5 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

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Even the best of us can find ourselves burnt out. We’re convinced we can balance it all – until we can’t. That’s when we tend to lose confidence in ourselves.

We ran ourselves until we were exhausted, unable to concentrate, and disengaged from our work and our relationships, and we rarely paused to recover.

Burnout can leave us frazzled, unfocused, and less-than-confident in ourselves.

If these feelings sound familiar, try these tips to boost your confidence when you’re feeling burnt out: 

Tackle something small on your to-do list.

Feeling like you aren’t making any progress can be highly frustrating. If you’re being pulled in too many directions and you haven’t found time to focus lately, take a look at your to-do list and accomplish something small. Take out the trash or unload the dishwasher. Schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off. Pick up the phone and call (or text) your mom. You’ll feel a little more capable after you’ve completed the task at hand. 

Remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished.

It can be too easy to feel like you aren’t making a difference when you’re burnt out. Even when you do meaningful work, the impact can get lost when you feel overwhelmed. To combat this, make a list of things you’re proud of and keep it with you. Fold it up and stick it in your wallet, or type it out on an app and save it for when you need it. If you find visual aids more moving, create a photo album to capture your favorite accomplishments. Realizing all you’ve achieved might give you the boost of confidence you’re looking for.

Get a manicure.

Treat yourself to a much-needed haircut, or a new outfit, or that lipstick color you’ve had your eye on for weeks. Feeling burnt out often leads us to feel frazzled, both physically and mentally. It can be hard to find time to take care of ourselves or look put together when we’re struggling to keep it all together, but you’ll feel much better if you feel good about your appearance. 

Try something new.

Sometimes, we find ourselves burnt out because we’re exhausted from following the same routine. Boost your confidence and break the routine by learning something fun. Find a foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn, take a cooking class with your spouse, or get a membership at the local rock climbing gym and give it a shot. You might be surprised how much confidence you get – and how much fun you have – when you learn something new. 

Embrace positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are simple statements, often spoken out loud, that encourage and uplift us. Those who aren’t in the habit of saying positive affirmations might find this a little awkward, but there’s a lot of science to back the benefits of speaking kindly to ourselves. The next time you find your confidence levels a little low, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and speak a few affirmations aloud. You’ll find your sense of self-worth skyrocketing and your confidence, too.

How do you boost your confidence when you’re burnt out? I’d love to hear your tried and true methods! Comment below.


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