30 Ways To De-Stress In An Hour Or Less

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Sometimes, it’s impossible to escape stress. It creeps up on us, attacks when we least expect it and can be absolutely paralyzing. Learn how to de-stress in an hour or less.

Don’t go through your days with stress weighing you down. Instead, find a way to address your stress and find yourself a little relief.

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30 Ways To De-Stress In An Hour Or Less:

Do something that relaxes you

Take a long, relaxing bath. Listen to music, light a candle, bring a book or a bottle of wine – whatever helps you find the peace you need.

Listen to your favorite music

Throw in your headphones and tune out, or crank the volume and dance around your house for a quick lift. 

Break a sweat

Exercise is a great way to kick stress to the curb. Release some endorphins by going on a run, signing up for a kickboxing class or following along to your favorite workout videos on Youtube at home. Here are a few great workout videos that I love to do. They’re low impact, but work you really hard!


Meditation has been proven time and time again to reduce stress, increase happiness, and bring a host of other benefits. Beginners can find lots of apps to guide you through the process.

Get a massage

A massage can be a great way to relieve physical and mental stress. Check Groupon or look for a local massage school for discounted options in your area.

Do something nice for somebody

Pay it forward in the drive-thru at lunch, rake your neighbor’s leaves, or collect some things around your home you no longer use to donate.

Go for a drive

Sometimes, a little time behind the wheel can be all you need to clear your mind and put things into perspective.

Talk it out

Call up a friend who doesn’t mind lending an ear and get whatever’s bothering you off of your chest.

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy

When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, splurging on a little token of appreciation for yourself isn’t always a bad thing. Amazon makes retail therapy easy… am I right? 

Plan a vacation

If your stress stems from the fact that you can’t remember your last day off, submit a request for some time away from the office and make a plan to get away (or enjoy a staycation) for a long weekend. Is London Calling? Look for that budget travel deal on your flight and stay at a 5 star hotel!

Watch a funny video

Revisit an old home video or recording that cracks you up, or watch your favorite comedian perform standup on Youtube for a quick laugh. 

Take a nap

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and try to rest and relax for a few minutes.

Create something

If art is your release, embrace it. Draw a picture, write a poem, try a new twist on a favorite recipe,  or find another way to release your creativity and reduce your stress.

Eat something

Being hungry and stressed is never good. De-stress by cooking a delicious and nutritious meal, or indulge in a square of dark chocolate for a small indulgence. 

Hug a dog

If you’re a “dog person,” take your own pup for a walk or spend some time volunteering at a local shelter for an instant pick-me-up.

Shorten your to-do list

In many situations, your stress is caused by the amount of work you’re facing. Look at your to-do list and see if there’s anything you can delegate, push off until later or otherwise eliminate.

Recreate the spa experience at home

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure or apply a face mask and leave your stress behind! Need more ideas on how to recreate the spa experience at home? Click here.

Read a book

Getting lost in a great story can be a wonderful way to forget about our own problems or put them into perspective. I’m obsessed with Kindle Unlimited and take time to read every single day.

Play a game

Distract yourself from your stress by getting lost in a game. Board game, video game, computer game, mobile game – it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re having fun, it counts! If you want to have friends over, play What Do You Meme? It’s sure to make you all laugh!

Clean something

Clutter can be a huge stress-inducer. Get rid of some stuff you no longer need or tackle the mess you’ve been neglecting the next time you’re feeling anxious to clear your mind.

Connect with nature

Spending time outdoors can be incredibly grounding and restorative. Whether you work in your garden, lounge in your hammock or go for a walk, you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel after some fresh air and sunshine.

Take a shower

A long, warm shower can be just what you need to wash away your stress and feel a little relaxation.

Write stuff down

When you feel overwhelmed, getting your thoughts out of your head and into a more tangible form can be hugely helpful. List the things that are weighing you down, stressing you out or are otherwise on your mind. The simple act of writing them down can be stress-relieving in itself. 


Stretching has been shown to release stress and reduce tension. Find a stretching routine to follow or just do what feels good to find a little relaxation.

Watch an episode of your favorite tv show

There’s nothing like binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It will put you in a better mood and you’ll get bonus points if it’s a comedy! Laughing is a workout in itself. 

Look at the stars

Stress doesn’t always attack during the day. If stress creeps on at night, stargazing can be a perfect way to find perspective around your problems. Being in nature is always a great way to de-stress.

Stay off of social media

If you’re constantly checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts, your overexposure to social media might be stressing you out. Spend an hour away from those distractions to de-stress, and you might find yourself feeling better already.

Learn something

Pull out a book or find a video online and practice a fun new skill. Learn to juggle, draw a cat or bake cookies. Check out Udemy or any other online learning platform for new ideas or courses to take! 

Do something you’ve been putting off

For some of us, the best thing we can to do de-stress is to get something off of our plate. Find something easy you’ve neglected to do and do yourself a favor by taking care of it.

Be grateful

Consider all the things that are going well in your life. It’s easy to get lost in negativity, but bringing your focus back to the positive can be a simple way to minimize many of the problems causing you stress.

What do you do when you need to de-stress? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

This post includes affiliate links and I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase! Click here to read my affiliate disclosure. 


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