4 Easy Steps To Find Clarity

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Need a little help finding clarity within the chaos? Tell me about it. Here are 4 steps I use to find clarity everyday.

I feel like there’s no time to do anything. When you work a 9-5 and blog in your spare time, like I do, your days tend to be very structured but hectic.

There’s very limited time during the day for myself, but I try to use it to my advantage. Implementing some sort of self care practice is crucial because it helps you avoid burnout and exhaustion. Trust me, I’ve been there.


Here’s 4 steps to find clarity every day:

Step 1: Breathe

Understand that everything is going to be okay. Your life revolves around your mindset. If you don’t believe that you can do something you won’t. Stop, breathe and think about your actions lately. Are they positive or negative? Good or Bad?

Step 2: Get a journal and actually use it

When you actually write something down it makes that thought more memorable. Ask yourself what is stressing you out? How can you avoid that stress? If you feel like you can’t avoid it, what can you do to start to eliminate it?  

Accessibility hack: Use an app like Google Docs if you’re constantly on the go!* That’s what I do! It’s free to download and use on your computer, tablet, or phone!  

Step 3: Take time for yourself

Self care is super important and you need to take time out for yourself every day. Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes, it will charge your batteries and center your energy.

Step 4: Determine what’s non-negotiable

Find out what you absolutely want in your life and/or business. Meditate on these things. Write down the why. Listen to your intuition and trust yourself.

Feeling stuck and need a little boost? Girl, I get it! Don’t we all… That’s why I created The Self Care Success Kit! Download your copy today!


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