Get Your Blog Noticed With These 5 Easy Steps

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Get your blog noticed by following these five simple steps. They will increase your reach by helping you find your voice and your audience.

After thinking non-stop about what to name your blog, what your blog should be about and how you should approach your first posting, you’ve finally launched your blog into the blogosphere.

You’ve sent a notification to all your friends and family, and possible clients, about this wonderful new venture. So why haven’t more people shown up to read anything? Don’t fret… these things take time!

Well, as you no doubt have guessed, a blog doesn’t usually get noticed overnight. It takes as much hard work to get your blog noticed as it does to maintain its high quality content.

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5 Effective Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

Create Good Content

Are you producing the best possible content for your blog? If not, start by increasing the quality of your blog’s content. You must first sell content to readers before you can develop a loyal following. High quality content keeps readers coming back.

It’s important to make sure the information that you are sharing is good, solid and useful. If what you share is of high quality, it will be reproducible, meaning it will be picked up and distributed by others. Also, creating great images for your brand is very important. I use Canva to make all of my graphics, Pinterest pins, and Instagram images.

Find a Voice and an Audience

Today’s world of blogging is massive. If your blog’s content is too broad, your message will be watered down and you will reach fewer people. To avoid being cast into irrelevancy, you should focus on a particular topic – the more specialized the topic, the better.

Once your blog has a unique angle, it will stand apart from millions of other blogs, and it will be devoted to the most important element of successful blogging – the audience. By honing in on a specialized topic, you will obviously alienate a few potential readers, but you will have a following that will understand and follow your message.

Once you have a target audience, remember what sort of content attracted them to your blog in the first place. It’s vital that you keep your audience’s needs in mind when creating content.

Surveys and discussions with your audience will help you discover what is and what is not attracting readers. If you listen to your audience, your blog will remain innovative and it will continue to attract readers.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

It’s easy for a reader to forget a blog, even if they spent an entire afternoon devouring its content. This is why it’s important that bloggers make it easy for their audience to subscribe to their blogs. Subscribe options should be a prominent element of your blog’s layout.

A button which will lead readers to a subscriber page, or something similar, should be easily identifiable. Simply asking for readers to subscribe to your blog at the end of every post will make it easier for readers to subscribe.

Additionally, if you reduce the number of steps and the amount of data necessary to subscribe to your blog, you can increase your subscription rate significantly. If your blog offers content for sale (eBooks, music, etc.), include a free product or sample with every subscription.

Become Searchable

If you Google your blog immediately after you post your first piece of content, you will likely not find your blog’s name among the results. A lot of hard work and patience are required if search engines are going to notice your blog.

The key to becoming searchable is simple; put your URL in as many places as possible. Make sure you include your blog’s URL along with interesting content and attractive titles in these top search engine-friendly sites. Networking in the blogosphere will also aid in your efforts to spread the word about your blog.

Guest-blogging and cross-blog promotion will increase your visibility within the blogosphere, and therefore increase the number of times your URL is accessed. Inevitably, a searchable blog will be a blog with a hefty following.

Go Social

The increasing popularity of social media has made it easier for bloggers to attract more readers. Create a Facebook fan page and a Twitter feed which sample your blog’s content. These outlets should provide direct links to both your blog and your blog’s subscription page.

Pinterest is an amazing resource for bloggers to utilize too! It helps skyrocket your page views if you create the images and use the appropriate hashtags! Social media should be used as a tool to interact with readers and discover why they are attracted to your content, which will sustain high levels of followers.

It is important to remember that a blog is going to sit unread if it is not cared for. Posts should occur often and should be of a high quality. The audience, as the most important aspect of your blog, should be catered to constantly. Readers are the most important stakeholders in your blog’s success and will determine if your blog is noticeable!

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure.


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