15 Recipes For A Spa Day At Home

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Whenever I am in need of a little pampering, but short on time, running to the spa isn’t an option or a cost-effective one. It’s time for a spa day at home!

Instead, I love making my recipes at home and doing some DIY spa treatments at home! These cost much less than a day at the spa and are just as relaxing!

Here are 15 recipes for a spa day at home:

  1. DIY Acne Mask
  2. Big Red Face Mask
  3. Stress Relief Foot Soak
  4. Turmeric Mask
  5. Homemade Bath Bombs
  6. Peppermint Sugar Scrub
  7. DIY Pumpkin Mask
  8. Detox Face Mask
  9. Eucalyptus Shower Melts
  10. Detox Foot Soak
  11. Vapor Rub Shower Melts
  12. Egg White Face Mask
  13. Magnesium Foot Scrub
  14. Simple Coffee Mud Mask
  15. Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs

Want a few more ideas on how to practice self-care at home? Check out one of my other blog posts: How To Create Your Own Self Care Plan!

Do you have any favorite DIY recipes? Share them in the comments below! 


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