When I Stopped Comparing Myself To Others…

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Growing up, all I did was compare myself to others because I tried to fit into groups, sports teams and other places that I knew weren’t the best fit for me. But deep down, all I wanted was to be accepted and understood.

Every year that I got older and learned more about myself, I realized that I didn’t care about what other people did, what they thought or what they were doing to succeed. I knew that their story was not going to be the same as mine because everyone has their own path to follow. 

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My path had so many detours and dark times that it made me think that I would never find success, happiness, love, or truth in my life. I kept trying to be someone that I’m not only because I was told it would make me a better person. I listened to the lies I was told daily and let them determine who I was… Man, that was a mistake. It took me a while to decipher the 30+ years of negative self talk and programming but it was definitely worth it.

In my case, the real self discovery and transformational journey started when I started my business in 2015. I was in a dark place emotionally and didn’t know where to turn. I immediately started throwing myself into my business, focusing on what I needed, and connecting with other entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

It wasn’t all hearts and flowers though. I had days where I just wanted to quit, shut down my business, and just give up on my dream of sharing my message with the world. I didn’t think I was good enough to run a successful business because I wasn’t making 5 or 6 figures and couldn’t work with so-and-so due to the price tag. I was so brainwashed. It was insane.

Now that I’ve been in the online entrepreneur game for 2.5 years, I realized that everything I need is inside of me. I don’t need to work with a high ticket coach. I don’t need to hire a virtual assistant (yet). And, I certainly don’t need to be plastering my face all over the internet just to be visible. All I need is to speak my truth and allow my words to encourage others do the same.

Throughout this transformational journey, I have made some incredible friends. Friends whom I haven’t met yet, but talk to more than my own family. They just get it. They understand me. They understand my goals in life and business. And most of all, they understand that they need to trust the process and believe in themselves above all else. That’s where Believe & Balance was born.

When you truly connect with people who have a similar mindset and goals, you will find that they want to provide you with the help and support you need every day, instead of breaking you down, tearing you apart, and crushing your dreams.

Finding a community (or creating one yourself) that honors you like you honor yourself is everything. Allow yourself to be exactly who you are with no judgement or criticism. Understand that you are who you are for a reason and there are big things ahead for you in this thing called life. Embrace it.


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