4 Ways to Love Yourself During Stressful Times

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Research has shown that our mind works best when we are in a relaxed state. This means when stressful times hit, our mind doesn’t think calmly enough to help us move forward. During stressful times our mind goes a little haywire (so to speak) and it becomes increasingly difficult to find ways to love yourself.

If you can take the time to try these 4 surefire ways to love yourself, you will start to feel better, more focused, and more refreshed.

4 ways to love yourself

4 Ways To Practice Self Love During Stressful Times:

Take a Warm Bath

Do whatever you need to do so that you can have some alone time in a warm bath. Taking the time to soak in a warm bath with bubbles and calm music playing or a book in your hand is a great way to love yourself during stressful times. Shut off the lights, light a candle and enjoy the dimly lit room as you soak away from all of the stress in this warm bath. 

Take a Nap

Sometimes we get overly stressed because we haven’t been sleeping well. If you had been sleeping well, but stressful times hit which caused sleep issues, then still you are not getting enough sleep. Find a way to love yourself during stressful times by giving yourself a nap. There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap regardless of your age. A nap can be very rewarding during stressful times. 

Bake your Favorite Treat

Baking is therapeutic for some people, so if you enjoy baking special treats and you going through stressful times, perhaps spending time in the kitchen is a way to show yourself some love. Baking up your favorite treat is a great way to love yourself because you will be focused on doing something that makes you happy. Once done baking your favorite treat, enjoy gobbling it down. 

Take a Walk

While exercising may seem like a tedious task, taking a walk to get away from stressful times is a great way to show yourself love. Get on those walking shoes and take a little walk around the neighborhood or down a nature trail. Times outside among nature will certainly help you feel love for yourself and eliminate the immediate stressful thoughts from your mind. 

Each of these tips are meant to help guide you back to a loving place deep within. It’s important to know that stressful times will come and go but there’s no reason why you can’t show yourself some love during these challenging times. Download the Self Care Success Kit to get yourself started.

How do you show yourself love during stressful times in your life? Share below!


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