4 Ways To Unplug While You’re On Vacation

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We live in an ultra-connected world and it’s hard to unplug. With our phone at our sides 24/7, we’re constantly reachable by text, call, email, or instant message whether we want to be or not, and the need to constantly be ready to field whatever comes your way can be exhausting.

When it’s time to vacation and get away for a few days, it’s important to use that time to truly rest and recharge your personal batteries – which means disconnecting from the the things that typically drain us.

The next time you take a vacation, try to truly unplug and enjoy the experience.


Here’s how you can unplug on vacation:

Delegate whatever you can.

Life happens while you’re on vacation, and in some cases, you might not be able to shirk all of your obligations during your time away from work. However, you can always try to delegate whatever you can to others. Ask a coworker to run your weekly report or see if your neighbor’s willing to do you a favor and water your lawn once or twice. The more you’ve addressed before you leave, the less you’ll have to worry about while you’re on vacation.

Go off the grid.

If you’re on a mission to really unplug on your next trip, choose a remote vacation destination where cell service is all but nonexistent. Sign your family up for a cruise and take to the seas so you won’t be tempted to text or browse all day, or choose to spend your time off outdoors at a tropical yoga retreat or cabin nestled deep in the mountains. It isn’t too hard to find a place with poor cell signal – people are often very quick to comment about this in reviews, so you can usually learn all you need to know by skimming one or two!

Stay off of email.

Most of us rely heavily on email to schedule meetings, set appointments, and otherwise handle our business. Disappearing without warning isn’t very professional, so you should set up an auto-response before you leave to set expectations around when inquirers and others will receive a reply to their messages. Turn it on, then try your best to forget about email and enjoy your vacation!

While this sounds like a dream, for some people, this simply isn’t possible. If you truly can’t go a week without checking your inbox, don’t feel too bad. Keep it limited to a designated window of time each evening if you can and hold yourself accountable.

Check in with loved ones back home at regular, scheduled intervals.

If you’re constantly providing updates to friends and family members back home about the state of your trip, you’re not truly enjoying immersing yourself in the experience. Don’t stay tethered to your phone, tapping away and firing off texts. Instead, make a plan to sit down each evening and share a quick update via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This way, you’ll reach everyone at once, appeasing worried relatives and interested friends alike. #boundaries

Do you try to stay connected when you travel, or have you mastered the art of disconnecting and unplugging while you’re off the clock? Leave a comment and let me know.


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