3 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

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Have you ever wondered if there are benefits of spending time alone? The short answer is you should and there are major benefits!

Any time that you can spend with yourself processing and absorbing into your own thoughts and mind is certain to have a positive experience and outcome to help shape your future. 


Some people dread spending time alone. The thought of infinite silence, no one to talk to and having to make all the decisions yourself can be daunting. But the truth? Spending time alone is actually amazing. 

Think about it this way… Who knows you better than you? And when you find that you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, stepping away from everyone else isn’t always a bad idea. Alone time gives you the ability to recharge yourself without having to worry about refueling those around you as well.

Here are a few positive benefits of spending time alone:

While there are a ton of benefits of spending time alone, here are just a few of the main ones to consider!

Time alone gives you time to catch up on your own thoughts.

How many questions from others do you answer in a day? And guess what? Those questions remain in your mind long after you’ve answered them. Whether you realize it or not, things that you talk about during the day fill up your brain quickly. 

When that happens, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for your own private thoughts. One of the biggest benefits of spending time alone is that you can filter out the words of others to let your words and thoughts shine through.

When you’re alone, you literally have yourself only to answer to.

If you feel like you’re constantly talking to or doing things for others, you probably are. And while that is the norm for most of us on a daily basis, it’s okay to step back and realize you need a break.

Having the ability to do something for you, and just you is amazing. It’s something that every person needs to be able to do at least once a month. Set up a day monthly and designate it as “your day”. And during this time, you do nothing but whatever you want to do.

If you don’t want to make breakfast, don’t. Feeling like the laundry is a bit overplayed? Let it sit there for the day. Tired of everyone in the family depending on you to make their beds? Guess what, they can climb right back into the same messy bed that they got out of at night.

Bottom line? Give yourself a day where you can say “no” to others and “yes” to yourself. Just doing this one day a month will fuel your energy levels at an amazing rate.

Spending time alone is actually fun.

For whatever reason, we’re living in a society where people tend to think that spending time alone isn’t normal. It’s completely normal! The fact that we think it’s not is part of the problem. Some days, the thought of hanging out with people and conversing can be tiring…and there’s nothing it that should make you feel bad.

Instead of hitting the town with your friends, take some time and hang out with yourself. It’s refreshing, it’s simple and it’s actually a ton of fun! You can even laugh at your own jokes if you want. (silly, but true!)

There are actually a ton of amazing benefits to spending time alone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and just “done” with the outside world, sometimes all you need is a little quiet time with yourself, your thoughts and a giant cup of coffee. 

The outside world will be waiting for you whenever you decide to return.  


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