?! Not only will they enjoy your company more, but they’ll feel at ease to open up about their struggles.

self care practices

Self-Accomplished Feeling

As you continue to practice self-care routines each day, you’ll start to feel a sense of pride. This will turn into a great feeling which will boost your confidence. Being more confident means you’ll be more apt to try new things.

This helps strengthen bonds with people you care about the most, especially if they’re more adventurous and have been showing an interest in getting you more involved in that.

Increased Reliability

If part of your self-care practice is to delegate tasks to others in the home, then you’ll find that there’s increased reliability between you and your loved ones. Knowing that you can count on those people around you and they can count on you (as long as healthy boundaries are involved) is a massive step in the positive direction in relationship building.

This means your family and friends will know that they can rely on you, and you can rely on them so that everyone is enjoying a positive give-and-take relationship and friendship.

I truly hope this list has helped you learn more about the reasons for practicing self-care regularly. When you make yourself a priority, your life becomes better as a result!