10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Let’s face it… winter can be tough. The dark, cold days don’t help your mood either. It’s something we all struggle with whether we want to admit it or not.

With four seasons to expect and experience yearly, it seems like winter can be the toughest to stay positive about.  Why is that?  Is it because it’s freezing all the time?  Maybe…who likes shivering constantly?  Maybe it’s because there seems to be less sunshine which makes the world appear a little more dark and dreary….whatever the case, winter can sometimes be quite hard to endure. 

While weather does have the ability to alter how we may view the day or feel about the day, ultimately, we can try to control the outcome and choices we make along our days.  If we want to beat the wintertime blues, then we have the ability to take the steps to try to do so!

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Here are 10 ways that you can try to beat and overcome those wintertime blues:

Plan an outing with friends. 

Nothing beats the blues faster than laughter with friends.  Being social and active with others will help keep a smile on your face and those wintertime blues at bay! 

Go swimming (or just take an awesome bath)

Find a way to take a dip in an indoor pool.  It’s crazy fun, and you’ll be surprised how it boosts your energy right up.  Maybe it will make you think of the beach and summer.. maybe it will just get your adrenaline pumping.  Either way, it will give you a rush to have a better outlook on the current weather conditions.

If you can’t get to the pool, treat your own tub as an escape. Light some candles, put a Peppermint Lavender Bath Bomb in the tub and just relax!

Plan a trip

Have a friend who lives somewhere, anywhere, where the temperature is currently above 70 degrees?  Sounds like the perfect time for a visit.  Take a small break from the winter weather and go enjoy some time with someone else in another zip code! 

Embrace it

Welcome the winter!  Get cozy with some awesome snuggly socks, a nice warm blanket…and just bunker down.  Feeling nice and snuggly is an awesome feeling and often prompts some of the best naps ever! It’s also a great time to develop a self care plan that you can start to implement every day!

Give yourself a purpose 

Make a to-do list for those days when it is super cold or blah outside.  Give yourself a guide and an outline of things that need to get done.  Then, stick to that list.  Keep in mind that the list doesn’t have to be giant or earth-shattering, just more of a motivational tool to help you along the way.  Vacuum, organize the pantry, buy some new items to refresh your space, send thank you notes, collect items to donate around the house… all great things to have on a list.

Work out 

Doing some sort of exercise is always a good thing especially after the holidays. All that food and crappy weather never mixes! Did you know that when you exercise it helps boost your mood, help you lose weight and increase your energy level? Now, I get it… no one truly wants to go outside and go running in negative degree weather.  Trust me.  But, think outside the box here… 

There are a ton of ways to work-out around the house.  Do squats, sit-ups, run on a treadmill if you have one or simply run in place if you don’t….chase your kids around the house, or tell yourself that today you are going to go up and down your stairs a minimum of 40 times.  Whatever it is, just move that body!  Use your home as your equipment and be creative in finding ways to work out around the house. 

Channel your inner-child 

Go sledding!  Build a fort!  Drink hot chocolate!  Eat smore’s!  You name it, enjoy it!  Have a child in your home?  Spend the day doing the things that they want to do to enjoy the winter.  Have fun, allow yourself to relax, embrace and enjoy!

Build a fire in your fireplace (if you have one)

Talk about relaxing and snuggling up!!  Nothing warms one up faster than a beautiful fire. If you don’t have one, just snuggle up in a few cozy blankets on the couch with a cup of tea or coffee!

Eat healthy foods

Keep your gut on track during the winter.  We all seem to be hungrier and crave more carbs during winter…almost as though we are preparing for hibernation, right?  While carbs are all fine and dandy in their own right, don’t overdo it.  Make certain you are still getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and eat tons of fruit and veggies to give your body good fuel to run off of!

Learn something new

What better time of the year to introduce something new into your life?  Want to learn how to scrapbook, crotchet, knit or bake?  Create that vision board that you’ve been dreaming about. Taking up a new hobby during the winter months is a great time of the year to do so.  You may even learn a hobby quick enough to make some awesome Christmas gifts to give as well! 

Winter comes and goes every year… and each year, it seems to bring along struggles.  Some wintertime blues can be more serious, and need more guidance and help than one’s self can provide, while other feelings of not loving winter are items that can be fixed by our choices throughout the day. Just know that there are ways, whether by seeking help from others or by one’s self, that you can beat those wintertime blues.

And last but not least…..remember, winter is only technically 3 months out of the calendar year.  Brighter and warmer months and seasons are right around the corner!

Need a few more ideas on how to overcome those wintertime blues? Here are some tips on how to regain your energy after a stressful holiday season! 


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