14 Festive Holiday Cocktails

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It’s the holidays. It’s time for some festive holiday cocktails! You’re probably hosting an awesome party and you want your guests to be wowed by the drink selection.

I get it… I would too! So, I scoured the internet for cocktail recipes for you to try (ahem, love) and make for your guests!

14 Festive Holiday Cocktails.png

Here are 14 Festive Holiday Cocktails You Will Love:

Click on each of the links below and try them for yourself! 

  1. Cranberry Apple Sparklers by One Artsy Mama
  2. Royal Pomegranate Apple Cocktail by Craving Some Creativity
  3. Sparkling Chimayos by A Night Owl
  4. Holiday Moscow Mule by Our Southern Home
  5. Sugared Cranberry Amaretto Cocktail by Mad in Crafts
  6. Pomegranate Whisky Cocktail by Nellie Bellie
  7. Holiday Happy Hour Cocktails by Pizzazzerie
  8. White Chocolate Eggnogs by A Night Owl
  9. Ruby Red Jubilee by Savory Experiments
  10. Sugar Plum Sangria by Mad in Crafts
  11. Sparkling Star Spritzer by Happy Hour Projects
  12. Naughty Rudolph by Who Needs a Cape
  13. Peppermint Dream Cocktail by Mom Endeavors
  14. Cranberry Ginger Spritzer by Domestic Superhero

The Holiday Moscow Mule is my absolute favorite! What’s yours? Comment below!


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