13 Simple and Easy Holiday Appetizers

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Having appetizers at your holiday parties is a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves before dinner is served. These 13 simple and easy holiday appetizers are sure to wow your guests!

Depending on your holiday traditions, appetizers can range from a wide variety of different tastes and flavors. Many times, appetizers go along with the themed party.

Holiday appetizers are no different, but the holidays give you a little more wiggle room when it comes to what kind of appetizers you serve.

These delicious appetizers are perfect for the upcoming holiday parties and will have your guests wanting more.

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Here are 13 Holiday Appetizers You Need To Try:

  1. Beetroot Falafel – Packed with Middle Eastern flavors, these pretty looking beetroot falafels will make a delicious addition to the appetizer table.

  2. Easy Pierogi Stuffed Mushrooms – A delicious appetizer for everyone to enjoy, these stuffed mushrooms combine the flavors of perogies and mushrooms.

  3. Chinese Salad Rolls – Delicious and healthy, these easy to make salad rolls are a Chinese treat that dipped into a zesty peanut dipping sauce. Who said you can only make them in the summer?

  4. Strawberry Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Glaze – Another super easy and delicious appetizer, these tasty skewers combine the flavors of strawberries, caprese, and balsamic.

  5. Mini Tomato Pies – Puff pastries are used to create the crust for this delicious appetizer. The mini tomato pies are topped with tomato, cheese, and herbs.

  6. Bacon Wrapped Pickles – The combination of bacon and pickles may sound a bit strange, but these tasty appetizers are perfect for any gathering.

  7. Grilled Parmesan Garlic Tomatoes – Served as an appetizer or a side dish, these tasty grilled parmesan garlic tomatoes are great for the appetizer table. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm weather climate, these are perfect!

  8. Vegan Quesadilla – These vegan quesadillas are filled with a roasted red pepper hummus that can be customized with any of your favorite veggies.

  9. Candied Bacon Baked Brie – Topped with sweet and salty candied bacon, this will be a memorable appetizer that everyone at the party will enjoy.

  10. Cranberry Brie and Rosemary Bites – Sweet and tart, but also savory and buttery, these cranberry brie and rosemary bites are full of flavor for the perfect holiday appetizer.

  11. Crockpot Holiday Meatballs – An appetizer that is most recognized, these crockpot and grape jelly meatballs are often a popular appetizer to serve at any holiday gathering.

  12. Avocado Toast Bruschetta – This avocado toast bruschetta appetizer isn’t just for brunch anymore! It only takes a few minutes to put together and will certainly be a crowd pleaser!

What are your favorite holiday appetizers? Comment below


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